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Adventure Life Reviews and Testmonials

Cindy Friedrichsen (Bahamas, May 2017)

I can't count how many time I had to ask if it was real life during the trip. This is the best trip of my life!! The crew, ship, stops/ports, food were all great!!! It was an extra bonus to completely unplug from phones, emails, and anything electronic for a week. It was such an amazing experience!! Looking forward to going back.

Grisel Rosa (Belize!, Apr 2017)

We enjoyed all tours and staff were friendly and always on time. The food was amazing and all facilities were very clean. Mrs. Vickie at Pook's Hill and her staff are extraordinarily friendly went out of their way to accommodate us. She truly was an amazing host. Thanks Adventure Life for a wonderful experience.

Ellen Land-Weber (Guatemala Easter, Apr 2017)

Great trip! Fabiola was fabulous. Posada de Don Rodrigo in Antigua was perfect. Very glad I had that hotel instead of Meson de Maria.

Greg Jamiel (Galapagos & Machu Picchu!, Apr 2017)

We had such a fantastic trip to South America (Galapagos & Machu Picchu) & a huge part of that was working with Adventure Life! Thank you for everything!

David Kluger (Galapagos Cruise!, Apr 2017)

Absolutely amazing trip...thank you!

Allison Longenbaugh (Galapagos Adventure!, Mar 2017)

After dreaming about this for a year, it lived up to our expectations!

Mark Guon (Arenal!, Mar 2017)

Trip was great and everything went really well. We enjoyed the activities and the hotel. Guides were knowledgeable and very helpful.

Lois Summers (Discover Aysen, Mar 2017)

Paula was a wonderful guide. I think my trip would not have been as enjoyable and rewarding if I had another guide.

Linda Wittur (Birthday Galapagos Adventure!, Mar 2017)

Wish there were more stars, If I hear of anyone heading to Galapagos Adventure Life and Haugan Cruises provided me with THE BEST TRIP EVER. Thanks to their great staff and our Galapagos guide Carlos.

Patti Stone (Birthday Galapagos Adventure!, Mar 2017)

Had a marvelous time ... my sister Linda's birthday trip was prefect! From the planning to the execution it is a pleasure to work with your company. This has been my 3rd trip using your company .... Peru/Galapagos in 2003, Tibet 2016 and Galapagos 2017. Each one was great ... unique smaller hotels and local guides make the trips special. I am looking forward to Antarctic or Greenland/Iceland for my next adventure!

Samantha Joffe (Treasures of Belize!, Mar 2017)

Fabulous trip and all ran like clockwork. It was even better than I imaged. I have posted and tagged on instagram. Thanks so much!

Yvette Mullen (Great Barrier Reef!, Mar 2017)

It was 10 Plus! Everything was amazing!

BrandE Faupell (China!, Mar 2017)

Almost the perfect trip! The traditional inns were fantastic- highly recommend using them again! We had excellent food - there were several meals I would say were unforgettable, they were so good. It was an excellent trip. The one thing I would recommend is to tell people how long it takes to get to places instead of how many kilometers it is. Roads in China sometimes mean that 60 km takes 2 hours, so we some days spent too much time traveling to sites for what we saw, and had time for. It was a wonderful trip, and did I mention the terrific inns and fabulous food?!

Terry Snyder (Belize!, Mar 2017)

It was magical!! We all loved it. The Blue Tang was perfectly located, the staff was very helpful and friendly, and the activities we had to choose from were amazing. We especially loved snorkeling on the reef. Each restaurant was better than the next. Our next lodging, Pook's hill, is our idea of perfect especially the great hospitality we received from Vicky and her staff. The food was wonderful for the omnivores, vegetarians, and gluten free members of our family- we left with some recipe's to try from the very gifted chef. The guides were very knowledgeable about the history, flora and fauna. The adventures were a great unique blend of peaceful and exhilarating. The ATM cave, climbing the Mayan temple, and the Black Hole drop were amazing but so was the canoe trip, the hikes, the orchids at the botanical garden near the black hole drop, and sitting at the lodge porch getting buzzed by humming birds. We were lucky to see and hear Howler monkeys every day, and even got started as birders - seeing about 25 species just on a short bird watch- thanks to the birding experts at the lodge. Thank you for scheduling the zoo as this was a good way to get started, recommending the right clothing(we rarely needed bug repellent), and recommending some great books. Thank you for making this trip so perfect and easy for us.

Jacqueline Pransky (Belize!, Mar 2017)

My favorite was at Poor's lodge with Vicky. Her local staff was very knowledgeable about Mayan culture and Belize. The activity level was perfect for me- there was something to do everyday like hiking, climbing, and swimming. I prefer more hands on activities since I don't always have access to information spoken (I am deaf) and this trip was very active! I was able to catch up on missed information by reading all books on Mayan culture at nights. I did not have any bad meal for a week- that's amazing for a vegetarian! People that we stayed with were friendly and warm! (My only complaint is that beach is too sunny for a red-haired gal with very light skin. I preferred jungle over beach. I was very glad that I packed surfing rash guard shirt with long sleeves to protect my skin. It allowed me to stay longer with family outside on beach.)

Murali Krishnamurthi (Guatemala!, Mar 2017)

Everything about my Guatemala Explorer trip was good. The guides were all on time, which I appreciated very much, and the flights were also luckily on time. Fabiola at Antigua, Guatemala went above and beyond the call of duty to be good host. Even on the day on my own, she came in to check on me, and when I didn't have any firm plans, she took me by walk to a nearby sight, and another sight I wanted to see in the city. She showed me where to get the transportation for the Coffee Plantation trip. When I didn't have $20 with me for the coffee plantation trip and said I would go back to the hotel and get it, she did not even hesitate to loan me $20, which I repaid her promptly the next day. The tour guides and the car driver were accommodating when we drove from Antigua to Lake Atlilan as I get nauseous in the morning. They were kind enough to stop on the way to let me recover. All the tours were good and more than I had expected. The breakfast at the hotels I stayed were okay and that's why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5. As I am a vegetarian, some hotels didn't have decent food items for vegetarians to eat but I am accommodating, and so it wasn't a problem. But the restaurants the tour guides had arranged for lunch were excellent and they had very good vegetarian food. Overall, the trip was excellent. I had no idea about Guatemala's history or geography as ... Read All

Christopher Haley (Galapagos Cruise, Mar 2017)

The staff on the Galapagos Cruise Ship, the Galaven, were fantastic. The guides, the hospitality staff, the engineer, and the captain were all amazing.

Lorena De La Pena Oranday (Antarctica!, Mar 2017)

Jessica was such an invaluable help in making this trip become reality for us, to put it simply: without Jessica, we wouldn't have enjoyed such a wonderful experience. She is awesome and we are terribly grateful! I'm already telling all my friends about her and Adventure Life.

Jane Barton (Patagonia!, Mar 2017)

Wow! From start to finish, Beth & I were well taken care of. The bottle of champagne to greet us with cheese & fruit in Santiago was a bonus. I'm so proud to be a part of the AdventureLife Family. Love, GMJ

Lindsay Lane (Galapagos Cruise!, Feb 2017)

Giovanni in Quito was the best guide we have ever had. He spent about 8 hours with us, beyond the 5 hours we paid for through Adventure Life. The Majestic was wonderful in every way - our guide Billy Maquillon, the crew, the boat, we have recommended the ship to all of our friends interested in a similar trip.

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