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A Note from Peru's Mantay Shelter

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Mantay Shelter, Cusco, Peru

The Mantay shelter in Cusco, Peru supplies young single mothers with a safe environment where they are counseled, educated, and given training. Currently, the Mantay shelter is the only place in Cusco that gives these young mothers the opportunity to take on and develop their role as providers while at the same time enjoying their adolescence. We have also purchased samples of the leather handicrafts produced by the young mothers at Mantay to give to all of our Peru travelers, as a small example of the quality work - and furthermore the quality of the technical training classes - provided at Mantay. And we encourage interested travelers to bring such donations and/or visit the shelter during their Peru travels; we provide the means for them to do so. Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase the handicraft items produced by the young mothers at Mantay.

Casa de Acogida Mantay

Cusco, Peru

Sr. Brian Morgan

Dear Sir,

I have the pleasure of representing the association, "Qallariy ['to begin' in Quechua] Project for Support in Development," a non-profit organization started in April of 2000 in the city of Cusco, Peru.

The Qallariy Association was created with the purpose to promote the essential development of depressed sectors in the urban areas and the surrounding rural communities of Cusco, Peru. Currently, their only project is the Mantay refuge, which provides a sanctuary and educational environment for expectant adolescent mothers and new mothers and their children, who are in a state of abandonment since local authorities do not provide assistance, nor provides aid to address the internal issues of this social problem.

The association does not have consistent, stable financing, but rather relies on generous acts and donations like the one that Adventure Life has shared with the children and mothers of Mantay. This donation will help to improve their living conditions, as well as provide many smiles.

For all these reasons, we want to congratulate Adventure Life and its president, Brian Morgan, for their initiative and their sensibility towards Peru's less fortunate. And in addition, the young brave mothers, their children and the personnel of Mantay would like to say MANY THANKS!

Thank you for contributing towards a better world for the young women of Cusco, Peru.


Maria Raquel Garcia Matias

For more information on Adventure Life's community development grants, click here.

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