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Day 3

Butterfly Farm
Butterfly Farm
After another hearty breakfast, we started on a three hour drive to Guatemala. When we reached the Guatemalan border, we got our passports and walked across the border. Ben left our car and we walked across the border. The surroundings were in stark contrast to that of Belize. Poverty was very evident and reminded me of Mexico. A lot of children who lived in rural areas did not attend school. Even the resident horses which were in so many yards were very thin.

After arriving at Tikal, an ancient Mayan ruin, we put our luggage in our rooms. The walls were very thin as we could hear our neighbors talking. We ate lunch at the lodge. The food definitely was not as good as the food at Pook's Hill. That evening, Ben walked with us to the crocodile pond, but he was in hiding and we never spotted him. We were tired from the long , sometimes rough drive and went to our rooms anxious for the morning tour through Tikal.

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