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Top 10 Ways for Students to Travel for Free

Travelling the world is an expensive endeavor. Even backpacking can cost quite a bit when your dream is to visit an exotic destination. Luckily, students have tons of opportunities to cut on expenses and see new places without thinking about finances. Things are not that simple, since students have to think about rent, tuition, loan, and tons of other responsibilities during their summer breaks. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to see the world without spending anything.
EduGeeksClub analyzed the best opportunities for traveling for free. Check this top 10 list; some of the options will surely catch your eye.
  1. Teaching English abroad
How about making some money while exploring the destination of your dreams? Of course, this type of job won’t make you rich, but it will at least cover your living expenses. There are offers for teaching English almost anywhere in the world, so don’t wait too long before checking out the opportunities (such as Camp America, The English Experience, and LEOlingo). You’ll get to know everything about the culture of your interest, and you’ll meet new people that can turn into your life-long friends.
  1. Cultural exchange
The Government and the British Council offer chances for undergraduates to spend few weeks in a different country. The Study China Programme, for example, sends a limited number of UK students to live and learn in China for three weeks. If you always wanted to witness the beauty of this country in person, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t neglect. The Study India Programme is another project supported by the Government.                                
  1. Studying abroad
Okay, this is not totally free, but you would still be spending that money while pursuing a degree in your own country. You don’t have to enroll in a 4-year program; you can become part of the ERASMUS exchange scheme that enables you to spend a semester in a European university. This program also provides financial assistance for the students, so your personal investment will be brought down to minimum.
  1. Competing
You might need to cover some of the expenses for financing this type of adventures, but you’ll get great prizes if you’re good at what you do. If you are good at any sport, you can definitely use that talent to travel the world. Gap Year and World Nomads promote different competitions that can help you earn money and travel at the same time.  
  1. Getting travel grants
You always wanted to find an organization that would be willing to fund your adventures? Guess what: there are such programs that will pay you to realize a clear traveling plan when you convince the people in charge that your journey will be worthwhile. You need to prove that this trip would enhance your development, but it would also affect the contributions you make to society. Check out UNESCO Fellowships Programmes and SPRET educational trust.
  1. Relying on your friends
You surely have friends and relatives around the world. Plus, you’ve met tons of foreigners on campus, as well as through social media. Use those friendships! You can first invite the friends to stay at your place for a couple of weeks, so you’ll show them around and make some memories together. Then, you’ll visit their countries and they will return the favor. This is not a completely free alternative, since you’ll need to cover your traveling expenses, but at least you’ll have free accommodation and valuable company. 
  1. Farming
You’ll be happy to get your hands dirty when the deal includes visiting a great destination, free accommodation and food, as well as a decent payment for your efforts. WWOOF UK offers great opportunities for people to work on organic farms around the world. The membership in this organization doesn’t cost much, but it gives you access to tons of opportunities for working abroad. 
  1. Becoming a tour guide!
You’ve analyzed the destination of your dreams to the tiniest details, and you know tons of information about its culture, monuments, and notable people? Why don’t you apply to become a tour guide? SANDEMANs NEW Europe and other agencies are always willing to accept talented tour guides (English speakers) in their teams.
  1. Contributing to charity
Have you heard of the annual Jailbreak competition? This program challenges students to travel as far away from the starting point within 36 hours… without spending any money on travel. Your friends and family can sponsor you per mile. The winning team gets a bonus. Accept the challenge: how far can you go?
  1. Hitchhiking
This type of traveling is not the safest option that students have, but it offers tons of opportunities for people who are careful, sensible, and diligent. If you want to find a place to stay throughout your journey, you can rely on Couchsurfing – a service that connects you with locals who are willing to share their homes with travelers.
You’re Young, Wild and Free! You Can and Should Travel for Free!
Every dream is possible when you believe in it. Instead of imagining how great it would be to see new places, you can take action! The 10 options described in the list above give you a nice starting point. Explore your opportunities and do something today. Travelling will make you a more accomplished person, so grab the chances while you’re young.    

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