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Wilderness Discoverer

Wilderness Discoverer

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The Wilderness Discoverer The Wilderness Discoverer Enjoy a drink at the bar aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. Relax in the bar aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. Wilderness Discoverer's comfortable cabins. Travelers kayaking around the Wilderness Discoverer. Wilderness comfortable cabins. Elk feeding on the lush grass.
View of Mendenhall glacier on an Alaska cruise

Alaska Fjords & Glaciers

8 Day Itinerary aboard Wilderness Discoverer
  • Explore glacial landscapes
  • Watch for whales
  • Navigate Wrangell Narrows
  • Kayak along the Alaskan coast
  • Explore Misty Fjords
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Highlights of this 8-day voyage include exploring the mainland of Alaska — glacial landscapes, old growth, and rainforest. Along the way enjoy wilderness hikes, massive icebergs, and calving glaciers; watch for wildlife and whales in Frederick Sound; kayak, paddle board, and wildlife-watch in …
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Alaska Sea Otter
Save $200

Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise

15 Day Itinerary aboard Wilderness Discoverer
  • Be amazed by old-growth rainforest
  • Learn about Native culture
  • Explore the wilderness
  • Spot charismatic Alaskan wildlife
  • Hike, bike & river float in Haines
Activities: Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Travel Alaska’s and Canada's fabled Inside Passage from Seattle to Juneau.Wilderness kayaking, paddle boarding, rafting, skiffing, and hiking opportunities abound as the Wilderness Discoverer navigates the twisting passage. Educational presentations by your onboard expedition team …
Cruise Details
Moose found on an Alaska wildlife tour

Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition

15 Day Itinerary aboard Wilderness Discoverer
  • View glaciers in Glacier Bay NP
  • Explore the forests of the mainland
  • Hike along Chichagof Island
  • Watch for whales in Icy Strait
  • Transit winding Wrangell Narrows
  • Visit the Kiksetti Totem Park
  • Mendenhall paddle and hike
Activities: Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Grab your camera and set out for adventure on this 15-day Alaskan cruise. Pristine landscape, untouched coves, and astounding wildlife are sure to delight and entrance you as you sail alongside glaciers and icebergs. Embrace the Alaskan wilderness as you cruise from port to port on this journey.
Cruise Details
Family paddle boarding.

Northern Passages & Glacier Bay

8 Day Itinerary aboard Wilderness Discoverer
  • Explore Glacier Bay
  • Skiff along the coastline
  • Kayak along glacial fjords
  • See Krestof and Nakwasina Sounds
Activities: Hiking, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Join the Wilderness Discoverer for this 8-day voyage that takes you into the jewel of the U.S. National Park System. Kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, and skiff to explore this majestic region and Glacier Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hikes along Chichagof Island’s waterfall coast and visit …
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Apr 2015Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise
May 048Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 118Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 188Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 2515Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
May 258Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jun 018Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jun 0815Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jun 088Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jun 158Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jun 2215Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jun 228Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jun 298Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jul 0615Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jul 068Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jul 138Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jul 2015Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jul 208Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jul 278Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 0315Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Aug 038Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 108Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Aug 1715Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Aug 178Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Aug 248Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 318Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Sep 0715Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise
Apr 1815Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise
May 028Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 098Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 168Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 2315Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
May 238Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
May 308Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jun 068Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jun 0615Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jun 138Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jun 2015Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jun 208Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jun 278Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jul 0415Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jul 048Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Jul 118Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jul 188Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Jul 1815Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Jul 258Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 0115Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Aug 018Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 088Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Aug 158Northern Passages & Glacier Bay
Aug 1515Fjords of Alaska-Ultimate Expedition
Aug 228Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Aug 298Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Sep 0515Alaska's Inside Passage & San Juans Cruise
Passengers: 76
Ship Type: Expedition Cruise Ship

The small ship, Wilderness Discoverer, is an expedition ship capable of nimble exploration through nature’s most dramatic hideaways. The shallow draft and hull design allow easy access to Southeast Alaska’s wildlife-rich shores and glacially-fed inlets and serve as ideal “launching pads” for an exciting array of daily adventure excursions. A fully-equipped fishing boat also travels with each small ship.

Life aboard the Wilderness Discoverer
The interior spaces offer contemporary colors and brushed metals that complement the wilderness outside and both the public and private spaces are loaded with special amenities.

Large flat screen TVs in the main salon are available to show personal videos captured during the excursions while everyone gathers together at night - spawning lively discussion on the most amazing encounter or the best "fish story." A large selection of micro-brews, wine and spirits are available for purchase at the bar while reliving the day's activities. Educational presentations from the onboard Naturalists are also broadcast on certain nights in the salon and into the cabins.

Evenings onboard ship offer opportunities to relax with a good book. Each day offers a cocktail hour followed by a delicious and healthy meal, plus opportunities to learn from locals and onboard Expedition Leaders/Naturalists.

While comfortable public areas encourage engaging conversations and cozy relaxation, you may also choose to retreat to your cabin to watch a DVD or view videos taken during the day by your fellow shipmates as they are piped in from the central control station.

Each ship has a large resource library and hundreds of DVD titles.

Cabin Amenities
Each cabin offers private facilities and view windows. The bathrooms feature a hair dryer and sundries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion.

The ships are equipped with flat screen TVs/DVDs in each cabin. All cabins are linked electronically so that videos shot during each day can be shared across the ship on designated channels.

Daily Excursions
Wilderness Discoverer provides most of the gear required for your explorations. Each ship is equipped with kayaks, drysuits, snorkeling gear, paddle boards, inflatable boats, trekking poles, reuseable water bottles and overnight camping gear.

Ship Specifics
Capacity: 76
Crew Complement: 28
Draft: 6.5 feet
Length: 176 feet
Beam: 39 feet
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Wilderness Discoverer's Navigator Cabin.
Main Deck, cabins 201, 203-208 and 210. Queen or twin beds, private bath with shower and view window.
Interior Cabin
Observation Deck, cabins 310-325. Queen or twin beds, private bath with shower and view window.
Wilderness Discoverer's Pathfinder Cabin.
Observation Deck, cabins 300-309. Outside entry, queen bed, sitting area, private bath with shower and view window.
Wilderness Discoverer's Explorer Double Cabin.
Sun Deck, cabins 400-403. Separate sitting area, queen or twin beds, private bath with shower, large picture window with sofa bed/triple.
Deck Plan
Change & customize to make it yours.
Kassandra Miller
Kassi M

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Our guide and driver were very good with their knowledge and were very helpful with our questions. It was a very pleasant visit that would have been impossible to do on our own. Hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The special places we got to go to, like the kitchens, were great. Enjoyed the entire trip!
Meyer Smolen
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