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M/C Galapagos Endemic

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Endemic M/C Endemic, Sun Deck M/C Endemic, Interior M/C Endemic M/C Endemic, Exterior M/C Endemic, Twin Cabin M/C Endemic, Terraces M/C Endemic
The iconic feet of a Blue-Footed Booby

Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise

4 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Discover Bartholomew Island
  • Snorkel around Floreana
  • Explore North Seymour Island
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Beautiful and mysterious, vast and fragile, this itinerary through the Galapagos Islands is an extraordinary 4-day voyage through the natural beauty of the world. This cruise across the central region delivers more than white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Exploreinteresting rock formations …
Cruise Details
Galapagos penguin on a rock

Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise

6 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Hike & swim at Santigo Island
  • Admire Isabela's abundant bird life
  • Look for penguins at Tagus Cove
  • Visit Rabida Island
Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
With no other place like it, the Galapagos is the earth’s living laboratory. Home to some of the most endemic species, these islands are reputed not only for their ancient and diverse wildlife but for their stunning natural beauty. Whether you are a birder, botanist or simply just curious, …
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Snorkel the crystal, warm waters of the Galapagos archipelago
Save $270

North & Central Islands + Floreana

6 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Admire Red abd Blue-footed Boobies
  • Swim & snorkel across clear waters
  • Discover North Seymour Island
  • Climb Prince Philip’s Steps
Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Swim with sea turtles and manta rays, explore tidal pools and lush mangroves and observe giant tortoises. Be one of the few to experience why Darwin was so inspired by these spectacular islands. Visit one of the most unusual islands in the Galápagos on the North Central Route: Genovesa with …
Cruise Details
Couple sitting on a beach among sea lions
Save $360

South & Central Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Dive & Snorkel around Kicker Rock
  • Lounge alongside sleeping sea lions
  • Walk along a white coral sand beach
  • Learn the history of Floreana
Hiking, Kayaking, Land & Sea, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
M/C Endemic takes you on an unforgettable experience through the Galapagos Islands. On this exceptional 8-day cruise, enjoy swimming, kayaking & snorkeling to discover a rare and unique marine fauna across the South & Central islands. Explore interesting rock formations and walk along to …
Cruise Details
Kicker Rock at sunset in the Galapagos

Southern Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Swim & Kayak at San Cristobal
  • Snorkel at Kicker Rock
  • Visit the Fausto L. Breeding Center
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Words cannot describe the experience of a Galapagos cruise. Trace the remarkable origins of the species as you discover a land that time forgot. Swim with a large colony of sea lions at Isla Lobos, explore two sites on spectacular Española island, observeNazca Boobies, Blue-footed Boobies, …
Cruise Details
Snorkeling with friends

West & Central Islands + Genovesa

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/C Galapagos Endemic
  • Kayay & Snorkel around Genovesa
  • Walk over recent lava flows
  • Visit Arnaldo T. Breeding Center
  • Hike along cactus groves at Rabida
Hiking, Kayaking, Land & Sea, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Experience the wonders of the Western & Central Galapagos Islands while on this amazing 8-day cruise. This paradisiac archipelago is made up of rocky islets which are home to many spectacular species of Galapagos wildlife including penguins, the Galapagos Hawk, Nazca Boobies, finches, …
Cruise Details
Nov 248West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Dec 015Southern Islands
Dec 018South & Central Islands
Dec 056North & Central Islands + Floreana
Dec 088West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Dec 106Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Dec 155Southern Islands
Dec 158South & Central Islands
Dec 196North & Central Islands + Floreana
Dec 228West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Dec 246Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Dec 295Southern Islands
Dec 298South & Central Islands
Jan 024Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jan 058West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Jan 125Southern Islands
Jan 166North & Central Islands + Floreana
Jan 216Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Jan 265Southern Islands
Jan 268South & Central Islands
Jan 304Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Feb 028West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Feb 095Southern Islands
Feb 136North & Central Islands + Floreana
Feb 186Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Feb 235Southern Islands
Feb 238South & Central Islands
Feb 274Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Mar 018West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Mar 085Southern Islands
Mar 126North & Central Islands + Floreana
Mar 176Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Mar 225Southern Islands
Mar 228South & Central Islands
Mar 264Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Mar 298West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Apr 055Southern Islands
Apr 096North & Central Islands + Floreana
Apr 146Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Apr 195Southern Islands
Apr 198South & Central Islands
Apr 234Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Apr 268West & Central Islands + Genovesa
May 035Southern Islands
May 076North & Central Islands + Floreana
May 126Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
May 175Southern Islands
May 178South & Central Islands
May 248West & Central Islands + Genovesa
May 315Southern Islands
Jun 046North & Central Islands + Floreana
Jun 096Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Jun 145Southern Islands
Jun 148South & Central Islands
Jun 184Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jun 218West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Jun 285Southern Islands
Jul 026North & Central Islands + Floreana
Jul 076Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Jul 125Southern Islands
Jul 128South & Central Islands
Jul 164Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jul 198West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Jul 265Southern Islands
Jul 306North & Central Islands + Floreana
Aug 046Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Aug 098South & Central Islands
Aug 095Southern Islands
Aug 134Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Aug 168West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Aug 235Southern Islands
Aug 276North & Central Islands + Floreana
Sep 016Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Sep 068South & Central Islands
Sep 065Southern Islands
Sep 104Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Sep 138West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Sep 205Southern Islands
Sep 246North & Central Islands + Floreana
Sep 296Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Oct 048South & Central Islands
Oct 045Southern Islands
Oct 084Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Oct 118West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Oct 185Southern Islands
Oct 226North & Central Islands + Floreana
Oct 276Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Nov 018South & Central Islands
Nov 015Southern Islands
Nov 054Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 088West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Nov 155Southern Islands
Nov 196North & Central Islands + Floreana
Nov 246Luxury West & Central Galapagos Cruise
Nov 298South & Central Islands
Nov 295Southern Islands
Dec 034Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Dec 068West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Dec 138South & Central Islands
Dec 135Southern Islands
Dec 174Luxury Central Galapagos Islands Cruise
Dec 208West & Central Islands + Genovesa
Dec 278South & Central Islands
Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

Starting operations in July 2018. This luxury catamaran has a capacity of 16 passengers, eleven crew members, and a naturalist guide, offering a service ratio of almost one to one.

Being the first catamaran of a new generation of catamarans, the Endemic gathers elegant exteriors, spacious areas for high-end accommodation, social, and open areas. Navigation between the islands is fast and seamless due to Endemic’s design which delivers transverse stability when cruising around the archipelago.
On board the Endemic, the eight Golden Panoramic Suites are airy and comfortable; four of them are located on the main deck and the rest of the upper deck. Each suite has a private balcony; all suites have personalized air conditioning control and panoramic views of the islands due to its wall to wall glass doors instead of walls toward the outside. A small social area, closet/drawer, desk, and sofa-bed are part of each suite as well. Matrimonial king-size or two single twin beds are available in each suite for flexible accommodation.  Private bathroom, hot and cold water and amenities.

Single Occupancy: The Endemic features a single cabin with private balcony, perfect complement for small groups and families. No single supplement will be applied.
On the Main Deck, the Endemic in the front features a briefing area for briefings, lectures, and it is also the point of information for Galapagos travel with videos, books, and personalized assistance. The interior passenger's lounge and dining area offer also a panoramic view of the islands during navigation and excursion while enjoying the exquisite cuisine. Two platforms allow passengers on and off the catamaran, offering super easy access to the yacht.
Passengers access the Upper Deck through interior steps. There are four suites, a sun terrace and a secluded social area for relaxation and wildlife observation. Passengers can also reach the upper levels of the Endemic through exterior steps. On the Sky Deck, the Endemic features al fresco dining, bar, exterior passengers lounge, BBQ station, Jacuzzi, sun chair and seating area. It is a shaded area where delicious drinks are served while enjoying the islands.

Technical Specifications:
Due to start operations: July 2018
Category: Luxury
Length: 35 mt / 115 ft
Beam: 14 mt / 45 ft
Draft to Baseline: 1.85 mt / 6.1 ft
Crew: 10 members + chef + guide  + Cruise Service Officer
Capactiy: 16 passengers
Speed: 12 knots
Propulsion: 2 x High Power Engines - 500 HP
Suites location:
-4 suites - Main Deck
-4 suites - Upper Deck
-Single cabin location:
-1 cabin - Upper Deck
Electricity: 110 V and 220 V

Expedition gear provided:
-Water Container
-Wet Suits (long and short)
-Snorkeling (mask, snorkel, and fins)
-Sea Kayaks
Type of meals:
On board the M/C Endemic, breakfast and lunch are buffet style and, depending on chef’s selection, dinner is served based on a delicious menu and buffet. The Cruise Service Officer makes sure passengers have their selection ready for dinner. Any kind of specifc food requests or dietary restrictions must be made known in advanced.
M/C Endemic, Matrimonial Cabin
Each cabin has personalized air conditioning control, a balcony, spacious private bathroom and either a king-size bed or two twin-size beds.
M/C Endemic, Single Cabin
Single Suite
Each cabin has personalized air conditioning control, a balcony, spacious private bathroom and twin-size bed.
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