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Discover the Rio Negro

5 Day Itinerary aboard Grand Amazon
  • Hike in the Jaraqui region
  • Enjoy the lecture Boto do Amazonas
  • Visit Rio Cuieiras
Hiking, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Embark on this 5-day cruise to get a taste of the rich culture and wildlife in the Amazon. Each day you can take excursions either on foot or by motorboat to spot wildlife, visit villages, and explore the unique and beautiful wilderness along the Rio Negro.Though brief, this cruise offers an …
Cruise Details
Water plants on an Ecuador tour

Explore Rio Solimões

4 Day Itinerary aboard Grand Amazon
  • Visit a Caboclo’s home
  • Take a Motorboat ride
  • Walk through the jungle
Fishing, River Cruise, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Embark on this 4-day luxury cruise aboard the Grand Amazon. Embark in the gateway city tothe AmazonManus, Brazil and voyage into the Amazon rainforest. Enjoy visiting remote shores by motorboat, go piranha fishing, trek into the dense jungle in search of Amazon monkeys, watch pink dolphins at play, …
Cruise Details
Nov 224Explore Rio Solimões
Dec 025Discover the Rio Negro
Dec 064Explore Rio Solimões
Dec 095Discover the Rio Negro
Dec 165Discover the Rio Negro
Dec 204Explore Rio Solimões
Dec 235Discover the Rio Negro
Dec 274Explore Rio Solimões
Dec 305Discover the Rio Negro
Max Passengers: 145
Ship Type: Luxury Expedition Ship

There are many reasons to visit Brazil and many ways to explore its best destinations, but floating down the world’s largest river in a luxury cruise liner is an experience all its own. Leave the everyday world behind and become immersed in the mystery of the Amazon jungle. Lush green forests flank the broad waters, and the dense rainforest teems with wildlife. Monkeys swing through the branches while colorful parrots and macaws flash through the trees as the Grand Amazon cruises by. This unique, all-inclusive Amazon river cruise is perfect for adults and children 8 years and older, offering days of leisure activities, live entertainment, and excursions. Well-appointed cabins provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The gourmet cuisine offers flavors that will appeal to the most particular palates. The Grand Amazon river cruise is an unforgettable vacation.

From the top of the canopy to the jungle floor, from the bustling city to the surging river, Brazil and the mighty Amazon present an unparalleled world of mystery and adventure. Travelers exploring Manaus, the economic and cultural capital of northern Brazil, take in an endless variety of parks and gardens that invite close encounters with manatees, sloths, otters and squirrel monkeys. The city’s shops and restaurants offer a step back in time to learn about Brazilian culture and the European-influenced architecture. But the breathless heart of the Amazon is the rainforest. During guided walks along trails, or motorboat excursions through the Jaraqui and Ariau regions, the unmatched diversity of flora and fauna and wildlife take center stage. From birdwatching to swimming with pink dolphins, to spying on alligators at night, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventures await along the Amazon River.
Grand Amazon-Cabin
Mandi Deck
15 luxury cruise cabins offer terrific views and easy access to the Grand Amazon’s pool, Jacuzzi, and deck. Includes balcony, 24-hour room service, minibar, air conditioning, TV, DVD player, and hair dryer.
Grand Amazon-Cabin
Tambaqui Deck
29 luxury cruise cabins on the Tambaqui Deck while onboard the Grand Amazon. The cozy, well-appointed cabins are especially ideal for couples. Includes balcony, 24-hour room service, minibar, air conditioning, TV, DVD player, and hair dryer.
Grand Amazon-Cabin
Acara Deck
29 river view cabins on the Acara Deck feature a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, offering unparalleled views of the Amazon in all its might and majesty. Includes balcony, 24-hour room service, minibar, air conditioning, TV, DVD player, and hair dryer.
Royal Suite
The Royal Suites on the Tambaqui Deck provide the perfect getaway. Comfortable and well-appointed, the ship’s largest rooms are ideal for those who want the royal treatment with exclusive amenities. The Royal Suites feature an oversized bedroom with 1 king bed. The room is serviced twice a day so guests can rest assured it’s always clean and comfortable.
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