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Admire beautiful landscapes aboard the L'Art de Vivre

L'Art de Vivre

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Admire beautiful landscapes aboard the L'Art de Vivre L'art de Vivre sundeck L'Art de Vivre, dining area L'art de Vivre Cabin Relax at the L'Art de Vivre's jacuzzi L'Art de Vivre Saloon L'Art de Vivre cruising through France L'Art de Vivre, Deck Plan
Historic town of Auxurre and Yonne River in Burgundy

Burgundy Cruise

7 Day Itinerary aboard L'Art de Vivre
  • Explore Auxerre and the cathedral
  • Wine tasting of Chablis
  • Tour Noyers-sur-Serein
  • Visit town of Vezelay
Biking, Local Market, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wine Tasting
Activity Level:
Join the exciting 7-day cruising adventure aboard the L’Art de Vivre and be blown away by the delectable food, stunning structures and breathtaking views all over Burgundy.Explore Auxerre by wandering through the streets to view theluxurious Renaissance houses and the magnificent cathedral …
Cruise Details
Aug 167Burgundy Cruise
Aug 237Burgundy Cruise
Aug 307Burgundy Cruise
Sep 067Burgundy Cruise
Sep 137Burgundy Cruise
Sep 207Burgundy Cruise
Sep 277Burgundy Cruise
Oct 047Burgundy Cruise
Oct 117Burgundy Cruise
Oct 187Burgundy Cruise
Oct 257Burgundy Cruise
Apr 047Burgundy Cruise
Apr 117Burgundy Cruise
Apr 187Burgundy Cruise
Apr 257Burgundy Cruise
May 027Burgundy Cruise
May 097Burgundy Cruise
May 167Burgundy Cruise
May 237Burgundy Cruise
May 307Burgundy Cruise
Jun 067Burgundy Cruise
Jun 137Burgundy Cruise
Jun 207Burgundy Cruise
Jun 277Burgundy Cruise
Jul 047Burgundy Cruise
Jul 117Burgundy Cruise
Jul 187Burgundy Cruise
Jul 257Burgundy Cruise
Aug 017Burgundy Cruise
Aug 087Burgundy Cruise
Aug 157Burgundy Cruise
Aug 227Burgundy Cruise
Aug 297Burgundy Cruise
Sep 057Burgundy Cruise
Sep 127Burgundy Cruise
Sep 197Burgundy Cruise
Sep 267Burgundy Cruise
Oct 037Burgundy Cruise
Oct 107Burgundy Cruise
Oct 177Burgundy Cruise
Oct 247Burgundy Cruise
Mar 277Burgundy Cruise
Apr 037Burgundy Cruise
Apr 107Burgundy Cruise
Apr 177Burgundy Cruise
Apr 247Burgundy Cruise
May 017Burgundy Cruise
May 087Burgundy Cruise
May 157Burgundy Cruise
May 227Burgundy Cruise
May 297Burgundy Cruise
Jun 057Burgundy Cruise
Jun 127Burgundy Cruise
Jun 197Burgundy Cruise
Jun 267Burgundy Cruise
Jul 037Burgundy Cruise
Jul 107Burgundy Cruise
Jul 177Burgundy Cruise
Jul 247Burgundy Cruise
Jul 317Burgundy Cruise
Aug 077Burgundy Cruise
Aug 147Burgundy Cruise
Aug 217Burgundy Cruise
Aug 287Burgundy Cruise
Sep 047Burgundy Cruise
Sep 117Burgundy Cruise
Sep 187Burgundy Cruise
Sep 257Burgundy Cruise
Oct 027Burgundy Cruise
Oct 097Burgundy Cruise
Oct 167Burgundy Cruise
Oct 237Burgundy Cruise
Max Passengers: 8
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

Cruise through one of France’s longest-established canals, the Canal du Nivernais aboard the L'Art de Vivre, an enchanting hotel barge with a dramatic past. Built in England during World War One as a supply vessel to the Allied troops battling in the Somme this 8-passenger ship was part of a lot of historic moments at the time. Today her life is a little less chaotic and she sails smoothly across France. 

L’Art de Vivre is a traditional barge in style, with original wood and brass features that emphasize her heritage and create a warm and inviting interior atmosphere. Outside, there is a sun deck to relax on with a glass of wine and a gorgeous spa pool to soak in. You can explore the ever-present towpath on foot or on one of the barge’s bicycles towpath, this elegant vessel offers her gest an adventure of a lifetime. 

Cabin Accommodation
Apart from its historical background, L'Art de Vivre is a traditional hotel barge in style because of its wood and brass features that create warm and inviting atmosphere. Instead of cabins, she features staterooms each one of them with either twin or double beds for the guests and spacious private bathroom with shower, wardrobe and a small table. 

Public Areas 
- Sundeck
- Spa pool
- Barge’s bicycles towpath before the ship locks up ahead

Technical Information
Length: 100 feet
Twin Cabin
Main Deck
100 sq. ft. including modern en suite facilities. Each room has twin or double beds, wardrobe, small table and a private bathroom with shower
L'Art de Vivre, Deck Plan
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