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Manco Multisport, Aug 2012

Dorielle Ludwig

Although we initially thought we would be traveling with a group of people, we were the only two who signed up for this week in August. It ended up being a treat as we were able to experience even more than I think we would have otherwise. Adventure Life did this, that, and EVERYTHING in between. My husband, having just taken his medical boards, found this to be a delightful treat. I missed the opportunity of having to "figure things out" a little bit, but with that being said, this trip was COMPLETELY stress free as everything had been thought of for us. If you are looking to take a trip to South America and have any reservations about having to figure things out (travel, money, etc.), traveling with Adventure Life makes it seamless, easy, and second nature.

I could not believe the details; we even had a porto john in the middle of Peru along the Incan Trail. For someone who has "roughed" it many times, the camping part seemed luxurious (they set up our tents, cooked for us, set up a bathroom, broke down camp...we were spoiled). The people and culture of Peru is unforgettable. Machu Picchu was more magical, spiritual, and breathtaking than either of us imagined. Juan provided us with about 5 hours to just "be" there; in which we chose three different spots around the ruins to just sit and take it all in from different vantage points. When we departed, my husband and I agreed that we would be back some day with our children. To see it in pictures and to go in person is not comparable. The textiles, the food, the music, and the dancing...And the sunset from Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca was comparable if not surpassed that of which we saw from Santorini in Greece. Thank you Adventure Life for a trip of a lifetime.

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