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Pook's Hill to Tikal

Swimming along with a sea turtle off Ambergris Caye
Swimming along with a sea turtle off Ambergris Caye
This morning we leave for Guatemala. Ray drives us into town where we pick up Lenny, who will be with us during our trip to Guatemala. We drive to the border where there is a long queue to go into Guatemala. Fortunately, our new driver knows someone who knows someone at the border and we pass through very quickly. Then a very scenic trip through the countryside where we make a few detours through some villages and lakes. Lenny provides us with a comprehensive historical, cultural and biological background of the area we pass through. Almost no traffic. We arrive in Tikal and meet with Antonio who will be guiding us through the site. He is a very knowledgeable guy with a great sense of humour. Fortunately we are arriving at the solstice and a lunar eclipse. An important time in the Mayan calendar. We visit many of the buildings, and wind up on top of one of the ruins waiting for the sun to set. When it goes down wend our way back stopping to watch the coatimundis dance around the offering pit where the Mayans leave there offerings for the gods. Back to the hotel where we partake of some local foods... mmmmm.

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