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The Vinh Trang Temple in My Tho, Vietnam

What is there to do on a Mekong River Cruise?

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The Mekong River Cruises are some of the unique trips you can take in the world. Usually, the journey either begins or ends in Ho Chi Minh, the capital of Vietnam, and/or in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Adventure life offers breathtaking trips from both of these destinations.

Activities During the Cruise
  • Floating Markets
There are many floating markets throughout the Mekong, and they’re worth checking out. They provide an excellent opportunity for taking memorable photos of these markets, which are more or less constricted to Southeastern Asia. Additionally, there are a bunch of locals there to meet and interact with. Of course, there is also shopping at these markets, and they have fresh fruit, flowers, decadent cuisines like Hu Tieu (a southern style Pho), and souvenirs to bring home with you. The most famous floating market is in Chau Doc because it’s also a floating village in addition to being a floating market. In Chau Doc (and much of Vietnam, for that matter) locals have fish farms in their house to get extra passive income. This makes for both a unique and breathtaking sight that’s not entirely like anywhere else in the world.
  • Exploring Local Villages
The Sa Dec Village is a traditional Vietnamese village in the Mekong Delta. There’s a variety of foods some tourists might not be daring enough to eat, such as fried frogs, duck, and flower-based dishes, although it is recommended to give it a try as they are traditional plates. This village also has a beautiful conventional inn featured in a movie from the ’90s called “L’Amant” or “The Lover”.
  • Angkor Wat
On the Siem Reap tour, you are sure to see Angkor Wat, which is Cambodia’s most revered temple, so much so in fact that it’s on their nation’s flag. Angkor Wat was thought to be created by the Khmer empire, which stretched from Burma to Vietnam until the 15th century. It is definitely worth the visit to see this historical and architectural masterpiece.
  • The Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Located in Phnom Penh, this is a must-see. These historical sights bring to light what the Khmer Rouge did to their fellow countrymen. Although this is not the most relaxing destination to visit, it’s highly recommended because of its historical significance. There are graphic pictures in the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, so it’s not recommended to bring children.
  • Bird Sanctuary in a Sunken Forest
The Tra Su Bird Sanctuary is near Chau Doc in Vietnam. It is a 1,500-hectare marvel filled with birds in a gorgeous sunken forest. To get there, you need to switch from your boat to a speed boat, and then when you get in the sanctuary to a rowing boat, so you don’t disturb the birds. This makes the adventure through this forest extraordinarily meditative and relaxing.
  • Ox Racing
Every year in October the Bay Nui ox race happens in An Giang. Usually, this coincides with the festival, Khmer Delta. This is a perfect place to meet locals and enjoy something you’re likely never to see again. The race originates from the tradition of bringing an ox to the clergy’s farmlands to plow it for the next agricultural season. 
  • Wildlife
The Mekong offers a variety of wildlife for those willing to look for it on a cruise. This includes Irrawaddy dolphins, elephants, Asiatic black bears (moon bear), various monkeys, many farm animals, many fish species, and around 1,200 bird species. 


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