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M/C Elite

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M/C Galapagos Elite M/C Galapagos Elite M/C Galapagos Elite M/C Galapagos Elite M/C Galapagos Elite Single Cabin M/C Galapagos Elite M/C Galapagos Elite
Sea lion on a pristine beach
Save $360

Central Islands Cruise

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Elite
  • Visit D. Rodriguez Breeding Center
  • Observe blue-footed boobies
  • Relax at Gardner Bay
  • Take a panga ride to Champion Islet
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This incredible 8-day cruise takes you across the archipelago, to the most emblematic locations. The Charles Darwin Research Station provides an opportunity to find out about the vital work that is being carried out to preserve the archipelago’s ecosystems. Discover El Barranco, also known as …
Cruise Details
Exploring the Galapagos - Kicker Rock
Save $1060

Northern Islands Cruise

5 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Elite
  • Visit Charles Darwin R. Station
  • Snorkel across Darwin Bay
  • Discover the beautiful Kicker Rock
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling
Activity Level:
Embark on this 5-Day experience scouting the northern islands of the Galapagos. Satisfy yourself with the majesty of the exceptional landscape, and relax on the beach. Get ready to see an abundance of unique wildlife including, blue-footed bobbies, reef sharks, flamingos, and enjoy the island's …
Cruise Details
Punta Suarez, Espanola

Southeastern Islands Cruise

4 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Elite
  • Admire EspaƱola's unique wildlife
  • Snorkel across Osborn Islet
  • Explore Mosquera Islet
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This incredible 4-day itinerary offers the perfect opportunity to discover the archipelago and connect with the history of this stunning location. A visit to the David Rodriguez Breeding Center provides information about the origin and evolution of the giant tortoise and explains why the center is …
Cruise Details
Pinnacle rock on Bartolome
Save $360

Western & Eastern Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Elite
  • Visit the beautiful Junco Lagoon
  • Bird watching at North Seymour
  • Snorkel & Kayak across Tintoreras
  • Discover Sierra Negra volcano
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Discover the Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Center, where two species of giant tortoise are bred to increase the population of these incredible animals, plays an essential role in protecting the future of the Galapagos. Explore Moreno point and walk along one of the trails soon reveals a multitude of …
Cruise Details
Oct 198Western & Eastern Islands
Oct 264Southeastern Islands Cruise
Oct 268Central Islands Cruise
Oct 295Northern Islands Cruise
Nov 028Western & Eastern Islands
Nov 098Central Islands Cruise
Nov 094Southeastern Islands Cruise
Nov 125Northern Islands Cruise
Nov 168Western & Eastern Islands
Nov 234Southeastern Islands Cruise
Nov 238Central Islands Cruise
Nov 265Northern Islands Cruise
Nov 308Western & Eastern Islands
Dec 074Southeastern Islands Cruise
Dec 078Central Islands Cruise
Dec 105Northern Islands Cruise
Dec 148Western & Eastern Islands
Dec 214Southeastern Islands Cruise
Dec 218Central Islands Cruise
Dec 245Northern Islands Cruise
Dec 288Western & Eastern Islands
Jan 044Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jan 048Central Islands Cruise
Jan 075Northern Islands Cruise
Jan 118Western & Eastern Islands
Jan 184Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jan 188Central Islands Cruise
Jan 215Northern Islands Cruise
Jan 258Western & Eastern Islands
Feb 014Southeastern Islands Cruise
Feb 018Central Islands Cruise
Feb 045Northern Islands Cruise
Feb 088Western & Eastern Islands
Feb 154Southeastern Islands Cruise
Feb 158Central Islands Cruise
Feb 185Northern Islands Cruise
Feb 228Western & Eastern Islands
Feb 294Southeastern Islands Cruise
Feb 298Central Islands Cruise
Mar 035Northern Islands Cruise
Mar 078Western & Eastern Islands
Mar 144Southeastern Islands Cruise
Mar 148Central Islands Cruise
Mar 175Northern Islands Cruise
Mar 218Western & Eastern Islands
Mar 284Southeastern Islands Cruise
Mar 288Central Islands Cruise
Mar 315Northern Islands Cruise
Apr 048Western & Eastern Islands
Apr 114Southeastern Islands Cruise
Apr 118Central Islands Cruise
Apr 145Northern Islands Cruise
Apr 188Western & Eastern Islands
Apr 254Southeastern Islands Cruise
Apr 258Central Islands Cruise
Apr 285Northern Islands Cruise
May 028Western & Eastern Islands
May 094Southeastern Islands Cruise
May 098Central Islands Cruise
May 125Northern Islands Cruise
May 168Western & Eastern Islands
May 234Southeastern Islands Cruise
May 238Central Islands Cruise
May 265Northern Islands Cruise
May 308Western & Eastern Islands
Jun 064Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jun 068Central Islands Cruise
Jun 095Northern Islands Cruise
Jun 138Western & Eastern Islands
Jun 208Central Islands Cruise
Jun 204Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jun 235Northern Islands Cruise
Jun 278Western & Eastern Islands
Jul 044Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jul 048Central Islands Cruise
Jul 075Northern Islands Cruise
Jul 118Western & Eastern Islands
Jul 184Southeastern Islands Cruise
Jul 188Central Islands Cruise
Jul 215Northern Islands Cruise
Jul 258Western & Eastern Islands
Aug 014Southeastern Islands Cruise
Aug 018Central Islands Cruise
Aug 045Northern Islands Cruise
Aug 088Western & Eastern Islands
Aug 154Southeastern Islands Cruise
Aug 158Central Islands Cruise
Aug 185Northern Islands Cruise
Aug 228Western & Eastern Islands
Aug 294Southeastern Islands Cruise
Aug 298Central Islands Cruise
Sep 015Northern Islands Cruise
Sep 058Western & Eastern Islands
Sep 124Southeastern Islands Cruise
Sep 128Central Islands Cruise
Sep 155Northern Islands Cruise
Sep 198Western & Eastern Islands
Sep 264Southeastern Islands Cruise
Sep 268Central Islands Cruise
Sep 295Northern Islands Cruise
Oct 038Western & Eastern Islands
Oct 104Southeastern Islands Cruise
Oct 108Central Islands Cruise
Oct 135Northern Islands Cruise
Oct 178Western & Eastern Islands
Oct 244Southeastern Islands Cruise
Oct 248Central Islands Cruise
Oct 275Northern Islands Cruise
Oct 318Western & Eastern Islands
Nov 074Southeastern Islands Cruise
Nov 078Central Islands Cruise
Nov 105Northern Islands Cruise
Nov 148Western & Eastern Islands
Nov 214Southeastern Islands Cruise
Nov 218Central Islands Cruise
Nov 245Northern Islands Cruise
Nov 288Western & Eastern Islands
Dec 054Southeastern Islands Cruise
Dec 058Central Islands Cruise
Dec 085Northern Islands Cruise
Dec 128Western & Eastern Islands
Dec 194Southeastern Islands Cruise
Dec 198Central Islands Cruise
Dec 225Northern Islands Cruise
Dec 268Western & Eastern Islands
Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The  Galapagos Elite was specifically designed for sailing the sapphire waters of the Enchanted Islands. A sleek, twin-hulled catamaran, it will provide its guests with a steady, safe cruise without the rocking and swaying common to the older, single-hulled yachts. In addition to better stability, the design of the Elite allows for more space for everything on board, including social areas, suites, and premium suites.  Guests of all ages, from children to seniors, will enjoy the ample, semi-covered sky deck, the al fresco dining area, and the cozy bar-salon.   

All Suites onboard the Galapagos Elite will be spacious, comfortable and well-appointed: the perfect place to relax and recharge after a day spent exploring the islands. Each suite will have an ocean view and outdoor balcony, as well as rainforest-style showers in a private bathroom. The cabins have one queen-sized or two single beds.   

Single Occupancy: The Elite features a single cabin with a private balcony, perfect complement for small groups and families. No single supplement will be applied.

Particularly proud of the panoramic windows featured in each suite: unlike the heavy, round porthole windows of the older yachts, each suite on the Elite will have grand windows offering panoramic views. Each morning and afternoon will bring a different stunning Galapagos seascape! 

Guests will greatly enjoy meals served onboard the Elite. The professional chefs prepare three delicious, nutritious meals per day: breakfast and mainly lunch will be served buffet-style, with a more elegant sit-down dinner served in the al fresco dining area on the sky deck, weather permitting.

Meals are always made from fresh ingredients, locally provided from farms on the islands whenever possible. Special dietary needs are never a problem for the chefs, and kids' meals are available.

Everyone knows that the main attractions of the Galapagos Islands are the animals and the islands themselves, not the ship and the crew. The Elite is scheduled for an enviable itinerary with visits to the best visitor sites the Galapagos islands and seas have to offer.
M/C Galapagos Elite
Golden Suite
Approximately 35 m2 the Golden Suites are spacious and comfortable. Each suite features an ocean view, sliding glass doors to an outdoor balcony, and rainforest-style showers in a private bathroom.
M/C Elite, Deck Plan
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