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Cruise the Galapagos on the Petrel ship


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Cruise the Galapagos on the Petrel ship Lounge area on the Galapagos ship Petrel Dining area on the Galapagos ship Petrel Sun deck on the Galapagos ship Petrel Cruise the Galapagos on the Petrel ship Porch on the Galapagos ship Petrel Suite on the Galapagos ship Petrel Cruise the Galapagos on the Petrel ship
Kayak on a beach in the galapagos

Central & Genovesa Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Explore the Interpretation Center
  • Visit the albatross breeding site
  • Walk through mangroves
  • Snorkel with fish, rays and sharks
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the Central and Genovesa Islands of the Galapagos archipelago on the Petrel. On this 8-day cruise, explore sea-side trails, spot unique wildlife and bird life, admire volcanic formations, and snorkel with sea lions while on your Galapagos tour.
Cruise Details
marine iguana espanola

Central & Southern Islands

6 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Explore underground lava tubes
  • Snorkel around Devil's Crown
  • View the colorful Sesuvium plant
  • Walk across the white sand beaches
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the Central and Southern Islands of the Galapagos archipelago on this 6-day adventure aboard the Petrel. Visit outstanding wildlife viewing areas and some of the best snorkeling and swimming locations in the islands. Enjoy historic sites and exhibits on natural history, human history, and …
Cruise Details
Kayaking in the Galapagos

Genovesa & Central Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Snorkel near Pinnacle Rock
  • Explore volcanic formations
  • Walk along a white-sand coral beach
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore Genovesa & the Central Islands of the Galapagos archipelago on the Petrel. On this 5-day cruise, explore sea-side trails, spot unique wildlife and bird life, admire volcanic formations, and snorkel with sea lions while on your Galapagos tour.
Cruise Details
sea lion relaxing along the beach

Isabela & Fernandina Islands

6 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Take a dinghy ride
  • Hike to tide pools and mangroves
  • Visit the Sierra Negra Volcano
  • Cross the Bolivar Channel
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
On this 6-day expedition aboard the Petrel, explore Isabela and Fernandina Islands. Remnants of ancient volcanoes, abundant wildlife and marine life, spectacular views, and hiking and snorkeling adventures await you on this Galapagos tour.
Cruise Details
Sally Lightfoot Crab on a rock

Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Explore Elizabeth Bay
  • View the Sierra Negra Volcano
  • Hike along tide pools and mangroves
  • Watch sea lions rest and play
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Aboard the Petrel, visit Isabela, Fernandina, and the Central Islands of the Galapagos. Explore rocky coastlines, volcanic landscapes, beaches, and forest trails while viewing abundant wildlife. Snorkel, hike, and ride by dinghy to experience impressive landscapes, historic sites, and a Research …
Cruise Details
Yellow Warbler

San Cristobal, Española & Floreana

4 Day Itinerary aboard Petrel
  • Visit new and old turtles
  • Snorkel around Devil's Crown
  • Explore Gardner Bay
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
On this 4-day introduction to the Galapagos, cruise to San Cristobal, Española, Floreana, and Santa Cruz Islands. Along the way, enjoy fantastic snorkeling and swimming, hike along trails and beaches overlooking turquoise waters, view an amazing variety of marine life and wildlife, and visit …
Cruise Details
Sep 245Genovesa & Central Islands
Sep 286Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Oct 036Central & Southern Islands
Oct 085Genovesa & Central Islands
Oct 128Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Oct 194San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Oct 198Central & Genovesa Islands
Oct 225Genovesa & Central Islands
Oct 266Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Oct 316Central & Southern Islands
Nov 055Genovesa & Central Islands
Nov 098Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Nov 164San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Nov 168Central & Genovesa Islands
Nov 195Genovesa & Central Islands
Nov 236Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Nov 286Central & Southern Islands
Dec 035Genovesa & Central Islands
Dec 078Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Dec 144San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Dec 148Central & Genovesa Islands
Dec 175Genovesa & Central Islands
Dec 216Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Dec 266Central & Southern Islands
Dec 315Genovesa & Central Islands
Jan 048Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jan 118Central & Genovesa Islands
Jan 114San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jan 145Genovesa & Central Islands
Jan 188Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jan 186Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Jan 236Central & Southern Islands
Jan 258Central & Genovesa Islands
Jan 254San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jan 285Genovesa & Central Islands
Feb 018Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Feb 016Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Feb 066Central & Southern Islands
Feb 088Central & Genovesa Islands
Feb 084San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Feb 115Genovesa & Central Islands
Feb 156Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Feb 158Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Feb 206Central & Southern Islands
Feb 228Central & Genovesa Islands
Feb 224San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Feb 255Genovesa & Central Islands
Mar 016Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Mar 018Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Mar 066Central & Southern Islands
Mar 088Central & Genovesa Islands
Mar 084San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Mar 115Genovesa & Central Islands
Mar 156Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Mar 158Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Mar 206Central & Southern Islands
Mar 228Central & Genovesa Islands
Mar 224San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Mar 255Genovesa & Central Islands
Mar 296Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Mar 298Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Apr 036Central & Southern Islands
Apr 058Central & Genovesa Islands
Apr 054San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Apr 085Genovesa & Central Islands
Apr 126Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Apr 128Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Apr 176Central & Southern Islands
Apr 194San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Apr 198Central & Genovesa Islands
Apr 225Genovesa & Central Islands
Apr 266Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Apr 268Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
May 016Central & Southern Islands
May 034San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
May 038Central & Genovesa Islands
May 065Genovesa & Central Islands
May 106Isabela & Fernandina Islands
May 108Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
May 156Central & Southern Islands
May 174San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
May 178Central & Genovesa Islands
May 205Genovesa & Central Islands
May 246Isabela & Fernandina Islands
May 248Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
May 296Central & Southern Islands
May 314San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
May 318Central & Genovesa Islands
Jun 035Genovesa & Central Islands
Jun 076Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Jun 078Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jun 126Central & Southern Islands
Jun 144San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jun 148Central & Genovesa Islands
Jun 175Genovesa & Central Islands
Jun 216Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Jun 218Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jun 266Central & Southern Islands
Jun 284San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jun 288Central & Genovesa Islands
Jul 015Genovesa & Central Islands
Jul 056Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Jul 058Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jul 106Central & Southern Islands
Jul 124San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jul 128Central & Genovesa Islands
Jul 155Genovesa & Central Islands
Jul 198Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Jul 196Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Jul 246Central & Southern Islands
Jul 264San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Jul 268Central & Genovesa Islands
Jul 295Genovesa & Central Islands
Aug 028Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Aug 026Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Aug 076Central & Southern Islands
Aug 094San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Aug 098Central & Genovesa Islands
Aug 125Genovesa & Central Islands
Aug 168Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Aug 166Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Aug 216Central & Southern Islands
Aug 238Central & Genovesa Islands
Aug 234San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Aug 265Genovesa & Central Islands
Aug 308Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Aug 306Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Sep 046Central & Southern Islands
Sep 068Central & Genovesa Islands
Sep 064San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Sep 095Genovesa & Central Islands
Sep 138Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Sep 136Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Sep 186Central & Southern Islands
Sep 208Central & Genovesa Islands
Sep 204San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Sep 235Genovesa & Central Islands
Sep 278Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Sep 276Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Oct 026Central & Southern Islands
Oct 048Central & Genovesa Islands
Oct 044San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Oct 075Genovesa & Central Islands
Oct 116Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Oct 118Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Oct 166Central & Southern Islands
Oct 188Central & Genovesa Islands
Oct 184San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Oct 215Genovesa & Central Islands
Oct 256Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Oct 258Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Oct 306Central & Southern Islands
Nov 018Central & Genovesa Islands
Nov 014San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Nov 045Genovesa & Central Islands
Nov 086Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Nov 088Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Nov 136Central & Southern Islands
Nov 158Central & Genovesa Islands
Nov 154San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Nov 185Genovesa & Central Islands
Nov 226Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Nov 228Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Nov 276Central & Southern Islands
Nov 294San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Nov 298Central & Genovesa Islands
Dec 025Genovesa & Central Islands
Dec 064San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Dec 066Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Dec 068Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Dec 116Central & Southern Islands
Dec 138Central & Genovesa Islands
Dec 165Genovesa & Central Islands
Dec 204San Cristobal, Española & Floreana
Dec 206Isabela & Fernandina Islands
Dec 208Isabela, Fernandina & Central Islands
Dec 256Central & Southern Islands
Dec 278Central & Genovesa Islands
Dec 305Genovesa & Central Islands
Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

Board the newest ship in the tranquil Galapagos waters - the Petrel. Launched in 2015, this luxurious catamaran combines a flare of modern style with a dedicated crew to provide you the absolute best Galapagos experience. Just like its namesake, the Petrel is both elegant and swift as it cuts silently through the archipelago, bringing its guests to all corners of these enchanting islands.

Eight spacious cabins provide space for 16 passengers, and multiple social areas can be found on each deck. Enjoy the Jacuzzi on the sun deck, or perhaps relax with a cocktail in the al fresco dining area after a long day of snorkeling and hiking. For each meal, the chef prepares a culinary delight that will replenish your energy for the next activity. 

If that's not enough, then rest assured that you can count on a knowledgeable & bilingual naturalist guide and a first-class crew that will accompany you throughout the whole experience.

There are six staterooms and two suites, each with a private bathroom, hot running water, individually controlled air conditioning, and even a balcony. Additionally, the fact that this is a twin-hulled motor catamaran means that you will enjoy more stability than single-hulled vessels, especially on the long overnight navigations.
Suite on the Galapagos ship Petrel
6 Double Staterooms located on both the Main and the Upper Decks: 323 ft² with private balcony and en-suite bath facilities.

1 Single Stateroom located on the Upper Deck: 151 ft² with en-suite bath facilities.
Suite on the Galapagos ship Petrel
2 spacious Suites located on the Main Deck include a sitting area, private balcony and en-suite bath facilities. 463ft²
Galapagos Petrel deck plan
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The trip might have been the absolute best of our lifetime (thus far). We particularly want to commend our guide Peter in the Guilin area-he was so incredibly attentive, energetic, enthusiastic-and absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our meals were 100% vegetarian.
Jack Charney

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