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The Evolution


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Ship Snapshots

The Evolution Soak in the jacuzzi on the sun deck Ample outdoor space to soak in the Galapagos Swap adventure stories in the lounge Enjoy the warm breeze from the alfresco dining area Explore a variety of menus with tropical exotic fruits in the elegant dining room M/V Evolution Enjoy incredible gastronomy on board
Sea lion on North Seymour

Footsteps Back in Time

8 Day Itinerary aboard Evolution
  • Meet South Plaza´s vast wildlife
  • Snorkel with sea lions & penguins
  • Visit Santa Fe´s archipelago
  • Walk on Punta Cormorant´s beaches
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Embark on an 8-day journey that immerses you in the wonders of the Galapagos, making this a truly memorable vacation. There are many close encounters with the exotic and curious creatures that love to interact with people and make the daily excursions an exceptional experience. Enjoy snorkeling, …
Cruise Details
Beach on Isabela island

Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation

15 Day Itinerary aboard Evolution
  • Hike up Prince Phillip's Steps
  • Journey to Chinese Hat
  • Visit Black Turtle Cove
  • View new and old tortoises
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Enjoy an extensive adventure into the unique world of the Galapagos on this incredible journey. This 15-day voyage offers the traveler an opportunity to really become immersed in the unique splendor these islands. Roam across island trails, explore peaceful lagoons, swim and snorkel in crystalline …
Cruise Details
A kayaking trip to see the local bird life of the Galapagos.

In the Steps of Darwin

8 Day Itinerary aboard Evolution
  • Discover Daphne Major´s birdlife
  • Snorkel on Isabela Island
  • Meet Urbina´s Bay unique wildlife
  • Walk the white beach of Las Bachas
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Close encounters with wildlife make your journey a truly memorable one on this 8-day adventure. This is an excellent excursion for gaining a true understanding of the history of the Galapagos and the rare and incredible creatures that make their homes here. Indulge in the wide variety of flora and …
Cruise Details
Oct 198Footsteps Back in Time
Oct 268In the Steps of Darwin
Oct 2615Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Nov 028Footsteps Back in Time
Nov 0915Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Nov 098In the Steps of Darwin
Nov 168Footsteps Back in Time
Nov 2315Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Nov 238In the Steps of Darwin
Nov 308Footsteps Back in Time
Dec 0715Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Dec 078In the Steps of Darwin
Dec 148Footsteps Back in Time
Dec 2115Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Dec 218In the Steps of Darwin
Dec 288Footsteps Back in Time
Jan 0415Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jan 048In the Steps of Darwin
Jan 118Footsteps Back in Time
Jan 1815Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jan 188In the Steps of Darwin
Jan 258Footsteps Back in Time
Feb 0115Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Feb 018In the Steps of Darwin
Feb 088Footsteps Back in Time
Feb 1515Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Feb 158In the Steps of Darwin
Feb 228Footsteps Back in Time
Feb 2915Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Feb 298In the Steps of Darwin
Mar 078Footsteps Back in Time
Mar 1415Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Mar 148In the Steps of Darwin
Mar 218Footsteps Back in Time
Mar 2815Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Mar 288In the Steps of Darwin
Apr 048Footsteps Back in Time
Apr 1115Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Apr 118In the Steps of Darwin
Apr 188Footsteps Back in Time
Apr 2515Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Apr 258In the Steps of Darwin
May 028Footsteps Back in Time
May 0915Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
May 098In the Steps of Darwin
May 168Footsteps Back in Time
May 2315Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
May 238In the Steps of Darwin
May 308Footsteps Back in Time
Jun 068In the Steps of Darwin
Jun 0615Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jun 138Footsteps Back in Time
Jun 2015Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jun 208In the Steps of Darwin
Jun 278Footsteps Back in Time
Jul 0415Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jul 048In the Steps of Darwin
Jul 118Footsteps Back in Time
Jul 1815Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Jul 188In the Steps of Darwin
Jul 258Footsteps Back in Time
Aug 0115Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Aug 018In the Steps of Darwin
Aug 088Footsteps Back in Time
Aug 1515Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Aug 158In the Steps of Darwin
Aug 228Footsteps Back in Time
Aug 2915Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Aug 298In the Steps of Darwin
Sep 058Footsteps Back in Time
Sep 1215Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Sep 128In the Steps of Darwin
Sep 198Footsteps Back in Time
Sep 2615Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Sep 268In the Steps of Darwin
Oct 038Footsteps Back in Time
Oct 1015Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Oct 108In the Steps of Darwin
Oct 178Footsteps Back in Time
Oct 2415Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Oct 248In the Steps of Darwin
Oct 318Footsteps Back in Time
Nov 0715Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Nov 078In the Steps of Darwin
Nov 148Footsteps Back in Time
Nov 2115Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Nov 218In the Steps of Darwin
Nov 288Footsteps Back in Time
Dec 0515Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Dec 058In the Steps of Darwin
Dec 128Footsteps Back in Time
Dec 1915Galapagos Evolution Circumnavigation
Dec 198In the Steps of Darwin
Dec 268Footsteps Back in Time
Max Passengers: 32
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

This charming expedition yacht is ample enough to provide spacious staterooms, along with various social areas - including inside and outside dining - yet small enough for guests to be able to experience nature in an up-close and personal manner. Accommodating 32 passengers in 18 cabins, this artful combination of factors results in a yacht which offers excellent service, accommodations and attention to detail, while causing minimal impact on the environment.

On board the Evolution

Special Features
Evolution features a Jacuzzi (great for your enjoyment after snorkeling) with lounge chairs for sunbathing, extensive outside areas, sea kayaks, snorkeling gear and wetsuits. There is a boutique onboard for purchasing amenities and souvenirs and a reception area where your cruise director can always be found. The yacht features a fully equipped infirmary with an doctor onboard at all times.

Diving in the Galapagos
Two dives are included for certified divers. These dives include all equipment and wetsuit. Please inquire for more information.
Family Cruises
For family cruises, a Kids Club with activities like star-gazing and movie nights is offered. For these cruises child-oriented guides are also provided who organize learning activities and provide children with a kids expedition journal for their entertainment. A Sony PlayStation system console is available in the library as well as a wide range of board games and movies for children. Children's Menus are specially prepared for family Galapagos cruises.

Public Areas
Evolution features a lounge with a bar and facilities for lectures, slide shows and films. The lounge also features a library with a wide range of books, movies and board games. The yacht features both inside and al-fresco dining areas and a sky deck lounge on Albatross deck with a bar and beautiful rattan furniture. At the bow of the yacht you will find a jacuzzi with lounge chairs for sunbathing and ample outside deck space.

Meals and Dining
All meals are served in either the inside dinning room or the equally elegant al-fresco dining area at the stern of the yacht. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served buffet style and prepared by specially trained chefs. Meals are served in wholesome quantities and in a variety of menus with tropical exotic fruits always available. Children's menus, vegetarian menus, and other special menus are also available upon request.

Staterooms & Bathrooms

All staterooms on Evolution have exceptional accommodations, private facilities, climate controls, safe-boxes and ample space to hang and store clothing. Stateroom prices vary according to their deck location and size.

All staterooms have private bathrooms with hair dryers, amenities like those of any fine hotel and ample space to store toiletries.

Yacht Safety
Evolution abides under all international standards of safety for a Galapagos cruise ship of its type. It is ISM certified and is equipped with an emergency alarm system, 3 emergency life rafts for 26 pax each, emergency life vests, fog horns, a PA system, smoke detectors, a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. All emergency equipment is SOLAS certified.
Cabins D1-D4
Located on the Darwin Deck, 4 ample deluxe staterooms (twin and double) and port-holes.
Twin Cabin
Cabin C4
Located on the Cormorant Deck, premium stateroom.
Cabins C1-C3 & C5-C9
Located on the Cormorant Deck, 8 premium staterooms (twin and double) with portholes.
Cabins A2-A3
Located on the Albatross Deck, 2 Master Suite with ocean-view windows.
Cabin A1
Located on the Albatross Deck, twin suite with ocean-view windows.
Evolution Deck Plan
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