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Galapagos Sky

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Galapagos Sky Ample sun deck spaces to relax on board the Galapagos Sky Enjoy delicious meals in the dining room Relax in the lounge with your fellow travelers Private bath facilities in each cabin Enjoy a cool drink after a day of adventures The Galapagos Sky Deluxe Stateroom
Scuba diving in the reefs

Diving Galapagos

8 Day Itinerary aboard Galapagos Sky
  • Dive in Cousins Rocks
  • Take a land tour in Bartolome
  • See horn sharks at Cape Marshall
  • Watch Galapagos Giant Turtles
Scuba Diving, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 8-day cruise aboard the Galapagos Sky is a scuba diver's dream. Journey throughout the Galapagos to scuba dive in some of the best spots in the world! Take a land tour in Bartolome and dive in Cousins Rocks. Dive with sharks on Wolf Island and Darwin Island. Experience a wide array of …
Cruise Details
Jul 198Diving Galapagos
Jul 268Diving Galapagos
Aug 028Diving Galapagos
Aug 098Diving Galapagos
Aug 168Diving Galapagos
Aug 238Diving Galapagos
Aug 308Diving Galapagos
Sep 068Diving Galapagos
Sep 278Diving Galapagos
Oct 048Diving Galapagos
Oct 118Diving Galapagos
Oct 188Diving Galapagos
Oct 258Diving Galapagos
Nov 018Diving Galapagos
Nov 088Diving Galapagos
Nov 158Diving Galapagos
Nov 228Diving Galapagos
Nov 298Diving Galapagos
Dec 068Diving Galapagos
Dec 138Diving Galapagos
Dec 278Diving Galapagos
Jan 038Diving Galapagos
Jan 108Diving Galapagos
Jan 178Diving Galapagos
Jan 248Diving Galapagos
Jan 318Diving Galapagos
Feb 078Diving Galapagos
Feb 148Diving Galapagos
Feb 218Diving Galapagos
Feb 288Diving Galapagos
Mar 078Diving Galapagos
Mar 148Diving Galapagos
Mar 218Diving Galapagos
Mar 288Diving Galapagos
Apr 048Diving Galapagos
Apr 118Diving Galapagos
Apr 188Diving Galapagos
Apr 258Diving Galapagos
May 028Diving Galapagos
May 098Diving Galapagos
May 168Diving Galapagos
May 238Diving Galapagos
May 308Diving Galapagos
Jun 068Diving Galapagos
Jun 138Diving Galapagos
Jun 208Diving Galapagos
Jun 278Diving Galapagos
Jul 048Diving Galapagos
Jul 118Diving Galapagos
Jul 188Diving Galapagos
Jul 258Diving Galapagos
Aug 018Diving Galapagos
Aug 088Diving Galapagos
Aug 158Diving Galapagos
Aug 228Diving Galapagos
Aug 298Diving Galapagos
Sep 058Diving Galapagos
Sep 268Diving Galapagos
Oct 038Diving Galapagos
Oct 108Diving Galapagos
Oct 318Diving Galapagos
Nov 078Diving Galapagos
Nov 148Diving Galapagos
Nov 218Diving Galapagos
Nov 288Diving Galapagos
Dec 058Diving Galapagos
Dec 128Diving Galapagos
Dec 198Diving Galapagos
Dec 268Diving Galapagos
Jan 028Diving Galapagos
Jan 098Diving Galapagos
Jan 168Diving Galapagos
Jan 238Diving Galapagos
Jan 308Diving Galapagos
Feb 068Diving Galapagos
Feb 138Diving Galapagos
Feb 208Diving Galapagos
Feb 278Diving Galapagos
Mar 068Diving Galapagos
Mar 138Diving Galapagos
Mar 208Diving Galapagos
Mar 278Diving Galapagos
Apr 038Diving Galapagos
Apr 108Diving Galapagos
Apr 178Diving Galapagos
Apr 248Diving Galapagos
May 018Diving Galapagos
May 088Diving Galapagos
May 158Diving Galapagos
May 228Diving Galapagos
May 298Diving Galapagos
Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The dazzling realm beneath the sea of the Galapagos captivates as much curiosity as the islands themselves. Discover both on board the Galapagos Sky, a 16-passenger 100-foot custom designed dive live-aboard. Built in 2001, the Galapagos Sky offers the newest and best-equipped vessel and ultimate diving experience in Galapagos for serious divers.

Amenities on board the Galapagos Sky
The elegant Galapagos Sky is fully air conditioned throughout and features rich teak paneling and furnishings, a dining area, a fully stocked bar, and a main salon with an audio and video entertainment center. On deck, ample space is allocated for personal dive gear storage, a photo and video film lab, light tables, daily E-6 processing and open deck space for sunbathing. Divers will appreciate the wide stern dive platform with fresh water showers, fresh water rinses, dive deck assistance and photo and dive equipment rental services.

Galapagos Sky Accommodations
The Galapagos Sky accommodations include eight comfortable staterooms located on two decks. Each cabin features two twin beds, private bath with shower, mirrored cabinet, wardrobe, full length mirror, window view or port light, bathrobes, hairdryer, toiletries and fresh towels daily.

Diving with the Galapagos Sky
The Galapagos Sky's 10 day tour offers a total of approximately 21 dives and 3 land excursions, and covers 565.5 nautical miles of ocean. There will be up to four dives per day including night dives at Wolf and Darwin. The first two days and last two days will be a combination of shore excursions with 2-3 dives per day. Most dives are drift dives along the cliff faces of off-shore rocks and pinnacles. All dives are dependent upon the skill level of the divers.

Limited quantities of diving equipment are available for rent on board. Divers are required to bring their own equipment: mask, fins & snorkel, regulator, depth & pressure gauges, bottom timer or dive watch. Cruise rates include: filled tanks, weights, weight belt, dive alerts and safety sausages.
Deluxe Stateroom
Deluxe Stateroom
Deluxe Stateroom, private bath facilities, A/C, wardrobe, toiletries and terry cloth robes.
Master Stateroom
Master Stateroom
Master Stateroom, private bath facilities, A/C, wardrobe, toiletries and terry cloth robes.
Deck Plan
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