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Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The Solaris is a very spacious yacht measuring 114.8 feet length and 29.5 feet wide. Her spacious interior allows for five double bedded cabins with private bathrooms and great views of the ocean , featuring also triples in all 5 upper deck cabins! Plus five solo traveler friendly cabins, as well as several sun decks, and an indoor dining and living room. The Solaris yacht was built to fulfill your expectations of comfort, safety and service, and her guests will enjoy it.

Enjoy the views from the spacious sundeck or a drink at the outside bar, the Solaris has ample spaces to rest & relax. Her trained crew & cruise director, assisted by the naturalist guide, will be ready to serve your every need.


Photo Gallery


A South Plaza land iguana

Eastern Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Solaris
  • Admire Darwin Bay's widllife
  • Snorkel with sea lions
  • Visit Santa Fe
  • Observe beautiful scenaries
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 8-day Eastern islands Galapagos cruise on the ship, the Solaris, explores the wildlife-rich shores of Espanola, Floreana, Genovesa, and more! Walk on white coral beaches along with sea lions and marine iguanas, observe many unique bird species, and snorkel with many beautiful fish and …
Cruise Details
South Plaza Island

Northeast Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard Solaris
  • Discover Mosquera's beauty
  • Admire Genovesa's wildlife
  • Snorkel at Santa Fe
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 4-day Northeast Islands Galapagos cruise on the ship, Solaris, explores the wildlife-rich shores of Mosquera, Genovesa, San Cristobal, and more! Enjoy fantastic bird watching on Genovesa, swim with sea lions in San Cristobal, and snorkel with amazing tropical fish and other marine life …
Cruise Details
Sally light-foot crab crawling on the beach

Southern Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard Solaris
  • Snorkel across Gardner Bay
  • Visit Punta Cormorant
  • Observe Galapagos penguins
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 5-day Southern Islands Galapagos cruise on the ship, Solaris, explores the wildlife-rich shores of San Cristobal, Espanola, Floreana, and more! Observe many unique and rare bird species, swim with sea lions, investigate amazing lava flows, and snorkel with beautiful tropical fish.
Cruise Details
Sea lions resting on the beach.

Western Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Solaris
  • Enjoy Fernandina's landscapes
  • Explore Espinosa Point
  • Visit el Chato
  • Discover Post Office Bay
Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 8-day Western Islands Galapagos cruise, on the Solaris, explores the shores of Isabela, Fernandina, Rabida, Santa Cruz, and more! Walk along unique and colorful beaches, observe a large variety of extraordinary animal and plant species, and admire amazing geological formations. A wonderful way …
Cruise Details


Apr 208Eastern Islands
Apr 204Northeast Islands
Apr 235Southern Islands
Apr 278Western Islands
May 048Eastern Islands
May 044Northeast Islands
May 075Southern Islands
May 118Western Islands
May 188Eastern Islands
May 184Northeast Islands
May 215Southern Islands
May 258Western Islands
Jun 018Eastern Islands
Jun 014Northeast Islands
Jun 045Southern Islands
Jun 088Western Islands
Jun 154Northeast Islands
Jun 158Eastern Islands
Jun 185Southern Islands
Jun 228Western Islands
Jun 294Northeast Islands
Jun 298Eastern Islands
Jul 025Southern Islands
Jul 068Western Islands
Jul 134Northeast Islands
Jul 138Eastern Islands
Jul 165Southern Islands
Jul 208Western Islands
Jul 274Northeast Islands
Jul 278Eastern Islands
Jul 305Southern Islands
Aug 038Western Islands
Aug 104Northeast Islands
Aug 108Eastern Islands
Aug 135Southern Islands
Aug 178Western Islands
Aug 244Northeast Islands
Aug 248Eastern Islands
Aug 275Southern Islands
Aug 318Western Islands
Sep 074Northeast Islands
Sep 078Eastern Islands
Sep 105Southern Islands
Sep 148Western Islands
Sep 214Northeast Islands
Sep 218Eastern Islands
Sep 245Southern Islands
Sep 288Western Islands
Oct 054Northeast Islands
Oct 058Eastern Islands
Oct 085Southern Islands
Oct 128Western Islands
Oct 194Northeast Islands
Oct 198Eastern Islands
Oct 225Southern Islands
Oct 268Western Islands
Nov 024Northeast Islands
Nov 028Eastern Islands
Nov 055Southern Islands
Nov 098Western Islands
Nov 164Northeast Islands
Nov 168Eastern Islands
Nov 195Southern Islands
Nov 238Western Islands
Nov 308Eastern Islands
Nov 304Northeast Islands
Dec 035Southern Islands
Dec 078Western Islands
Dec 148Eastern Islands
Dec 144Northeast Islands
Dec 175Southern Islands
Dec 218Western Islands
Dec 288Eastern Islands
Dec 284Northeast Islands
Dec 315Southern Islands
Jan 048Western Islands
Jan 188Western Islands
Jan 258Eastern Islands
Jan 254Northeast Islands
Jan 285Southern Islands
Feb 018Western Islands
Feb 088Eastern Islands
Feb 084Northeast Islands
Feb 115Southern Islands
Feb 158Western Islands
Feb 224Northeast Islands
Feb 228Eastern Islands
Feb 255Southern Islands
Mar 018Western Islands
Mar 088Eastern Islands
Mar 115Southern Islands
Mar 158Western Islands
Mar 228Eastern Islands
Mar 255Southern Islands
Mar 298Western Islands
Apr 058Eastern Islands
Apr 085Southern Islands
Apr 128Western Islands
Apr 194Northeast Islands
Apr 198Eastern Islands
Apr 225Southern Islands
Apr 268Western Islands
May 038Eastern Islands
May 108Western Islands
May 174Northeast Islands
May 178Eastern Islands
May 205Southern Islands
May 248Western Islands
May 318Eastern Islands
Jun 035Southern Islands
Jun 078Western Islands
Jun 148Eastern Islands
Jun 218Western Islands
Jun 284Northeast Islands
Jun 288Eastern Islands
Jul 015Southern Islands
Jul 058Western Islands
Jul 124Northeast Islands
Jul 128Eastern Islands
Jul 155Southern Islands
Jul 198Western Islands
Jul 268Eastern Islands
Aug 028Western Islands
Aug 098Eastern Islands
Aug 168Western Islands
Aug 238Eastern Islands
Aug 234Northeast Islands
Aug 265Southern Islands
Aug 308Western Islands
Sep 068Eastern Islands
Sep 138Western Islands
Sep 208Eastern Islands
Sep 204Northeast Islands
Sep 235Southern Islands
Sep 278Western Islands
Oct 048Eastern Islands
Oct 118Western Islands
Oct 188Eastern Islands
Oct 184Northeast Islands
Oct 215Southern Islands
Oct 258Western Islands
Nov 018Eastern Islands
Nov 014Northeast Islands
Nov 045Southern Islands
Nov 088Western Islands
Nov 158Eastern Islands
Nov 154Northeast Islands
Nov 185Southern Islands
Nov 228Western Islands
Nov 298Eastern Islands
Nov 294Northeast Islands
Dec 025Southern Islands
Dec 068Western Islands
Dec 138Eastern Islands
Dec 134Northeast Islands
Dec 278Western Islands


Upper Deck Cabins
3 cabins (21 m2) with queen bed and single bed.
2 cabins (26 m2) with queen bed and single bed.
All cabins with ocean view, and private facilities.
Main Deck Single Cabins
5 cabins (11 m2) with single bed,
ocean view, and private facilities.


M/Y Solaris deck plan


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This was our first trip to South America and we were a little nervous. But Adventure Life made things so easy! All our questions were answered before we left, and our guide, Vidal, was amazing! He gave us enough space to explore without rushing us along. He also knew where the best picture taking opportunities were, which was great.
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