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Ship Snapshots

Infinity Sundeck Dining Area Spacious cabins aboard the Infinity Lounge area Infinity Infinity Infinity
Wooden boardwalk in Bartolome

Central Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Infinity
  • Admire South Plaza's beauty
  • Observe Giant Land Tortoises
  • Visit the famous Urbina Bay
  • Look out for amazing wilflife
Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Giant tortoises in captivity, snorkeling with sea lions, land and seabirds, blue-footed boobies, hatchling turtles this stunning 8-day voyage has everything to make your Galapagos experience unforgettable! Snorkel through the beautiful crystal clear waters of this famous archipelago and observe sea …
Cruise Details
Sea lions on beach in Rabida

North & South Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Infinity
  • Admire Santa Cruz's marine wildlife
  • Visit the colorful Rabida Island
  • Experience Dragon Hill's beauty
  • Hike through Floreana Island
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Delight yourself with the beauty of one of the most unique, scientifically important, and biologically outstanding areas on earth, and wander through the island's picture-perfect sceneries. Enjoy exploratory snorkeling in search of the exclusive wildlife this wonderful archipelago has to offer. …
Cruise Details
Cruising in the Galapagos

Northern Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard Infinity
  • Admire Black Turtle Cove's wildlife
  • Snorkel at Darwin Bay
  • Discover Santiago's natural beauty
Adventure Options, Hiking
Activity Level:
Embark on this incredible 4-day voyage that visits the central and northern Galapagos Islands. Satisfy your wanderlust with the majesty of the exceptional landscapes, and relax on the picture-perfect beaches. Get ready to see an abundance of unique wildlife including, blue-footed bobbies, reef …
Cruise Details
White tipped shark

Southern Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard Infinity
  • Enjoy Post Office Bay's beaches
  • Visit Devil’s Crown
  • Observe unique wildlife
Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Experience the wonder of the Galapagos islands while touring this stunning archipelago. Dip into history, swim with playful sea lions and take stunning photos of the magical landscapes. This 5-day small ship cruise features white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife which makes it the perfectjourney …
Cruise Details
Dec 135Southern Islands
Dec 178Central Islands
Dec 244Northern Islands
Dec 248North & South Islands
Dec 275Southern Islands
Dec 318Central Islands
Jan 078North & South Islands
Jan 074Northern Islands
Jan 105Southern Islands
Jan 148Central Islands
Jan 218North & South Islands
Jan 214Northern Islands
Jan 288Central Islands
Feb 048North & South Islands
Feb 044Northern Islands
Feb 075Southern Islands
Feb 118Central Islands
Feb 188North & South Islands
Feb 184Northern Islands
Feb 215Southern Islands
Feb 258Central Islands
Mar 038North & South Islands
Mar 034Northern Islands
Mar 065Southern Islands
Mar 108Central Islands
Mar 178North & South Islands
Mar 174Northern Islands
Mar 205Southern Islands
Mar 248Central Islands
Mar 318North & South Islands
Mar 314Northern Islands
Apr 035Southern Islands
Apr 078Central Islands
Apr 148North & South Islands
Apr 144Northern Islands
Apr 175Southern Islands
Apr 218Central Islands
Apr 288North & South Islands
Apr 284Northern Islands
May 015Southern Islands
May 058Central Islands
May 128North & South Islands
May 124Northern Islands
May 155Southern Islands
May 198Central Islands
May 264Northern Islands
May 268North & South Islands
May 295Southern Islands
Jun 028Central Islands
Jun 094Northern Islands
Jun 098North & South Islands
Jun 125Southern Islands
Jun 168Central Islands
Jun 234Northern Islands
Jun 238North & South Islands
Jun 265Southern Islands
Jun 308Central Islands
Jul 074Northern Islands
Jul 078North & South Islands
Jul 105Southern Islands
Jul 148Central Islands
Jul 214Northern Islands
Jul 218North & South Islands
Jul 245Southern Islands
Jul 288Central Islands
Aug 044Northern Islands
Aug 048North & South Islands
Aug 075Southern Islands
Aug 118Central Islands
Aug 188North & South Islands
Aug 184Northern Islands
Aug 215Southern Islands
Aug 258Central Islands
Sep 018North & South Islands
Sep 014Northern Islands
Sep 045Southern Islands
Sep 088Central Islands
Sep 158North & South Islands
Sep 154Northern Islands
Sep 185Southern Islands
Sep 228Central Islands
Sep 298North & South Islands
Sep 294Northern Islands
Oct 025Southern Islands
Oct 068Central Islands
Oct 138North & South Islands
Oct 134Northern Islands
Oct 165Southern Islands
Oct 208Central Islands
Oct 278North & South Islands
Oct 274Northern Islands
Oct 305Southern Islands
Nov 038Central Islands
Nov 108North & South Islands
Nov 104Northern Islands
Nov 135Southern Islands
Nov 178Central Islands
Nov 248North & South Islands
Nov 244Northern Islands
Dec 018Central Islands
Dec 088North & South Islands
Dec 084Northern Islands
Dec 115Southern Islands
Dec 158Central Islands
Dec 228North & South Islands
Dec 298Central Islands
Max Passengers: 20
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The Infinity is a modern yacht built in 2018 with unparalleled spacious cabins and suites that feature all the comfort and glamour of a true Galapagos luxury experience. Outside dining and bar and also a solarium allow you to experience the Galapagos Islands’ remote and untouched points of interest, all in comfort and with high-quality service.

Main Deck: 8 double cabins (237ft² / 22m², 226ft² / 21m² and 270ft² / 25m²), Dining room (1,216ft² / 113m²). 
Upper Deck: 2 double cabins (247.5ft² / 23m²), 2 double Suites (360.6ft² / 33.5m² and 376.7ft² / 35m²). 

All cabins with private balconies, hot water, and air-conditioning.


Year of construction:2018
Type: Luxury Motor Yacht
Length:161 feet / 49 meters
Beam:33 feet / 10 meters
Draft:8 feet / 2.4 meters
Speed:10 knots
Capacity:20 passengers, 13 crew members, 2 Naturalist guides and 1 Cruise Manager
Main engines:2x SCANIA Diesel Engine 550HP @1800RPM 8000H
Gross Tonnage:420 Tons
Generators:2x JohnDeere Genset 70kw@1800rpm standby 3ph 60Hz
Safety & Navigation: All equipment meets/exceeds the international safety standards:
-Life vests
-Naval radars
- Fire detection and prevention systems.
Standard Cabin, Infinity
8 double cabins (237 ft² - 270 ft²) featuring private balconies, hot water and air-conditioning. Available on both decks
Suite Cabin
2 double Suites (360.6 ft² and 376.7 ft²) featuring private balconies, hot water and air-conditioning. Available on both decks
Infinity Deck Plan
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