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Brian morgan CEO and Adventure Lifer!

Brian morgan
CEO and Adventure Lifer!

I wanted friends and family to experience the same excitement and wonder that I enjoyed while living and working in such fascinating places as Ecuador, Peru, and Russia, and friends and family wanted authentic travel experiences. They didn't, however, want to go at it on their own. So I used my own experiences and lots of help from friends in Ecuador and Peru to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that I love. It's an honor to be part of a community of such discerning travelers and to be part of planning their most perfect adventures.

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Jonathan Brunger General Manager

Jonathan Brunger
General Manager

Since starting at Adventure Life in 2003, I have had great opportunities traveling to destinations in Central and South America as well as Antarctica. People will often ask me which of my trips has been my favorite or the best, and it is certainly hard to decide. It is hard to compare hiking on Inca ruins with our great guides in Peru with floating in the Antarctic waters on a zodiac while a minke whale playfully pushes us along. Every experience brings a chance to learn, reflect, and most importantly, have fun. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for travel and especially like hearing from our guests when they return from their own adventures.

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Aaron Conway IT & Web Director

Aaron Conway
IT & Web Director

I joined the Adventure Life team in 2002. I have always been fascinated with the world community and had an unwavering desire to learn about other cultures. Throughout my life I have traveled halfway around the world including several trips to Western Europe. I moved to Missoula from Mankato, MN with my wife and daughter after earning BFA's in graphic design and ceramics. Being part of Adventure Life allows me to remain politically, environmentally and culturally aware and to educate others. I also like pizza.

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Monika Sundem Product Development Specialist

Monika Sundem
Product Development Specialist

As a Pacific Northwest native I was raised to love playing in the mountains. I now enjoy living near Glacier National Park and learning how to master the adventure called "motherhood". I hold an innate love for Latin Culture, particularly Central America, and now love to develop amazing experiences in other cultures around the globe.

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Julia Kocubinski Financial Controller

Julia Kocubinski
Financial Controller

Growing up in the beauty of Montana, I have always been on the lookout for an adventure. Whether it is hiking my favorite trail, skiing at our local mountain, playing volleyball with my friends, or floating along one of Montana's beautiful rivers, I love to get out there and enjoy what our world has to offer. Working for Adventure Life fits right in with my lifestyle. I have had the amazing opportunities to bike in the Galapagos, climb a volcano in Guatemala, kayak in Antarctica and snorkel in Belize, just to name a few. Next on the list? Trekking in Peru!

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Jenny Johnston Content Coordinator

Jenny Johnston
Content Coordinator

Born and raised in Nashville, making beautiful Montana home has been a wonderful adventure and a great opportunity to introduce chocolate gravy & biscuits and the word "y'all" to the West! My interests include, but are not limited to: card-making, music, eating ice cream with my husband, hiking, visiting our National Parks, my family, and trying new foods/restaurants. I discovered my appreciation of different cultures through multiple family trips to sample street food, bargain at markets, and visit mountain tribe villages in amazing Thailand. My love of travel has also been inspired by visiting the Great Wall in China, people-watching in Paris, snorkeling in the Bahamas, exploring Mayan ruins in Belize & Guatemala, rafting the Pacuare in Costa Rica, hiking glaciers in Norway, and searching for the ultimate tapas bar in Spain!

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Lynessa Nelson Office Manager

Lynessa Nelson
Office Manager

My passion for travel began in college while studying abroad in Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. Upon graduation, I became a resettlement counselor in Seattle for refugees arriving from around the globe. I enjoyed the relationships made while learning to cook spicy Ethiopian foods, experiencing the art of Somali henna, and occasionally joining in a Liberian dance party. Now at Adventure Life, my desire lives on to help others experience new cultures for themselves and learn about the adventures awaiting in a foreign country. When I'm not working, I like getting out to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, zumba, and cooking new ethnic dishes!

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Mary Curry Voyage Product Director/Trip Planner

Mary Curry
Voyage Product Director/Trip Planner

I'm a Missoula native who has been with Adventure Life almost from the beginning. With its family friendly policies and adventure- minded staff, Adventure Life is the perfect fit for me. I love to travel, especially on multisport trips such as the breathtaking Class V Futaleufu whitewater adventure. I also enjoy spending time with my fantastic family on outdoor adventures around Montana. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Masters in Occupational Therapy. As a Watson Fellow, Presidential Scholar and mom, I hope to instill a passion for international travel and global consciousness in my four young kids. They've started their travels early, accompanying me to the Galapagos, Ecuador, Belize, Panama, Germany, the UK, Costa Rica and Guatemala. I hope that is only the beginning!

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Kassandra Miller Trip Planner

Kassandra Miller
Trip Planner

Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and the waters of Puget Sound, I developed a passion for exploring the outdoors. While attending the University of Montana, I spent weekends exploring the mountains and the summers traveling through Europe. Most of my free time is spent skiing, rafting, hiking, fishing and mountain biking - always in pursuit of a new trail or unexplored section of river. I spent two years developing tourism programs in rural Guatemala and later earned a graduate degree in Ecotourism. My extensive travels throughout Latin America have ignited a strong passion for adventure travel and learning about new cultures. My recent trips with Adventure Life have taken me to Peru, Ecuador, Antarctica, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Chile. Next up: Lapland!

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Erin Correia Trip Planner

Erin Correia
Trip Planner

Born near Chicago and growing up in Michigan, I decided to venture out of the Midwest to work as a Disney character for a semester in college and haven't been able to keep my feet planted since! My travel addiction grew as I spent the next year studying abroad and traveling in Australia and Ireland. I next joined the Missoula Children's Theatre where I married my tour partner and spent the next 6 years traveling the world to bring the arts to children in such locations as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Anjung-Ri, South Korea. After visiting 48 states and over 15 countries, I joined Adventure Life in 2011 and am excited to share my passion for travel by helping others plan their adventures. I hope to one day visit all 50 states and 7 continents.

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Mindy Teini Trip Planner

Mindy Teini
Trip Planner

Born and raised in Montana with a family full of eager adventurers, I grew up exploring the outdoors! I came to Adventure Life with experience in the industry and a varied and extensive travel background, having visited 41 countries and 6 continents to date. My love affair with travel led to a degree in Anthropology with an Emphasis in Cultural and Ethnic Diversity. If not traveling I spends my time hiking, reading, crafting, and spending time with my family and friends.

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Shanna Ungate Trip Planner

Shanna Ungate
Trip Planner

Creating community through travel has always been at the forefront of my nomadic lifestyle. Whether helping to build a library in El Salvador or preparing meals in Madrid, I have always thought of exploration as a means to connect with others. After traveling throughout the United States, I landed in Montana in 2010 and since then fallen head over heels with its natural beauty and passionate people. When I'm not planning the next five years of traveling on post-it notes, you can find me writing dystopian novels, swimming in any body of water or running wild through the woods with my dog, Nala.

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Kevin Moore Trip Planner

Kevin Moore
Trip Planner

I remember that moment of hesitation during the summer after sophomore year in college. I was at a non-descript campsite in the middle of the Plains states, on my way for a summer job in the Rockies. I was momentarily unsure about leaving the comforts of home and friends in Ohio, and considered turning around during that lonely night on the Plains. I did make it to the Rockies, fell in love with the mountains and quickly gained an itch for further travel. I have been lucky enough to find a partner and best friend who has that same itch for travel and love for the mountains. Together we've lived in and traveled to some pretty amazing places - Iceland, Antarctica, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Nepal... I like putting my own travel experiences to work in connecting other travelers with the next great place on their ever-growing list of destinations.

Marissa Jensen Trip Planner

Marissa Jensen
Trip Planner

Growing up in Montana with family from Latin America inspired my love of the culture and the language. I started studying Spanish at a young age and pursued my degree in Spanish. Studying in Spain and Mexico proved that the Latin American culture would be in my blood forever. I enjoy speaking Spanish every chance I get! While traveling, I enjoy navigating narrow streets, stumbling upon "hidden gems" and interacting with the local culture. My favorite thing to do on a trip is to have a meal with a random stranger while asking them about their day to day and learning about how they view the world. In my interactions with these people, I have learned that the world truly is a small place. I am excited to help you make your world a little smaller!

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Laura Cahill Trip Planner

Laura Cahill
Trip Planner

Coming from a military family the travel bug bit me early on. Born in Honolulu and raised in the Chicago-area, I traveled all over the US with my family, particularly to the Rocky Mountain West. I moved to Montana after university to work in Glacier National Park as a boat captain and naturalist for several summers. I have my MA in Cultural Geography, where my research took me to the Republic of Georgia for several months to research families involved in rural to urban migration. My love of travel has taken me to Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, China, Myanmar, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, and Antarctica! When not traveling I love to hike with my two dogs, roller skate with Missoula's local roller derby league, and I am forever on the hunt for the perfect chocolate malt.

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Jodi Domsky Trip Planner

Jodi Domsky
Trip Planner

Growing up in a small mountain town in Wyoming, I became addicted to adventure at a young age. Not only was I surrounded by different hikes, secret ski spots, and rapid filled rivers, I was also in a town where people pushed their limits and traveled to the most distant of places. Having conversations about the peak that was summited in Bhutan, or the river that was rafted in Iceland spurred my eagerness to travel. My family and I took trips to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Rwanda, Kenya, Australia, France, and more! After heading off to Missoula to attend the University of Montana, I took travel into my own hands. I took trips to Nicaragua and El Salvador, and then spent 6 months in South America. One of my favorite spots was Easter Island. The Moai are bigger than you would think! The beautiful people, the incredible dancing, and the unimaginable scenery were just some of my favorite parts! When I am not dreaming of my next destination I love to kayak, ride my bike, and crochet bright colored hats.

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Veronika Sieben Trip Planner

Veronika Sieben
Trip Planner

Growing up with an adventurous family and spending almost every vacation somewhere new, I took a strong interest in travel early on. After growing up in bustling Southern California, I moved to the mountains of Montana seeking out a change of pace. Quick to fall in love with Big Sky Country, I picked up activities that would keep me outside: kayaking, backpacking, and snowboarding. Now, having studied both German and Spanish while earning my degrees at The University of Montana, I am looking forward to the opportunity to practice my language skills and build new relationships while traveling the world one new place at a time! I look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!

Jessica Roberts Trip Planner

Jessica Roberts
Trip Planner

My passion for language and culture ignited my verve for travel at an early age. After my first trip abroad in high school, I was hooked; all I wanted to do was live abroad. As a result of that passion, combined with great programs at Pacific Lutheran University, I spent over a year living as a student in foreign countries learning the language and customs of each place. My journeys have taken me all over Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. Deep connections with people are what I so sincerely value about travel experiences. Those are the moments that I cherish the most! At Adventure Life, I am so excited to use our connections to give you a great experience and lasting memories!

Haley Rowell Bookkeeping Assistant

Haley Rowell
Bookkeeping Assistant

As a college graduate, I was gifted with the opportunity to spend a summer in Europe with my mother and sister, which ruined my 'content in the United States' mindset. Experiencing culture after culture and crossing borders left and right inspired me to see all fifty states, swim in every major ocean, and set foot upon all seven continents. At the moment, I need to visit only two of the seven continents before I can start re-tracing my way through those I have already seen, and I can't wait to see where my passport takes me next. At all times, I carry a deck of playing cards and a camera, as I am constantly on the lookout for National Geographic's next cover photograph.

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Meet Some of Our Overseas Partners

Milagros Polo Peru Coordinator

Milagros Polo
Peru Coordinator

I was born and raised in Peru and then lived abroad in Europe for almost a decade. I returned back home and my husband and I opened the friendliest hotel in Pisco (Posada Hispana). I love to ensure that our travelers always get extra special hospitality when they pass through. As the Adventure Life coordinator, I am based in Lima and I manage all of our guides, hotels, and local crews for your trip. When you travel with us in Peru, I will strive to make it a special trip of a lifetime!

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Betty Jaramillo Ecuador Coordinator

Betty Jaramillo
Ecuador Coordinator

I am excited to greet you and share my contagious enthusiasm for my country! I love to ensure that all our clients enjoy their visit here to the fullest and that everything runs smoothly. Before joining Adventure Life, I worked with a Quito-based Galapagos yacht company and also as a tour guide in the city. My husband and I live in Quito with our two young children. I love to join our travelers on day trips around the area when I get the chance.

Fabio Salas Costa Rica Coordinator

Fabio Salas
Costa Rica Coordinator

I grew up in Orotina, a small town at the foot of the western plateau of the Turrubares Mountains in Costa Rica. My childhood was mostly spent wandering around the neighborhood chasing iguanas and parrots, playing in the local stream, climbing trees, and generally exploring the forests and valleys of Machuca River Canyon. This is likely where my passion for the countryside and all things natural originated. I have traveled extensively throughout Costa Rica, Central and South America and have been coordinating trips with Adventure Life since 2002. I love a challenge, especially to create a new itinerary! My favorite adventures include whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking and visiting rural communities to meet new people.

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