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A tour of the Amazon Rainforest is a sublime journey into the heart of most biodiverse place on the planet. Amazon lodges, such as La Selva Lodge in Ecuador, provide luxurious adventure and serenity. Amazon River cruises, such as the luxurious Aria river cruise boat in Peru let you explore remote shores by skiff, go piranha fishing, Enjoy hikes in search of Amazonian wildlife and medicinal plants, visit a shaman, canoe or kayak over black-water lakes spotting birds and monkeys, and afterwards relax in a bar and lounge with a phenomenal view. watch pink dolphins play, and hike into the rainforest observing megadiverse flora and fauna. Adventure Life's Amazon tours can be tailor made to your exacting standards, interests, schedule & budget. Contact one of our Amazon Experts to start planning your tour of the Amazon.

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10 Best Amazon Cruises for 2017

Top 10 Amazon Cruise Ships

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Amazon Discoveries: Search for the Pink Dolphin$19958RelaxedBoard the Manatee for this unique 8-day adventure on the Napo River. Visit remote villages and sail through unique and fragile ecosystems on your luxurious small-ship voyage.
Amazon Discovery$38004RelaxedSail the legendary Amazon river on this 4-day luxury cruise on the Delfin. Experience the local and remote villages that line the river and search for the mysterious pink river dolphin which lives between its shores.
Luxury Amazon Explorer$48605RelaxedEnjoy a luxury cruise as you explore the Amazon on the Aria Amazon. Expert guides take you each day by skiff to explore the flooded forest and local villages. Learn about the medicinal properties of the plants, spot the varied wildlife, and relax in a cabin with floor to ceiling windows to the rainforest outside.
Amazon Odyssey$15805RelaxedEmbark on this 5-day cruise to get a taste of the rich culture and wildlife in the Amazon. Each day you can take excursions either on foot or by canoe to spot wildlife, visit villages, and explore the unique and strange wilderness along the Rio Negro.
Luxury Amazon Expedition$85058RelaxedFeaturing panoramic windows in every cabin, this 32-passenger vessel allows travelers to intimately experience the charismatic Amazon dolphins, engage with local communities, indulge in world class cuisine, and learn from renowned naturalist guides all within a small group setting.
Amazon Encounter$47005RelaxedSail aboard the luxurious Delfin as you visit Yanaycu Pucate, kayak along Jacinto Lake, and sail down the Yarapa River. The small size of the Delfin allows passengers to explore the Amazon in an intimate small group setting.
Luxury Amazon Discovery$36454RelaxedEmbark on this 4-day Amazon River luxury cruise on the Aria Amazon. Your journey includes Yacapana Islands, Lake Clavero, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, and the major tributaries of Ucayali and Maranon.
Amazon Discovery$24004RelaxedExplore the Amazon River, the largest river by discharge of water in the world and, according to some authors, the longest in length on this spectacular 4-day sailing expedition. Learn more about this incredible location and its exceptional culture and wildlife.
Amazon Encounter$32005RelaxedSail the legendary Amazon River on this 5-day luxury cruise on the Delfin III. Experience the local and remote villages lining the river and search for the mysterious pink river dolphin that lives between its shores.
Exploring the Amazon Rainforest$23598RelaxedExperience an 8-day expedition cruise through the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, a place filled with teeming nature and adventure at every turn. Board the Manatee in Coca and enjoy an adventure visiting remote villages and sailing through unique and fragile ecosystems on your luxurious small-ship voyage.

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What's the Best Country to Explore the Amazon From?

Being the largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon Basin occupies about 40% of South America's land mass and lies within the borders of the countries of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, and Guyana.

Here are Adventure Life's picks for the top 3 countries for a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the Amazon:

1) Ecuador has easy access to the Amazon (just half an hour flight from the capital of Quito),  and world class eco-lodges such as Sacha and La Selva which provide the most convenient, comfortable way to discover remote Amazonian wildlife and indigenous peoples like the Huaorani. Combine a tour of the Amazon with the Galapagos Islands for the ulitmate wildlife viewing vacation.

2) Peru also has excellent rainforest lodges and luxury cruise boats that navigate major tributaries of the Amazon. If you're visitng Machu Picchu, then the Puerto Maldonado and Manu National Park region is a quick flight away. The Iquitos region is more remote and only accessible by flights, but has some excellent river cruises.

3) Brazil is home to the majority of the massive Amazon basin, and hence long distances are required to reach logdges or cruise boats. The landscape tends to be flatter and wetter, and the ecosystems are different here than higher up in Andes in Ecuador and Peru. But, Brazil is the only country where you can cruise the Amazon River itself instead of just one of its tributaries. 
Amazon Cruises from Iquitos, Peru
Amazon cruises in Peru depart from Iquitos, the main jungle port city of Peru and a cultural hub in its own right. As you walk through the town, you will see the peculiar fusion of indigenous and European influences in the buildings, a result of the rubber boom of the late 19th century.

It is now recognized primarily as a center of tourism and for its stunning & colorful Belen Market, which makes for the perfect place to find an authentic & hand-crafted souvenir.

Iquitos also holds another title: the biggest city in the world (population 500,000+) that cannot be accessed by road. So how do you get there?
  • Arriving to Iquitos by plane: This is by far the most popular & fastest (and the most comfortable) way to arrive to Iquitos. If you are planning to fly directly into Iquitos from an international destination, you will transfer in Panama or Colombia and then fly into the Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Airport (IQT); if you are traveling from another part of Peru, there are daily flights from Lima, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa on LAN, Copa, and Star Peru Airlines.
  • Arriving to Iquitos by boat: While this option can take several days from Pucallpa or other neighboring Amazon towns, it does provide an unparalleled opportunity to see the Amazon from either a motor canoe or a cargo/ transport vessel.

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