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Belize Tours - Adventure Life Testimonials and Reviews

Belize Explorer

Frank Gibas Jr (Belize!, Feb 2017)

5 stars for every aspect of the trip!!

Cathy Izzo (Belize!, Jan 2017)

I loved the whole trip! Pooks hill lodge was just the right amount of rustic and very charming. The owner couldn't have been more gracious. The blue tang inn was also great. Snorkeling on ambergris caye was the best snorkeling I've ever done.

Herbert Gilmore (Belize!, Jan 2017)

Our second trip with Adventure Life was as excellent as the first. They do everything with such care and knowledge. Just plan your trip, let them know exactly what you want and they will do the rest. You will be happy you did, rather than "going it alone".

Sarah Slattery (Belize Explorer, May 2016)

Pook's lodge was so wonderful! The managers were so hospitable. The food was excellent and the whole trip felt unique.

Karen Aimino (Belize Explorer, Mar 2016)

This was an amazing experience. It was worth a lot more than we paid. We were always accompanied by a guide who spoke English and who was very proud to share their culture and country with us. I didn't expect so many life experiences in one trip.

Turneffe Flats

Lisa Reuvers (Turneffe Flats, Feb 2016)

This was an amazing trip! The support from Adventure-Life was amazing and the resort, words can't describe! The staff knows everyone's name, even the owners. There were quite a few people and it was individual attentions!

Hamanasi Adventure

Emily Honeycutt (Hamanasi Adventure, Feb 2016)

Hamanasi resort was phenomenal. The service was excellent. The guides on our excursions were so knowledgeable and friendly. The food was great. It was a perfect vacation!

Dave Lubick (Hamanasi Getaway!, Feb 2016)

Liked it so much we're heading back again. Hard to beat a day out snorkeling!

Andrea Hayden (Hamanasi Adventure, Nov 2015)

The whole thing was great! We loved the excursions and the resort was a perfect mix of romance and adventure. :)

Belize Explorer

Natasha Digman (Belize!, Dec 2016)

Accommodations, food, tours and local guides at Pook's Hill Lodge were all fantastic! We couldn't be more pleased with our experience. Would highly recommend Adventure Life to anyone looking to visit Belize.

Belize Adventure

Grisel Rosa (Belize!, Apr 2017)

We enjoyed all tours and staff were friendly and always on time. The food was amazing and all facilities were very clean. Mrs. Vickie at Pook's Hill and her staff are extraordinarily friendly went out of their way to accommodate us. She truly was an amazing host. Thanks Adventure Life for a wonderful experience.

Scott Monson (Belize Adventure, Dec 2015)

Pooks Hill was FANTASTIC! LOVED IT! Vicki and Matt were WONDERFUL, fantastic food, VERY clean, friendly and helpful staff and beautiful setting. Howler Monkey welcome at 2AM our first night made it that much more memorable! Would have loved to get to Glovers Atoll but it was booked.

The Inn at Robert's Grove

Laurel Hansen (Belize!, Aug 2016)

Wonderful complimentary breakfasts. Nice selection for lunch and dinner. Enjoyed the fish available. Staff was excellent!

Treasures of Belize

Samantha Joffe (Treasures of Belize!, Mar 2017)

Fabulous trip and all ran like clockwork. It was even better than I imaged. I have posted and tagged on instagram. Thanks so much!

Frank Gibas Jr (Belize!, Feb 2017)

5 stars for every aspect of the trip!!

Lars Rydell (Treasures of Belize, Dec 2015)

It was wonderful, especially the service we received at Lamani Outpost. the food was very good and the guide Levi was excellent.

Beautiful Belize

Rachel Little (Beautiful Belize, Feb 2016)

Belize was wonderful in every way and everything came together seamlessly on the trip. We had excellent guides and I loved the lodges that we stayed at. Thank you for another amazing trip!

Belize Adventure - Ambergris

Terry Snyder (Belize!, Mar 2017)

It was magical!! We all loved it. The Blue Tang was perfectly located, the staff was very helpful and friendly, and the activities we had to choose from were amazing. We especially loved snorkeling on the reef. Each restaurant was better than the next. Our next lodging, Pook's hill, is our idea of perfect especially the great hospitality we received from Vicky and her staff. The food was wonderful for the omnivores, vegetarians, and gluten free members of our family- we left with some recipe's to try from the very gifted chef. The guides were very knowledgeable about the history, flora and fauna. The adventures were a great unique blend of peaceful and exhilarating. The ATM cave, climbing the Mayan temple, and the Black Hole drop were amazing but so was the canoe trip, the hikes, the orchids at the botanical garden near the black hole drop, and sitting at the lodge porch getting buzzed by humming birds. We were lucky to see and hear Howler monkeys every day, and even got started as birders - seeing about 25 species just on a short bird watch- thanks to the birding experts at the lodge. Thank you for scheduling the zoo as this was a good way to get started, recommending the right clothing(we rarely needed bug repellent), and recommending some great books. Thank you for making this trip so perfect and easy for us.

Jacqueline Pransky (Belize!, Mar 2017)

My favorite was at Poor's lodge with Vicky. Her local staff was very knowledgeable about Mayan culture and Belize. The activity level was perfect for me- there was something to do everyday like hiking, climbing, and swimming. I prefer more hands on activities since I don't always have access to information spoken (I am deaf) and this trip was very active! I was able to catch up on missed information by reading all books on Mayan culture at nights. I did not have any bad meal for a week- that's amazing for a vegetarian! People that we stayed with were friendly and warm! (My only complaint is that beach is too sunny for a red-haired gal with very light skin. I preferred jungle over beach. I was very glad that I packed surfing rash guard shirt with long sleeves to protect my skin. It allowed me to stay longer with family outside on beach.)

Brian STURDIVANT (Belize!, Dec 2016)

Adventure Life made our first trip to Belize relaxing, organized and a lot more fun. Pooks Hill was the best way to explore the Jungle in Belize for a few nights. Xanadu ended up being by far the best fit in San Pedro for our family.

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