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The Zambezi Queen

Zambezi Queen

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The Zambezi Queen Zambezi Queen-Dining Zambezi Queen-Lounge Relax on the sun deck of the Zambezi Queen. Jiraffe Leopard Rhinoceros Family viewing wildlife on an African safari
African Penguin

Discover Africa

10 Day Itinerary aboard Zambezi Queen
  • Encounter African penguins up close
  • Explore wildlife-rich Chobe Park
  • Boat safari, bird watch, or fish
  • Learn about Victoria Falls
River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing, Wine Tasting
Activity Level:
Your African adventure begins with a 3-night stay in picturesque Cape Town. Next, fly to Kasane and transfer to the Chobe River to begin your wildlife cruise aboard the Zambezi Queen. Explore the banks of Chobe National Park, home to one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African …
Cruise Details
The sun sets over Kruger National Park

Golden Trails of Africa

17 Day Itinerary aboard Zambezi Queen
  • Take a safari in search of wildlife
  • Visit Kasenu Village
  • Tour Victoria Falls
  • Explore the Serengeti
River Cruise, Village Visit, Wilderness Lodge, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Start this 17-day voyage with an overnight stay in Johannesburg. Then off to Kasane, Botswana to board the luxurious Zambezi Queen, which takes you down the Chobe River in elegant accommodations. Enjoy two nights at Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Journey to Tanzania …
Cruise Details
Zambezi Queen, Africa Safari

Rivers & Rails of Africa

13 Day Itinerary aboard Zambezi Queen
  • Enjoy a cable car up Table Mountain
  • Discover local vineyards
  • Visit Kasenu Village
  • Safari through Chobe National Park
River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing, Wine Tasting
Activity Level:
The perfect way to begin your African journey is to spend 3 nights in the picturesque Cape Town.Then fly to Kasane, Botswana to begin your 4-night Zambezi Queen safari cruise on the Chobe River. Explore the banks of Chobe National Park, home to one of the densest populations of wildlife on the …
Cruise Details
Orlando Towers, Soweto

Stars of South Africa

15 Day Itinerary aboard Zambezi Queen
  • Tour famous wineries
  • Take a cable car ride
  • Drive through Chobe National Park
  • Experience the local culture
River Cruise, Village Visit, Wilderness Lodge, Wildlife Viewing, Wine Tasting
Activity Level:
Inagurate your 15-day adventure with a 3-night stay in picturesque Cape Town. Next, fly to Kasane, Botswana to begin your Zambezi Queen safari cruise on the Chobe River. Explore the banks of Chobe National Park, home to one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African continent. Spend two …
Cruise Details
A herd of elephants of all sizes make their way across the valley.

Wildlife and the Falls

13 Day Itinerary aboard Zambezi Queen
  • Cruise the Chobe River
  • Observe African wildlife
  • Be immersed in African local life
  • Tour Victoria Falls
  • Explore Johannesburg
River Cruise, Village Visit, Wilderness Lodge, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Your journey begins with a one night-night stay in cosmopolitan Johannesburg. Next, fly to Kasane, Botswana to begin your Zambezi Queen safari cruise on the Chobe River. After exploring the Chobe region and national Park head off to Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders. …
Cruise Details
Jul 1713Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jul 1715Stars of South Africa
Jul 1710Discover Africa
Jul 1913Wildlife and the Falls
Jul 1917Golden Trails of Africa
Jul 2415Stars of South Africa
Jul 2410Discover Africa
Jul 3110Discover Africa
Jul 3113Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jul 3115Stars of South Africa
Aug 0213Wildlife and the Falls
Aug 0217Golden Trails of Africa
Aug 1410Discover Africa
Aug 1413Rivers & Rails of Africa
Aug 1415Stars of South Africa
Aug 1613Wildlife and the Falls
Aug 1617Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 0410Discover Africa
Sep 0413Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 0415Stars of South Africa
Sep 0617Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 0613Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 1810Discover Africa
Sep 1813Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 1815Stars of South Africa
Sep 2017Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 2013Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 2510Discover Africa
Sep 2513Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 2515Stars of South Africa
Sep 2717Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 2713Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 0210Discover Africa
Oct 0213Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 0215Stars of South Africa
Oct 0417Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 0413Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 0910Discover Africa
Oct 0913Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 0915Stars of South Africa
Oct 1117Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 1113Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 1615Stars of South Africa
Oct 1610Discover Africa
Oct 1613Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 1813Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 1817Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 2315Stars of South Africa
Oct 2310Discover Africa
Oct 2313Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 2517Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 3013Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 3015Stars of South Africa
Oct 3010Discover Africa
Nov 0113Wildlife and the Falls
Nov 0117Golden Trails of Africa
Nov 0615Stars of South Africa
Nov 0610Discover Africa
Nov 1313Rivers & Rails of Africa
Nov 1315Stars of South Africa
Nov 1310Discover Africa
Nov 1513Wildlife and the Falls
Nov 1517Golden Trails of Africa
Mar 1215Stars of South Africa
Mar 1213Rivers & Rails of Africa
Mar 1210Discover Africa
Mar 1413Wildlife and the Falls
Mar 1417Golden Trails of Africa
Mar 1915Stars of South Africa
Mar 1913Rivers & Rails of Africa
Mar 1910Discover Africa
Mar 2113Wildlife and the Falls
Mar 2117Golden Trails of Africa
Apr 0215Stars of South Africa
Apr 0213Rivers & Rails of Africa
Apr 0210Discover Africa
Apr 0413Wildlife and the Falls
Apr 0417Golden Trails of Africa
Apr 1113Wildlife and the Falls
Apr 1615Stars of South Africa
Apr 1613Rivers & Rails of Africa
Apr 1610Discover Africa
Apr 1813Wildlife and the Falls
Apr 1817Golden Trails of Africa
Apr 2315Stars of South Africa
Apr 2310Discover Africa
Apr 2513Wildlife and the Falls
Apr 2613Rivers & Rails of Africa
Apr 2617Golden Trails of Africa
Apr 3010Discover Africa
Apr 3015Stars of South Africa
Apr 3013Rivers & Rails of Africa
May 0213Wildlife and the Falls
May 0217Golden Trails of Africa
May 1410Discover Africa
May 1415Stars of South Africa
May 1413Rivers & Rails of Africa
May 1613Wildlife and the Falls
May 1617Golden Trails of Africa
May 2110Discover Africa
May 2115Stars of South Africa
May 2113Rivers & Rails of Africa
May 2317Golden Trails of Africa
May 2313Wildlife and the Falls
May 2813Rivers & Rails of Africa
May 2810Discover Africa
May 2815Stars of South Africa
May 3017Golden Trails of Africa
May 3013Wildlife and the Falls
Jun 1113Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jun 1110Discover Africa
Jun 1115Stars of South Africa
Jun 1317Golden Trails of Africa
Jun 1313Wildlife and the Falls
Jul 0213Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jul 0210Discover Africa
Jul 0215Stars of South Africa
Jul 0417Golden Trails of Africa
Jul 0413Wildlife and the Falls
Jul 1613Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jul 1610Discover Africa
Jul 1615Stars of South Africa
Jul 1813Wildlife and the Falls
Jul 1817Golden Trails of Africa
Jul 3013Rivers & Rails of Africa
Jul 3010Discover Africa
Jul 3015Stars of South Africa
Aug 0113Wildlife and the Falls
Aug 0117Golden Trails of Africa
Aug 1315Stars of South Africa
Aug 1313Rivers & Rails of Africa
Aug 1310Discover Africa
Aug 1513Wildlife and the Falls
Aug 1517Golden Trails of Africa
Aug 2715Stars of South Africa
Aug 2713Rivers & Rails of Africa
Aug 2710Discover Africa
Aug 2913Wildlife and the Falls
Aug 2917Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 0315Stars of South Africa
Sep 0310Discover Africa
Sep 0313Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 0513Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 0517Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 1015Stars of South Africa
Sep 1010Discover Africa
Sep 1013Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 1213Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 1217Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 1715Stars of South Africa
Sep 1710Discover Africa
Sep 1713Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 1913Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 1917Golden Trails of Africa
Sep 2410Discover Africa
Sep 2413Rivers & Rails of Africa
Sep 2415Stars of South Africa
Sep 2613Wildlife and the Falls
Sep 2617Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 0110Discover Africa
Oct 0113Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 0115Stars of South Africa
Oct 0313Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 0317Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 0810Discover Africa
Oct 0813Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 1013Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 1017Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 1510Discover Africa
Oct 1513Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 1717Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 1713Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 2210Discover Africa
Oct 2215Stars of South Africa
Oct 2213Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 2417Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 2413Wildlife and the Falls
Oct 2910Discover Africa
Oct 2915Stars of South Africa
Oct 2913Rivers & Rails of Africa
Oct 3117Golden Trails of Africa
Oct 3113Wildlife and the Falls
Nov 0515Stars of South Africa
Nov 0513Rivers & Rails of Africa
Nov 0510Discover Africa
Nov 0713Wildlife and the Falls
Nov 0717Golden Trails of Africa
Max Passengers: 28
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

With a design specific for safari river cruising on the Chobe River, the 28-passenger Zambezi Queen offers a sophisticated onboard experience designed to maximize animal sightings.

Comfort is ensured when staying in any of the 14 balcony staterooms, all decorated in contemporary style. The air-conditioned top deck of the ship offers comfortable public spaces. Enjoy game watching from the stateroom, or visit the top deck for a beverage, sun bathing and more game watching. Peruse the library of books, enjoy a board game or study the night sky with the onboard telescope. Explore the riverbanks of the Chobe River on the MS Zambezi Queen.

State-of-the-art Public Areas
The Zambezi Queen features an array of amenities specifically designed for comfort, convenience and luxury on the Chobe River.

The first and second levels of the ship have 14 staterooms - all of which have their own private balconies and have been tastefully furnished with two single beds which can be combined into a king. Of the 14 suites, 4 are master suites, which are at 300 sq. ft. There are 8 Category A suites, which are at 235 sq. ft., and 2 Category B suites, at 215 sq. ft. The entire boat including the top deck, living and dining area, has mosquito screening.

The air-conditioned top deck consists of the dining room, lounge with fireplace, bar and sunbathing area complete with private pool. The interior furnishings are elegant and timeless, creating a comfortable experience. The dining room is situated on the 3rd level with unobstructed views on three sides. The bar includes local and imported spirits, wine and beers.

Dining & Cuisine
While on board the Zambezi Queen, guests will dine in absolute opulence whilst taking in the unique African surrounds. Situated on the 3rd level, the dining room offers unobstructed views on three sides. Experience delectable dishes such as butternut and macadamia soup and fillet of beef with bordelaise sauce paired with the perfect wine. The mornings offer a full English breakfast and the afternoons offer a lavish gourmet lunch buffet. In the evenings, guests enjoy an elegant, formal dining experience, the perfect ending to daily river cruise adventures. Complimentary wine and beer is offered with all lunch and dinners on board.
Suite B
Upper Deck, 215 sq feet. Private bath facilities, separate sitting area, balcony.
Suite A
Upper Deck, 235 sq feet. Private bath facilities, separate sitting area, balcony.
Master Suite
Upper Deck, 300 sq feet. Private bath facilities, separate sitting area, balcony.
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The trip was terrific with great planning on your part. Most of the adventures were not mainstream and somewhat off the beaten path which made it especially enjoyable!! We felt taken care of and you all were readily available to respond to questions and issues. I would highly recommend your company and friends have already expressed interest based on our pictures and excitement.
Gale Cantor
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