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The MS Lofoten

MS Lofoten

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Ship Snapshots

The MS Lofoten Enjoy the large windows as you sail on the MS Lofoten The lounge of the MS Lofoten Enjoy fine dining on the MS Lofoten Relax on board the The MS Lofoten The MS Lofoten at port The MS Lofoten Enjoy beautiful moments of sailing as you cruise the Norwegian fjords
A raptor flies past a group of travelers after catching its lunch

Classic Roundtrip Voyage

12 Day Itinerary aboard MS Lofoten
  • Visit Alesund
  • Enjoy Trondheim views
  • Explore the Lofoten Islands
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Take an excursion to the North Cape
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Adventure and mystery await on this 12-day small ship cruise aboard the MS Lofoten. Begin in the Norwegian city of Bergen and sail through Norway's picturesque fjords as you make your way north to the Arctic Circle and beyond. Greet the locals as you stop in small port villages and marvel at …
Cruise Details
An early morning view of Alesund, Norway

Classic Voyage North

7 Day Itinerary aboard MS Lofoten
  • Cruise through Geirangerfjord
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Explore small fishing villages
  • Meet a local Sami family
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the stunning fjords of Norway on this 7-day expedition cruise. Begin in Bergen and make your way north, cruising through remote fjords, stopping in pristine coastal villages, and navigating your way through off-the-beaten-path destinations. Adventure awaits as you sail to Trondheim, cross …
Cruise Details
The stunning fjords of Norway

Classic Voyage South

6 Day Itinerary aboard MS Lofoten
  • Visit Hammerfest
  • Pass through the Lofoten Islands
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
  • Tour Nidaros Cathedral
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Join the MS Lofoten on this 6-day southbound voyage through the Norwegian fjords. Begin in Kirkenes, cross the Arctic Circle, navigate your way through pristine fjords, and stop to greet the locals in charming coastal villages. The fjords of Norway offer wonderful opportunities for photographers …
Cruise Details
Sep 2612Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Sep 267Classic Voyage North
Oct 026Classic Voyage South
Oct 077Classic Voyage North
Oct 0712Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Oct 136Classic Voyage South
Oct 1812Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Oct 187Classic Voyage North
Oct 246Classic Voyage South
Oct 2912Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Oct 297Classic Voyage North
Nov 046Classic Voyage South
Nov 0912Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Nov 097Classic Voyage North
Nov 156Classic Voyage South
Nov 2012Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Nov 207Classic Voyage North
Nov 266Classic Voyage South
Dec 0112Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Dec 017Classic Voyage North
Dec 076Classic Voyage South
Dec 1212Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Dec 127Classic Voyage North
Dec 186Classic Voyage South
Dec 2312Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Dec 237Classic Voyage North
Dec 296Classic Voyage South
Jan 0312Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Jan 037Classic Voyage North
Jan 096Classic Voyage South
Jan 1412Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Jan 147Classic Voyage North
Jan 206Classic Voyage South
Jan 2512Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Jan 257Classic Voyage North
Jan 316Classic Voyage South
Feb 0512Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Feb 057Classic Voyage North
Feb 116Classic Voyage South
Feb 1612Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Feb 167Classic Voyage North
Feb 226Classic Voyage South
Feb 2712Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Feb 277Classic Voyage North
Mar 056Classic Voyage South
Mar 107Classic Voyage North
Mar 1012Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Mar 166Classic Voyage South
Mar 2112Classic Roundtrip Voyage
Mar 217Classic Voyage North
Mar 276Classic Voyage South
Passengers: 400
Ship Type: Expedition Cruise Ship

Originally launched in Oslo, Norway, the MS Lofoten provides a voyage of real nostalgia with an intimate informal atmosphere. Named after the Lofoten Islands just north of the Arctic Circle, which are famous for their dramatic scenery and often described as 'a masterpiece,' the MS Lofoten delights her passengers with her careful navigation skills and attention to detail. The second ship in her fleet to carry the proud name of Lofoten, she was refurbished and refitted in 2003 with most of the original style and atmosphere preserved. With unique lounges and panoramic decks, the MS Lofoten is simply incomparable. Her cabins are comfortable and cozy, and her experiences are once-in-a-lifetime.
A comfortable cabin aboard the MS Lofoten
Category A
54-86 square feet. Upper and lower berths, most with porthole, some with no/limited view, shower/wc.
MS Lofoten Category I
Category D
54-75 square feet. Upper and lower berths, washbasin only.
MS Lofoten Category J
Category J
54-140 square feet. With limited/no view, separate beds, shower/wc
MS Lofoten Category J
Category I
54-108 square feet. Upper berth and lower bed that can be turned into a sofa, shower/wc.
MS Lofoten Category N
Category N
54-140 square feet. Separate beds, where one bed can be turned into a sofa, shower/wc.
Deck plans of the MS Lofoten
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