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Galapagos M/Y Passion

M/Y Passion

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Sail the Galapagos on the Origin ship!

Eastern Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/Y Passion
  • Explore the red beaches of Rabida
  • Experience giant tortoises
  • Visit lava tunnels
  • Take a panga ride in the mangroves
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Take an 8-day Galapagos cruise to the Eastern Island aboard the M/Y Passion. Learn about the history of the islands, view the famous giant Galapagos tortoise and the red sand beaches of Rabida. Hike, snorkel, kayak and ride a panga to experience the beautiful landscapes.
Cruise Details
Sea lions bask in the sun on the beach

Eastern Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard M/Y Passion
  • Visit Fausto L. Breeding Center
  • Explore South Plaza Island
  • Admire Osborn islet natural beauty
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling
Activity Level:
Your time in Galapagos can be short but sweet on the M/Y Passion’s 4-day cruise. First, spend a whole day with the world-famous Giant Tortoises in the Santa Cruz Highlands and the Charles Darwin Research Center. Spend time with colorful land iguanas in Plaza Sur and then hang out with sea …
Cruise Details
Wooden boardwalk in Bartolome

Eastern Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard M/Y Passion
  • Visit Black Turtle Cove
  • Enjoy Darwin Bay's beautiful beach
  • Admire Bartolome's unique wildlife
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling
Activity Level:
This tour takes you to the Eastern islands of the archipelago, to deep, silent coves where green sea turtles swim, to the iconic Pinnacle Rock and to a red sandy beach where yet more sea lions await you. After a delicious breakfast, a panga will take you where red-footed boobies perch on prickly …
Cruise Details
A boating tour getting ready to leave the shore.

Galapagos Passion Western Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/Y Passion
  • Take a panga ride to Devil's Crown
  • Hike to a lagoon
  • View a nesting site for turtles
  • Look for whales and dolphins
Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Cruise on board the M/Y Passion on this Westbound tour of the beautiful Galapagos Islands. This 8-day itinerary explores a tortoise research station, abundant wildlife and a volcanic beach. Discover diverse flora and fauna while exploring by panga rides, hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking.
Cruise Details
Jul 084Eastern Islands
Jul 118Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jul 188Eastern Islands
Jul 185Eastern Islands
Jul 224Eastern Islands
Jul 258Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Aug 018Eastern Islands
Aug 015Eastern Islands
Aug 054Eastern Islands
Aug 088Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Aug 158Eastern Islands
Aug 155Eastern Islands
Aug 194Eastern Islands
Aug 228Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Aug 298Eastern Islands
Aug 295Eastern Islands
Sep 024Eastern Islands
Sep 058Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Sep 128Eastern Islands
Sep 125Eastern Islands
Sep 164Eastern Islands
Sep 198Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Sep 268Eastern Islands
Sep 265Eastern Islands
Sep 304Eastern Islands
Oct 038Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Oct 108Eastern Islands
Oct 105Eastern Islands
Oct 144Eastern Islands
Oct 178Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Oct 248Eastern Islands
Oct 245Eastern Islands
Oct 284Eastern Islands
Oct 318Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Nov 078Eastern Islands
Nov 075Eastern Islands
Nov 114Eastern Islands
Nov 148Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Nov 218Eastern Islands
Nov 215Eastern Islands
Nov 254Eastern Islands
Nov 288Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Dec 058Eastern Islands
Dec 055Eastern Islands
Dec 094Eastern Islands
Dec 128Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Dec 198Eastern Islands
Dec 195Eastern Islands
Dec 234Eastern Islands
Dec 268Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jan 028Eastern Islands
Jan 025Eastern Islands
Jan 064Eastern Islands
Jan 238Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Feb 174Eastern Islands
Feb 208Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Apr 108Eastern Islands
Apr 105Eastern Islands
Apr 144Eastern Islands
Apr 178Galapagos Passion Western Islands
May 018Galapagos Passion Western Islands
May 158Galapagos Passion Western Islands
May 228Eastern Islands
May 225Eastern Islands
May 264Eastern Islands
May 298Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jun 058Eastern Islands
Jun 055Eastern Islands
Jun 094Eastern Islands
Jun 195Eastern Islands
Jun 198Eastern Islands
Jun 234Eastern Islands
Jun 268Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jul 038Eastern Islands
Jul 035Eastern Islands
Jul 074Eastern Islands
Jul 108Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jul 178Eastern Islands
Jul 175Eastern Islands
Jul 214Eastern Islands
Jul 318Eastern Islands
Jul 315Eastern Islands
Aug 044Eastern Islands
Aug 078Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Oct 168Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Oct 238Eastern Islands
Oct 235Eastern Islands
Oct 274Eastern Islands
Oct 308Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Nov 068Eastern Islands
Nov 065Eastern Islands
Nov 104Eastern Islands
Nov 138Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Nov 208Eastern Islands
Nov 205Eastern Islands
Nov 244Eastern Islands
Nov 278Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Dec 048Eastern Islands
Dec 045Eastern Islands
Dec 084Eastern Islands
Dec 118Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Dec 188Eastern Islands
Dec 185Eastern Islands
Dec 224Eastern Islands
Dec 258Galapagos Passion Western Islands
Jan 018Eastern Islands
Jan 015Eastern Islands
Max Passengers: 14
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

Originally built as a private luxury yacht, the M/Y Passion has been completely refurbished while still retaining many of its original elegant features, such as its rose-colored marble bathrooms and teak wood decks that make the vessel one of a kind.

Measuring 159 feet (48.5 meters), the M/Y Passion features four decks and boasts an exceptional amount of space for its 14 passengers.

The crew-to-guest ratio is 1:1, with 11 Crew Members, a Certified Naturalist Guide, and a Cruise Manager on board. The yacht contains stabilizers to minimize motion at sea.

Yacht Accommodations
This new exclusive family yacht boasts ample social areas, a panoramic sky lounge and bar (bridge deck), a dining room and immense sun decks, a BBQ area, and a secluded sun deck with a Jacuzzi and lounge chairs on the top deck.

Amenities Include:
Light Laundry Service
Massage (under request)
Wet Suits
Snorkeling gear

Guest Accommodations
All six cabins on board are fully air-conditioned and incredibly spacious. Each of the four ample state cabins feature private bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. The two VIP cabins not only feature two en-suite bathrooms but also a private lounge area.

Stateroom Bathroom features: hair dryers, High Definition TV system, 110 220 volts outlets, USB charger

Dining On Board
The finest gourmet cuisine is served throughout the cruise. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served in the outside dining area. The M/Y Passion also features a BBQ area. With a ratio of one staff member per guest, first class service on board is ensured.

Included in M/Y Passion Galapagos Cruise Rates:
Daily excursions
Guided expeditions by Naturalists
Captain's welcome cocktail
All soft drinks
Complimentary en-suite snacks

Not Included:
Air ticket to/from Galapagos
Galapagos National Park entrance fee
Transit control card
Personal expenses and tips
Alcoholic beverages
Galapagos Passion Stateroom
Standard Stateroom
Standard staterooms feature air-conditioning and private bathrooms with bathtubs and showers.
Galapagos Passion Master Suite
Master Suite
Master Suites feature air-conditioning, private bathrooms, panoramic windows, and private lounge areas.
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