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Rain and Clouds

With the first light, one of the most wonderful things is to hear (no howler monkeys) the birds waking up for the day, singing their Caribbean song. After about 15 minutes, however, everything got quiet except for the occasional drip of rain, which turned into a steady hard rain by breakfast. The girls and I were scheduked at 8:00 at the dive shop where we reviewed our referral paperwork, got our equipment and headed the the dive boat. Julie sent us off and we beaded east into the aqua blue ocean. One advantage of St. George's Caye is that it is only a 5 minute ride to the reef. Karina been nervous all morning, apprehensive of what lie abead. The rain had let up and the wind picked up, so it was pretty rough with rollers about 4-5 feet. McKenzie and I were first in followed by Karina and Jose, our dive instructor. It was a little chaotic at tbe surface with all three of us at tbe descent rope ar the same time, but ine we got off tbe surface, everyone spread out and the first dive began. We descended to 40 feet, wbicb was our max planned for tbe day. We spent about 50 minutes exploring the reef, practicing skills and getting comfortable with our new weightlessness. The girls were awesome, showing their stuff, demonstrating what the had learned in tbe pool with ease. We saw all kinds of reef fish, eels and the ever present invasive Lionfish. Two of our boatmates were of hunting these unwelcome visitors with 6 foot soears. After our air got to the "time to ascend" level, we hard 8 back to the surface, where we flopped aboard or five boat with a little help from "Ripped Russell", a guy sporting as McKenzie noted,"an amazing 8-pack." After a short rest aboard with some water and fruit, it was time for dive two. McKenzie and I were first in and started down, when a burp went awry for me, lodging a chunk of watermelon squarely at the back of my throat. A quick duck to the surface was in order, where I expelled the pesky chunk of fruit and headed back down for another 50 minuets of Belize underwater heaven. After we returned to the resort, we had a delicious lunch of shrimp chimichangas and then spent tbe afternoon fisbing off tbe docks, paddle boarding, kayaking and zwimmkng. It rained on and off and was cloudy all day, which was pretty fortunate for us, keeping us out of the hot sun. Now we are sitting down for dinner, a wind down and an early bedtime in preparation for tomorrow's final qualification dives.

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