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Relax on the beaches of the Greek Mediterranean

Bari to Civitavecchia

Example 9 Day Cruise aboard Silver Dawn
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Summer is the best time to see the southern Mediterranean at its most magnificent. Among the highlights of this 9-day adventure are the winding lanes of Bari's old town, the high bastions of Valetta, the sweet lemons of Sicily, and the glorious cuisine of Naples. Sorrento's sophistication serves as the prelude to your journey's conclusion in the everlasting elegance of Rome.
Cape Drastis at Corfu island in GreeceValletta CathedralNaples at Sunset, ItalySorrento, ItalyVisit Rome's famed ColosseumBlue hour over the Roman PantheonExplore the ancient ruins of RomeRelax on the beaches of the Greek Mediterranean
  • Wander along the ruler-straight Lungomare Promenade
  • Visit Corfu, one of UNESCO's World Heritage
  • Encounter one of Sicily’s best views of Mount Etna
  • Navigate from green hills and cliffs to the Bay of Naples
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Day 1: Bari | Embarkation

Bari is a historic port town that invites you on a journey through everyday life in Italy’s unpretentious south. Explore further afield to immerse yourself in Puglia’s beauty and cultural wonders - or simply soak up the atmosphere roaming the crooked streets of Bari’s old town - Bari Vecchia - where matriarchs roll out sheets of pasta in open doorways, footballs rattle along dusty streets, and sun-wrinkled old men lay out hands of cards. The photogenic old town’s streets are crowned by the chalky white Cattedrale di San Sabino, where vaulted archways, pretty mosaics and a large rose window await. Wander along the ruler-straight Lungomare Promenade to breathe in fresh salty air and look up at the slowly twirling ferris wheel - take a ride for some of the best views out over Bari’s waterfront. Enjoy some local cucina povera - cooking of the poor – deeply traditional food that is simple and rich in elemental flavors. Puglia’s whitewashed ancient villages, stunning beaches and laid-back, down-to-earth approach to life means you’ll most likely want to explore further than just Bari. Highlights include Lecce’s grand baroque architecture, and the conical-roofs of the fairy-tale trulli houses of Alberobello. Powdery white sand beaches await at Salento - punctuated by arching rock formations. The incredible cave dwellings of Matera – 2019’s European Capital of Culture. Surrounded on three sides by steep terraces of rock, and full of snorkelers admiring the sights below the crystal-clear water, it’s a truly stunning place to bathe in the glow of the Italian sun.

Day 2: Corfu

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
This sickle-shaped island of Mediterranean bliss flaunts its sun-kissed sophistication with effortless grace - having cherry-picked the best influences from Venetian, French and British occupiers. With over 3,000 years of history, The Grand Lady of the Ionian has played a starring role in Greek history and mythology, and legendary tales swirl around you, as you explore sparkling beaches, mountains splashed with wildflowers, and historical, perched fortresses. The soft hues of Corfu’s UNESCO World Heritage List Old Town brings together Corfu’s mesh of European influences, with its romantic stone floors and vine-clad cafes. Find somewhere to settle in for a morning coffee ritual like a true Corfiat, and sip at the laid-back pace of the locals - allowing the thick bitter concoction to settle before indulging. Take the hike up to the 13th-century Paleokastritsa Monastery, where you’ll be escorted by the resident goats, and have to step over cats contentedly rolling around your feet on arrival. Wander out among the groves to views of Corfu’s never-ending sea reaching out to the horizon below you. The famous Canal d’Amour is a gorgeous inlet, and island legend says couples who swim together in this narrow channel of water stay together forever. Enjoy an afternoon sit-down and drink of ginger tea, or something a little stronger in the form of Corfu’s famous, radiant orange, kumquat liqueur.

Day 3: At Sea

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.

Day 4: Valletta

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Perched high on the imposing Sciberras Peninsula, Valletta immediately presents its massive, protective walls and vertical bastions to visitors arriving by sea. Rising to 47 metres in places, the fortifications protect lavish palaces, grand domes and illustrious gardens. Ascend to reach the restful, flower-filled Upper Barrakka Gardens, where cannons fire and boom in salute at noon each day, sending echoing cracks of noise out across the waves below. Recognized as 2018’s European Capital of Culture, Valletta is a fascinating and dense haven of history and intrigue. A busy, bustling capital, the breathtaking St John’s Cathedral - commissioned in 1572 - is almost concealed among its narrow streets. Cinematic and magnificent, Valletta has served as a filming location for Game of Thrones - but real epic history abounds on this rocky isle too. Cars are barred from its streets, and it offers endlessly atmospheric old-time wanders. With a strategic positioning in the Mediterranean, Malta is a jewel that many have wrestled for over the centuries. Independence from Britain was finally achieved in 1964, but the close allegiance remains evident, with English recognised as an official language, cars driving on the left, and red post boxes and telephone gleaming in Malta’s sunshine.

Day 5: Giardini Naxos, Sicily

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Giardini Naxos welcomes you ashore to some of Sicily’s most scenic and historic sites. Naxos was the first Greek settlement on Sicily, and it is surrounded by remarkable remains and swirling mythology. With a long arc of sun-soaked golden sand, you can kick back by the waves - and cool off with a dip into the sea's refreshing embrace. Up above the seaside revelry, the spectacular Taormina hillside town perches - containing rich Roman and Greek history. Visit to encounter one of Sicily’s best views, as you look down over the rejuvenating blue of the sea, and the looming backdrop of Mount Etna rising in the distance. Head towards the puffs of cloud, and wisps of smoke, that gather around the peak of Sicily’s mighty volcano, which is among the most active in Europe. Arrive through vineyards, thriving in this fertile soil, before taking the 1,737-metre incline to the summit of the legendary mountain of fire, across fields of solidified lava flows. Known to the Greeks as the home of the God of Fire, and the one-eyed Cyclops, the mountain continues to amaze and awe with its restless power. Enjoy a glass of wine on Giardini Naxos’ seafront, and toast your time on these rich Sicilian shores.

Day 6: Palermo, Sicily

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
The capital of Sicily, Palermo is a fiery, authentic city and a cultural powerhouse on the periphery of Europe. Oozing layered character, explore this incredible city at leisure, or head out to nearby villages, which offer preserved medieval charm. Many cultures have clashed and combined on this island’s shores, - since the days of antiquity - giving the city the dubious honor of being the world’s most conquered city. A genuine patchwork of influences, Palermo’s triumph lies in somehow combining it all into one fascinating whole. Palermo is a delightfully disheveled city. Wander bomb-damaged streets of neglect, which suddenly open out to the grandest of cathedrals and most majestic of stunning palaces. The 12th-century Palermo Cathedral is a glorious domed structure – rise to the top, to look across the city’s restaurant-filled alleyways from above. Next, encounter the Norman, Arabic, and Byzantine fusion of the Norman Palace and the incredible golden mosaics and sweeping archways of the adjacent Royal Chapel. Visit Europe’s third-largest opera house, or Mondello’s beach, which offers relaxation on a beautiful arc of white sand. Stop in at the selection of restaurants, which serve up fresh fish, and refreshing granita al limone.

Day 7-8: Naples | Sorrento

  • Ship
  • 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners
Naples is Italy’s third-largest city and a place like nowhere else. They say ‘see Naples and die,’ and you’ll soon discover the unique energy and exuberance of this sprawling city, which balances urban grit and timeless wonder like no other. Set on the breathtaking Bay of Naples, with the looming cone of Mount Vesuvius puncturing the blue sky close by, it can take a little time for Naples to work its way under your skin - but once you attune to its rhythms, you’ll be hopelessly under its spell. Naples’ densely packed, towering streets lend a claustrophobic, canyon-like feel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site city center. Naples' National Archaeological Museum displays many magnificent finds should you wish to stay in the city. The Amalfi coast’s immeasurable beauty also stretches out close by, while Capri’s glorious island glamorously luxuriates just offshore.

Sorrento's colorful, sun-faded facades cascade down from green hills and cliffs to the Bay of Naples' gently lapping waters. The perfect base for exploring this Italian corner of outstanding natural beauty, venture to the curvaceous roads of the Amalfi coast - or enjoy leisurely jaunts across the shimmering waves to Capri's gem of an island. While it makes for a fantastic jumping-off point, Sorrento itself has oodles of rustic fishing town charm, so don't rush off too quickly. The historic Church of San Francesco blossoms with colorful celebrations of weddings, which spill out into its gorgeous ivy-tangled cloisters. Wander the stone slabs streets, visit the beautiful theater, and the columns of the sprawling ancient forum – painstakingly recovered and rendered from below the ash. If you’re feeling a little peckish, enjoy quick and delicious flame-cooked pizzas of oil, basil, tomato, and buffalo mozzarella.

Day 9: Civitavecchia | Disembarkation

  • 1 Breakfast
Enjoy your breakfast. Conclude your journey in Civitavecchia.


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Expedition highlights and wildlife listed here are possible experiences only and cannot be guaranteed. Your expedition leader and captain will work together to ensure opportunities for adventure and exploration are the best possible, taking into account the prevailing weather and wildlife activity. Expedition team members scheduled for this voyage are subject to change or cancellation.

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  • Complimentary transportation into town in most ports
  • Onboard gratuities
Not included in cruise fare:
  • Airfare
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transfers and luggage handling
  • Optional shore excursions
  • Meals ashore
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Accommodations while ashore
  • Casino gaming, laundry, or valet services
  • Purchases from the ship boutiques or any item or service of a personal nature such as medical care, massages, spa treatments, private fitness instruction, hair styling and manicures
  • Some champagne, premium wine and spirit selections, caviar, cigarettes and cigars are not included in your fare and may not be available at all times.
  • 8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 8 Dinners
  • 7 Nights Accommodations
  • Accommodations as listed
  • Ground transportation as listed
  • Excursions and activities as listed
  • Meals as listed
  • Personalized Service with a Butler for all Suites
  • Unlimited Free Wifi
  • Gratuities (Except Spa)
  • Room Service 
  • Onboard Entertainment 
  • Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shoreside activities led by the Expeditions Team
  • Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, select wines and spirits
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flight costs (please request a quote)
  • Additional excursions during free time
  • Fuel and transportation surcharges (when applicable)
  • Some champagne, premium wine and spirit selections, caviar, cigarettes and cigars are not included in your fare.


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