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The Islander Galapagos Islander Galapagos Islander Enjoy a cool drink and the company of your fellow passengers Galapagos Islander Galapagos Islander Galapagos Islander Snorkel on the Endeavour with the sea lions.
Warm waters of the Galapagos archipelago

Classic Galapagos

10 Day Itinerary aboard Islander
  • Explore varied islands and habitats
  • See incredible & abundant wildlife
  • Experience the Galápagos undersea
  • Walk, hike, kayak, or Zodiac cruise
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Take an incredible journey through the unique world of the Galapagos on this 10-day adventure on the Islander. Spend your days exploring the archipelago, encountering sea lions, Galapagos penguins, frigatebirds, flightless cormorants, tortoises, and many more incredible native species. Have the …
Cruise Details
Massive Tortoise in the Galapagos

Wild Galápagos Escape

7 Day Itinerary aboard Islander
  • Snorkel and kayak among wildlife
  • Walk along colonies of seabirds
  • Visit Pinnacle Rock
  • Learn more about the Islands
Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Pack a ton of adventure into one action-packed week on this 7-day sailing adventure aboard Islander. With multiple adventures each day on land and undersea—including options for walks and hikes, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling—you’ll be assured of the full …
Cruise Details
Jan 3010Classic Galapagos
Jan 307Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 0410Classic Galapagos
Feb 047Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 1310Classic Galapagos
Feb 137Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 1810Classic Galapagos
Feb 187Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 2710Classic Galapagos
Feb 277Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 0410Classic Galapagos
Mar 047Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 1310Classic Galapagos
Mar 137Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 187Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 1810Classic Galapagos
Mar 277Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 2710Classic Galapagos
Apr 017Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 0110Classic Galapagos
Apr 107Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 1010Classic Galapagos
Apr 157Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 1510Classic Galapagos
Apr 247Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 2410Classic Galapagos
Apr 297Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 2910Classic Galapagos
May 087Wild Galápagos Escape
May 0810Classic Galapagos
May 137Wild Galápagos Escape
May 1310Classic Galapagos
May 2210Classic Galapagos
May 227Wild Galápagos Escape
May 2710Classic Galapagos
May 277Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 0510Classic Galapagos
Jun 057Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 1010Classic Galapagos
Jun 107Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 1910Classic Galapagos
Jun 197Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 2410Classic Galapagos
Jun 247Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 0310Classic Galapagos
Jul 037Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 087Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 177Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 1710Classic Galapagos
Jul 227Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 2210Classic Galapagos
Jul 317Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 3110Classic Galapagos
Aug 057Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 147Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 1410Classic Galapagos
Aug 197Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 1910Classic Galapagos
Aug 287Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 2810Classic Galapagos
Sep 027Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 0210Classic Galapagos
Sep 117Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 1110Classic Galapagos
Sep 167Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 1610Classic Galapagos
Sep 2510Classic Galapagos
Sep 257Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 3010Classic Galapagos
Oct 287Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 0610Classic Galapagos
Nov 067Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 1110Classic Galapagos
Nov 117Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 2010Classic Galapagos
Nov 207Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 257Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 2510Classic Galapagos
Dec 047Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 0410Classic Galapagos
Dec 097Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 0910Classic Galapagos
Dec 187Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 1810Classic Galapagos
Jan 017Wild Galápagos Escape
Jan 157Wild Galápagos Escape
Jan 207Wild Galápagos Escape
Jan 297Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 037Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 127Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 177Wild Galápagos Escape
Feb 267Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 037Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 127Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 177Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 267Wild Galápagos Escape
Mar 317Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 097Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 147Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 237Wild Galápagos Escape
Apr 287Wild Galápagos Escape
May 077Wild Galápagos Escape
May 127Wild Galápagos Escape
May 217Wild Galápagos Escape
May 267Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 047Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 097Wild Galápagos Escape
Jun 187Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 027Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 077Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 167Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 217Wild Galápagos Escape
Jul 307Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 047Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 137Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 187Wild Galápagos Escape
Aug 277Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 017Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 107Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 247Wild Galápagos Escape
Sep 297Wild Galápagos Escape
Oct 087Wild Galápagos Escape
Oct 137Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 197Wild Galápagos Escape
Nov 247Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 037Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 087Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 177Wild Galápagos Escape
Dec 227Wild Galápagos Escape
Max Passengers: 48
Ship Type: Expedition Cruise Ship

The Islander is a versatile 164-foot twin-hulled vessel with 24 spacious cabins comfortably accommodating 48 guests. She offers guests an intimate experience, with the amenities and high class service discerning travelers expect. The Islander is a sturdy expedition ship, designed for year-round discovery and active exploration of the Galápagos and can reach places inaccessible to larger ships due to its small size.

Accessibility means freedom. The captains of the Islander have decades of sailing experience in the Galapagos archipelago. They know when and where to navigate so that you feel the places you visit are all yours. Thanks to a sturdy fleet of Zodiacs and virtually untippable kayaks, you can be off the ship and out exploring within a moment’s notice.

During your time on the Islander, your expedition staff likes nothing better than to surprise and delight you by directing the ship toward alluring coves or bow-riding dolphins. A seasoned crew consists of expert Zodiac drivers and considerate service providers. Their energy, enthusiasm and local field expertise are sure to enhance your experience. This is what expedition travel is all about: not just seeing wildness, but being out there, in it.

A multitude of options are offered for exploring any Galapagos Island, including some shore landings before breakfast and coastal explorations from Zodiacs and kayaks. You'll be provided with a properly fitting wetsuit and snorkeling gear that are yours for the expedition — no need to pack your own. Jump in and go snorkeling in deep water with sea lions, or join some members of your friendly expedition team in the shallows for practice. The Islander carries the resources to add depth to your experience – and every activity offered on board is included in the price.

Amenities and Accommodations

Public Areas
The Islander is fully air-conditioned. Amenities on board include covered deck with hammocks, chairs and tables; Doctor's Office; Fitness Center; Global Market; LEXspa; Library; Lounge with full-service bar and facilities for films, slide shows and presentations; and Sky Deck. Passengers are always welcome to the Bridge in accordance with the "Open Bridge" policy.

Special Features
Among the numerous special touches on board the Islander, guests will also enjoy guest internet access, laundry service, LEXmarket, and a Wellness Program. A ship's doctor, Undersea Specialist, and Video Chronicler are also onboard.

Delicious meals are served in single seatings in the indoor dining room with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling. The menu is international with an Ecuadorian flair.

The 48 guests aboard the Islander are accommodated in 24 cabins. All cabins have a window with an outside view, private bath facilities, and climate controls.

Expedition Equipment
The Islander carries an abundance of expedition equipment to make your exploration of the Galapagos as in depth as possible. Standard equipment includes a hydrophone, sea kayaks, snorkeling gear, a Splash-Cam, underwater video camera, video microscope, wet suits, and several Zodiac landing craft.
Galapagos Islander
Category 1
Main Deck #201, 202. Cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed, and a window.
Galapagos Islander
Category 1 Single
Main Deck #201, 202. Cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed, and a window.
Galapagos Islander
Category 2
Main Deck #203-210 (*Sole Occupancy: All). Centrally located, cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed, and a window.
Galapagos Islander
Category 2 Single
Main Deck #203-210 (*Sole Occupancy: All). Centrally located, cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed, and a window.
Galapagos Islander
Category 3
Bridge Deck #303-306 (*Sole Occupancy: #301, 302). Conveniently located, cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed, and a window. Note: #305 & 306 can accommodate a third person.
Galapagos Islander
Category 4
Upper Deck #403-408. Spacious cabins feature two lower single beds which can convert to a queen bed or a double bed. All cabins feature a window and outside glassed-in terraces with seating. Note: The single beds in cabins 403 & 404 convert to double beds
Galapagos Islander
Category 5
Upper Deck #401, 402. These are the largest cabins onboard. They feature two lower single beds which can convert ot a queen bed, and wrap-around windows. Both have a desk, chairs, and table. They also feature outside glassed-in terraces with seating.
Islander's Deck Plan.
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The trip might have been the absolute best of our lifetime (thus far). We particularly want to commend our guide Peter in the Guilin area-he was so incredibly attentive, energetic, enthusiastic-and absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our meals were 100% vegetarian.
Jack Charney
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