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After our last night in the jungle, fortunately a mostly quiet one thanks to the howler monkeys only deciding to sing twice for us, we loaded up the van for a morning of cave tubing and then a trip to Belize City to meet our transfer to St. George's Caye. What started as a grey rainy morning turned out to be a beautiful day at the coast. It was only a 20 minute boat ride out to the caye, courtesy of 500 horsepower worth of Yamaha engines. Then to the resort to be treated right at the dock buy Jahnelle, who's greeting included four cold rum ponchos, sans rum. mom and dad got the top off our drinks and our tour of the bar with some Belizean rum. After a quick tour of the island and moving into our Cabanas, the suits came out in the masks and snorkels when on. the water was bathtub warm, and not very deep but we still managed to see you School of Tarpon, hundreds of other smaller fish, probably snappe,some rays and even a four-foot moray eel! We had a wonderful dinner of little pizza appetizers, soup, conch steak and frozen key lime pie. It was served family-style at a long table on the porch of the restaurant. After dinner the flashlights came out and we hunted hermit crabs and ghost crabs and generally chased anything that moved around the grounds. Tomorrow morning we do two of our training Dives and then return back to the resort where I'm guessing Karina will start opening the three or four coconuts that she's gathered.

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