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Perrito Moreno Glacier

Argentina Travel: Perito Moreno Glacier Experiences a Phenomenal Ice Fall in early March

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On March 4, 2012, lucky visitors to Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier had the rare opportunity to witness a massive ice fall. It's been nearly four years since Perito Moreno glacier experienced an ice fall as major as this -- and it will likely be at least another four until such an incident occurs again. This natural phenom is caused by the clashing forces of the advancing glacier and Lago Argentino; as Perito Moreno advances into the lake, it crosses the Canal de los Tempanos (Channel of the Floes) and obstructs the drainage of the Rico arm, elevating the water level up to 60 feet above normal height. When the pressure finally becomes too great, the waters newly contained in the Rico arm break through the ice wall and spill into the lake. The resulting roar of the cracking ice and cascading water is unbelievable!

Traveler captures Argentina's Perito Moreno Glacier on a calmer day
Traveler captures Argentina's Perito Moreno Glacier on a calmer day

Perito Moreno is more than 3 miles wide at its front and over 20 stories high. Located in southern Argentina's Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares and easily accessible from El Calafate. Strapping on crampons and trekking across the glacier is a highlight for many Argentina tours.

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