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Ka'ana Resort Welcomes You to Belize

Ka'ana gives Nik, Dusty, and Monica a taste of LUXURY in the middle of the Belizean jungle. Visit the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, go cave tubing, try local cuisine, and overcome fears of the infamous Black Hole Drop along with these fun adventurers! At the end of each day, return to comforts and pampering at Ka'ana Resort.

Belize Trip to Hopkins Bay

Nik & Dusty take their niece on a family adventure in Belize! Laid back living, beautiful beaches, and friendly faces greet them in the town of Hopkins. Join them as they kayak, snorkel, fish, dine on local cuisine, & fly on zip lines through Belize.

The perfect Arctic trip - a small ship cruise to this remote destination

Nik & Dusty are off to explore the Canadian Arctic! Join them as they observe wildlife, meet amazing people, learn about Arctic history & culture, and enjoy the Akademik Ioffe. Another incredible travel experience with two of our favorite Adventure Lifers!

A Serengeti Safari in Tanzania is full of wildlife and adventure!

Entering Serengeti National Park was an incredible experience! Their first impressions seem unreal...and they just keep getting better and better.

This Africa Safari in Tanzania begins in Lake Manyara National Park

Join Nik & Dusty as on day one of their Tanzania safari with Adventure Life! They explore Lake Manyara National Park, sight elephants & giraffes, and make new friends along the way.

Walk with the Maasai on a Tanzania trip

Nik & Dusty had the opportunity to visit, talk to, and even dance with the lovely people of a Maasai village. Join them on this cultural visit during their Adventure Life safari!

Halisi Camp, Lake Natron on a Tanzania trip

Halisi Camp, flamingos, Joseph's guarantee, zebras, volcanoes, giraffes, stunning views of Lake Natron, and a sunset that take your breath away.

Antarctica Cruise with Nik & Dusty - Unreal Moments

Antarctica surpasses EVERY expectation that Nik & Dusty had imagined for it! Family and friends thought they were crazy when planning this trip, and the thought crossed their minds as well. However, now they understand that they could not have fathomed how spectacular it would be. Their hearts are full, (and yours will be too after watching this), from this trip of a LIFETIME!

Antarctica Expedition - Waking up to explore the Great White Continent!

The adventure begins as Nik & Dusty arrive to the Great White Continent! Watch to share their first experiences with the majestic landscape, awe-inspiring vistas, and wildlife encounters. Perhaps even a vodka tasting on Antarctica!

Antarctica Expedition embarks as Nik & Dusty leave the End of the World

Join Adventure Lifers, Nik & Dusty, as they embark from the End of the World. Where are they headed? None other than the Great White Continent!

Sailing the Caribbean on a small ship cruise with Adventure Life

Winners of one of our Travel Video Contests, Dusty and Nikki Green, share a video of their reward trip: An unforgettable Caribbean sailing adventure on the Liberty Clipper. They perfectly captured the unique personality of this retreat in the Bahamas. Want to explore for yourself? Me too!

Our Adventure Lifers take a Tierra del Fuego National Park tour and explore Ushuaia

Journey to the "End of the World" with Nik & Dusty. Trek and canoe through Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost national park in the world, and taste the famous king crab of Ushuaia. This is the last stop before embarking on their Antarctica adventures!

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