Northern Islands Cruise - 5 Days

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Day-By-Day Summary

  • Day 1 : Baltra - Dragon Hill - Santa Cruz Island
  • Day 2 : Black Turtle Cove - Chinese Hat
  • Day 3 : Genovesa
  • Day 4 : Bartolom√© - Santiago
  • Day 5 : Highlands - Santa Cruz Island - Baltra


Sea Star Journey


Wildlife Viewing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Expedition Cruises

Activity Level

Snorkeling at Pinnacle Rock
Sea lions napping on a dock in the Galapagos
Whitetip reef sharks swim in the water below.
Seals rest on the rocky shores with brightly colored crabs while sea turtles swim below.
(Seymour) Male Blue Footed Boobie

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