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Galapagos Sea Star Journey

Sea Star Journey

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Galapagos Sea Star Journey Cruise the Galapagos on the Sea Star Journey ship Galapagos Sea Star Journey Galapagos Sea Star Journey Cruise the Galapagos on the Sea Star Journey ship Galapagos Sea Star Journey Galapagos Sea Star Journey Galapagos Sea Star Journey
Kayaking from the beach

Eastern Galapagos Journey

10 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Snorkel, swim and kayak
  • Observe hybrid iguanas
  • Explore white sand beaches
  • Traverse across volcanic cones
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Tour the eastern islands of the Galapagos on the beautiful Sea Star Journey. Teaming with wildlife, volcanic wonders, and breathtaking landscapes, the eastern islands are an excellent place to spend a 10 day vacation! Snorkel, kayak, and trek your way through the islands, spotting sea lions, …
Cruise Details
A pair of friendly sea lions

Islands Circumnavigation I

15 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Relax on the beach
  • Snorkel along the shore in Santa Fe
  • Ride a zodiac in the Tintoreras
  • Explore young lava flows
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Circumnavigate the Galapagos islands on this 15-day Sea Star Journey voyage. Take in the best the archipelago has to offer, visiting Española, Floreana, South Plaza, Santa Cruz, Genovesa, and many more! Wildlife viewing opportunities will abound as you traverse the islands, kayak in the …
Cruise Details
Sleepy sea lion on a log

Islands Circumnavigation II

15 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Tour the cliffs of Tagus Cove
  • Hike the Sierra Negra slope
  • Snorkel with sea lions
  • Journey to Chinese Hat
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark on a 15-day circumnavigation through the Galapagos on the Sea Star Journey, getting to know the islands thoroughly without missing a single destination! Wind across island trails, explore peaceful lagoons, kayak and snorkel in crystalline waters, relax on white sand beaches, soak in stunning …
Cruise Details
Unique landscape and cactus found on the Galapagos Islands

Northern Galapagos Journey

5 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Visit Black Turtle Cove
  • Witness a nesting site for boobies
  • Explore white coral sand beaches
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Experience the highlights of the Galapagos' northern islands on this 5-day adventure! Travel from beautiful Santa Cruz, to wildlife-rich Genovesa, to exclusive Black Turtle Cove, exploring many destinations in between. Snorkel, kayak, and become acquainted with the archipelago's endemic …
Cruise Details
Isabela rock with birds

Northwestern Galapagos Cruise

10 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Visit a hyper-saline lagoon
  • Explore lava tubes & flows
  • Hike across Santa Cruz Island
  • Learn about local conservation
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
This Galapagos cruise highlights the archipelago's beautiful northern islands. Known for their striking volcanic features, pristine white sand beaches, and peaceful lagoons, these islands are a great place to get to know the Galapagos! Kayaking, snorkeling, and wildlife viewing opportunities …
Cruise Details
Witness the beautiful and colorful flamingos.

Southern Galapagos Journey

6 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Walk on the shore of North Seymour
  • Learn about tortoises
  • Observe shore birds
  • Snorkel and swim around a reef
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
This Galapagos cruise highlights the best of the southern islands with 6 days of exploration and adventure! Kayak and snorkel in crystalline waters, traverse picturesque volcanic landscapes, and observe fascinating native wildlife as you cruise through the beautiful southern archipelago on the Sea …
Cruise Details
Hiking at Punta Pitt, San Cristobal

Southwestern Islands

11 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Take an excursion to Elizabeth Bay
  • Go on a zodiac tour
  • Visit the Sierra Negra volcano
  • Explore a flamingo lagoon
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the southern islands of the the Galapagos on the beautiful Sea Star Journey. Experience all facets of the southwestern archipelago as you kayak, snorkel and hike your way through the islands! Spot a myriad of native species including sea lions, sharks, marine birds, and sea turtles. Enjoy …
Cruise Details
Sea lion coming in from a swim

Western Galapagos Journey

6 Day Itinerary aboard Sea Star Journey
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Center
  • Explore the Tintoreras by zodiac
  • See the Galapagos Penguins
  • Learn about island geology
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark on a 6-day tour of the Galapagos' wild west! The Sea Star Journey will transport you from one island to the next, featuring the most sought after destinations in the region. Highlights include beautiful Santa Cruz, wildlife-rich Isabela, cliff-laden Fernandina, and volcanic Santiago.
Cruise Details
Sep 245Northern Galapagos Journey
Sep 2410Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Sep 2415Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 286Western Galapagos Journey
Sep 2811Southwestern Islands
Oct 036Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0310Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0315Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 085Northern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0810Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Oct 0815Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 126Western Galapagos Journey
Oct 1211Southwestern Islands
Oct 176Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 1710Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 1715Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 225Northern Galapagos Journey
Oct 2210Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Oct 2215Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 266Western Galapagos Journey
Oct 2611Southwestern Islands
Oct 316Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 3110Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 3115Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 055Northern Galapagos Journey
Nov 0510Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Nov 0515Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 096Western Galapagos Journey
Nov 0911Southwestern Islands
Nov 146Southern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1410Eastern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1415Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 195Northern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1910Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Nov 1915Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 236Western Galapagos Journey
Nov 2311Southwestern Islands
Nov 286Southern Galapagos Journey
Nov 2810Eastern Galapagos Journey
Nov 2815Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 035Northern Galapagos Journey
Dec 0310Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 0315Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 076Western Galapagos Journey
Dec 0711Southwestern Islands
Dec 126Southern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1210Eastern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1215Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 175Northern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1710Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 1715Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 216Western Galapagos Journey
Dec 2111Southwestern Islands
Dec 266Southern Galapagos Journey
Dec 2610Eastern Galapagos Journey
Dec 2615Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 315Northern Galapagos Journey
Dec 3110Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 3115Islands Circumnavigation II
Jan 046Western Galapagos Journey
Jan 0411Southwestern Islands
Jan 096Southern Galapagos Journey
Jan 0910Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jan 0915Islands Circumnavigation I
Jan 1415Islands Circumnavigation II
Jan 145Northern Galapagos Journey
Jan 1410Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jan 186Western Galapagos Journey
Jan 1811Southwestern Islands
Jan 236Southern Galapagos Journey
Jan 2310Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jan 2315Islands Circumnavigation I
Jan 2815Islands Circumnavigation II
Jan 285Northern Galapagos Journey
Jan 2810Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Feb 016Western Galapagos Journey
Feb 0111Southwestern Islands
Feb 0615Islands Circumnavigation I
Feb 066Southern Galapagos Journey
Feb 0610Eastern Galapagos Journey
Feb 1115Islands Circumnavigation II
Feb 115Northern Galapagos Journey
Feb 1110Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Feb 1511Southwestern Islands
Feb 156Western Galapagos Journey
Feb 2015Islands Circumnavigation I
Feb 206Southern Galapagos Journey
Feb 2010Eastern Galapagos Journey
Feb 2515Islands Circumnavigation II
Feb 255Northern Galapagos Journey
Feb 2510Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Mar 0111Southwestern Islands
Mar 016Western Galapagos Journey
Mar 0615Islands Circumnavigation I
Mar 066Southern Galapagos Journey
Mar 0610Eastern Galapagos Journey
Mar 1110Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Mar 1115Islands Circumnavigation II
Mar 115Northern Galapagos Journey
Mar 1511Southwestern Islands
Mar 156Western Galapagos Journey
Mar 2015Islands Circumnavigation I
Mar 206Southern Galapagos Journey
Mar 2010Eastern Galapagos Journey
Mar 2510Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Mar 2515Islands Circumnavigation II
Mar 255Northern Galapagos Journey
Mar 2911Southwestern Islands
Mar 296Western Galapagos Journey
Apr 0310Eastern Galapagos Journey
Apr 0315Islands Circumnavigation I
Apr 036Southern Galapagos Journey
Apr 0810Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Apr 0815Islands Circumnavigation II
Apr 085Northern Galapagos Journey
Apr 126Western Galapagos Journey
Apr 1211Southwestern Islands
Apr 1710Eastern Galapagos Journey
Apr 1715Islands Circumnavigation I
Apr 176Southern Galapagos Journey
Apr 2210Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Apr 2215Islands Circumnavigation II
Apr 225Northern Galapagos Journey
Apr 266Western Galapagos Journey
Apr 2611Southwestern Islands
May 016Southern Galapagos Journey
May 0110Eastern Galapagos Journey
May 0115Islands Circumnavigation I
May 0610Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
May 0615Islands Circumnavigation II
May 106Western Galapagos Journey
May 1011Southwestern Islands
May 135Northern Galapagos Journey
May 156Southern Galapagos Journey
May 1510Eastern Galapagos Journey
May 1515Islands Circumnavigation I
May 2010Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
May 2015Islands Circumnavigation II
May 246Western Galapagos Journey
May 2411Southwestern Islands
May 275Northern Galapagos Journey
May 296Southern Galapagos Journey
May 2910Eastern Galapagos Journey
May 2915Islands Circumnavigation I
Jun 0310Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jun 0315Islands Circumnavigation II
Jun 076Western Galapagos Journey
Jun 0711Southwestern Islands
Jun 105Northern Galapagos Journey
Jun 126Southern Galapagos Journey
Jun 1210Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jun 1215Islands Circumnavigation I
Jun 1710Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jun 1715Islands Circumnavigation II
Jun 216Western Galapagos Journey
Jun 2111Southwestern Islands
Jun 245Northern Galapagos Journey
Jun 266Southern Galapagos Journey
Jun 2610Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jun 2615Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 0110Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jul 0115Islands Circumnavigation II
Jul 056Western Galapagos Journey
Jul 0511Southwestern Islands
Jul 085Northern Galapagos Journey
Jul 106Southern Galapagos Journey
Jul 1010Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jul 1015Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 1510Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jul 1515Islands Circumnavigation II
Jul 196Western Galapagos Journey
Jul 1911Southwestern Islands
Jul 225Northern Galapagos Journey
Jul 246Southern Galapagos Journey
Jul 2410Eastern Galapagos Journey
Jul 2415Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 2910Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Jul 2915Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 026Western Galapagos Journey
Aug 0211Southwestern Islands
Aug 055Northern Galapagos Journey
Aug 076Southern Galapagos Journey
Aug 0710Eastern Galapagos Journey
Aug 0715Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 1210Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Aug 1215Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 166Western Galapagos Journey
Aug 1611Southwestern Islands
Aug 195Northern Galapagos Journey
Aug 216Southern Galapagos Journey
Aug 2110Eastern Galapagos Journey
Aug 2115Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 2615Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 2610Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Aug 306Western Galapagos Journey
Aug 3011Southwestern Islands
Sep 025Northern Galapagos Journey
Sep 046Southern Galapagos Journey
Sep 0410Eastern Galapagos Journey
Sep 0415Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 0915Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 0910Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Sep 136Western Galapagos Journey
Sep 1311Southwestern Islands
Sep 165Northern Galapagos Journey
Sep 1815Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 186Southern Galapagos Journey
Sep 1810Eastern Galapagos Journey
Sep 2315Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 2310Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Sep 2711Southwestern Islands
Sep 276Western Galapagos Journey
Sep 305Northern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0210Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0215Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 026Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 0710Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Oct 0715Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 116Western Galapagos Journey
Oct 1111Southwestern Islands
Oct 145Northern Galapagos Journey
Oct 166Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 1610Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 1615Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 2110Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Oct 2115Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 256Western Galapagos Journey
Oct 2511Southwestern Islands
Oct 285Northern Galapagos Journey
Oct 306Southern Galapagos Journey
Oct 3010Eastern Galapagos Journey
Oct 3015Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 0415Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 0410Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Nov 0811Southwestern Islands
Nov 086Western Galapagos Journey
Nov 115Northern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1315Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 136Southern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1310Eastern Galapagos Journey
Nov 1810Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Nov 1815Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 2211Southwestern Islands
Nov 226Western Galapagos Journey
Nov 255Northern Galapagos Journey
Nov 2715Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 276Southern Galapagos Journey
Nov 2710Eastern Galapagos Journey
Dec 0210Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 0215Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 0611Southwestern Islands
Dec 066Western Galapagos Journey
Dec 095Northern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1115Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 116Southern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1110Eastern Galapagos Journey
Dec 1610Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 1615Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 206Western Galapagos Journey
Dec 2011Southwestern Islands
Dec 235Northern Galapagos Journey
Dec 2510Eastern Galapagos Journey
Dec 2515Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 256Southern Galapagos Journey
Dec 3010Northwestern Galapagos Cruise
Dec 3015Islands Circumnavigation II
Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

For a 16-passenger yacht, the Sea Star Journey takes incredible advantage of its space onboard to provide its passengers with an unparalleled Galapagos experience. It combines modern style, a sleek design, and ample space to guarantee that your island experience is nothing short of amazing. 

On Board Amenities
Soak in the sun on the sun deck on the deck chairs or one of the two Jacuzzis, or bask in the warm shadows of the shaded solarium. The saloon & lounge offer comfortable areas to relax as well, and it even features a play zone if you're on a family vacation with your kids. If exercise is a priority, then there is a small workout room and even a mini-spa with available massage therapy upon request.

There are 9 options aboard this intimate yacht, including eight matrimonial/ Galapagos suites and one Odyssey suite. Each cabin features a panoramic window that immerses you in your natural surroundings plus private bathrooms with hot water and air conditioning. If you're vacationing as a group, then take advantage of the several connecting cabins that are available.

While the Sea Star offers all of the staple Galapagos activities, like hiking across lava fields and up the sides of volcanoes, snorkeling among the rays and fish, and swimming, you can also count on unique activities, like excursions in the glass-bottomed boat, zodiac explorations, or sea kayaking to put you right on the glassy surface of the turquoise waters. Snorkeling equipment is available free of charge. 

All itineraries focus on the natural aspect of these islands, including an expert naturalist to guide you through your journey.
Galapagos Sea Star Journey
Galapagos Suite
Main and Upper Deck. Two Twin Beds. Approximately 25m2.
Galapagos Sea Star Journey
Matrimonial Suite
Main Deck. Matrimonial Accommodations. Approximately 25m2.
Galapagos Sea Star Journey
Sea Star Suite
Upper Deck. Approximately 35m2.
Deck plan
Change & customize to make it yours.
Kassandra Miller
Kassandra M

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This was my first experience with Adventure Life - and I couldn't have been more pleased with the trip. The guides and local staff in both Buenos Aires and Uruguay were terrific - extremely helpful and accommodating. I really enjoyed meeting the friendly staff in Buenos Aires in person (I left my bags with them for the afternoon).
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