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Adventure Life is Missoula in Motion, Commuter Challenge Winners

Adventure Life Wins Sustainable Commuter Challenge!

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Adventure Life Wins Commuter Challenge
Adventure Life Wins Commuter Challenge

The results for our Missoula community Bike Walk Bus Week Commuter Challenge this Spring are in. And the winner in our category? Adventure Life, of course, with 100% participation from our 15 employees! It was a great week and with the ever-changing weather our staff pulled off a creative combo of walking, biking, busing, carpooling, and telecommuting. Missoula in Motion put on the event and handed out prizes to individuals and companies for their efforts during the week.

In the coming months, Adventure Life will be continuing to encourage our staff to make healthy choices. As they log their commutes for the month, each person will be entered into drawings for gift certificates, free commuting gear, and healthy snacks to keep us going. Just to make it interesting, we’ll have to try another team contest to bring out our competitive side (do we have any other side?). The adventurous spirit of our staff seems to coincide with our competitiveness. We challenge ourselves to bike or run five days a week to work, just like we challenge ourselves to trek through the Andean mountain peaks in Peru, repel down waterfalls in Costa Rica, and scuba dive with the whale sharks in Belize.

So now that we are champions, what is our next peak to climb? We’re reaching for the Transportation Best Practices Award given out each year by Missoula in Motion to the businesses and organizations that have gone the extra mile in making a solid commitment to sustainable transportation programs. No rest for the sustainable commuters. We’re in the thick of it this summer now with bike gears greased and walking shoes broken in. The months ahead will be a great time to perfect our sustainable commuting and build lasting habits before the Fall. The true test of our devotion will be when the chill returns in those September mornings. I’m not too concerned however, because we did make it through a rainy and chilling Commuter Challenge week this May.

Excellent job to everyone and well wishes for all in the coming weeks and months. What a blessing to be able to live and work in a community where we can bike and walk to work!

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