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Day 3

Odd Galapagos landscape
Odd Galapagos landscape
Today we dapart by boat for San Cristobal. I've never had a problem with sea sickness so I did not take anything, big mistake! The water was rough, by the time we got to Santa Fe for a short stop for snokeling I was not feeling too well. I took some dramamine and jumped in the water. BRRRRR!!!!! What a shock! Much colder than Belize! After a few minutes to get accustomed to the cold I was off. We immediately had a few snokeling buddies. Two or three sea lions joined us. They swooped by inches from us. They seemed to enjoy showing off for us. We were in the shadow of Santa Fe so the cliff and rocks were also interesting. Then we got back on board and took a slow trip through Barrington Bay, where we were able to see an entire sea lion colony lounging on the shore, while Frigate Birds floated above us.

Now on to San Cristobal. The rough seas continued and everyone but the crew, fabricio and 16 year old Drake was feeling sick (my advice, take lots of Dramamine). We arrived at the dock at Puerto Bazquiero Moreno and walked the short distance to our hotel, Hotel Teclas. We took over the whole place. I had a beautiful room on the third floor, with HUGE sliding glass doors facing the bay and a window in back facing the town. Luckily everyone recovered in time to eat a huge lunch. Our intinerary had planned kayaking for after lunch but Fabricio tought we'd all had enough of the ocean for the day so we hiked to the top of Frigate Bird Hill instead. We saw lava lizards, Blue Footed Boobies dive bombing into the sea and of course Frigate Birds. The weather changed from cloudy and drizzley to sunny and hot and back again. We stopped at Darwin Bay and watched some sea lions playing, only Fabricio braved the cold water to snorkel. The rest of us watched the playing sea lions, floating frigate birds and sally lightfoot crabs. That night dinner was on our own. I walked through the town, found a Pharmacy, bought Dramamine and found an internet cafe to let everyone at home know I was still alive. There are sea lion colonies on the beach right in town. Also sea lions lounge on the beach right outside Hotel Teclas. I slept very well that night.

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