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The charming country of Portugal on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic is one of Europe's top countries for both river cruises down the Douro River and Mediterranean cruises visiting Spain & Italy. Revel in Portuguese culture and rolling countryside filled with vineyards, dramatic gorges and steeply terraced hillsides. The historic city of Lisbon is famous for its unique Fado music, which was inducted into UNESCO's list of the World's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Porto, with its famous Port wine, impressive baroque architecture, and an authentically medieval neighborhood, which has preserved its cobblestone streets and simple structures. Contact one of our Portugal travel experts for a free customized itinerary. 

10 Best Portugal Cruises for 2017

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10 Best Luxury Cruises to Portugal

All Luxury Cruises to Portugal
Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Port Wine & Flamenco - Cruise Only$28998RelaxedEnjoy a luxurious 8-day cruise from Porto through the Douro region to Vega Terrón, Spain aboard the MS Amavida. Traverse the rich wine country, home to the Quinta de Avelada wine estate and 16th century fortress Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. And the historic pilgrimage site of Lamego hosts Nossa Senhora dos Remédios sanctuary & a Gothic cathedral.
Lisbon to San Juan$540013RelaxedSail across the expansive Atlantic Ocean on this 13-day small ship cruise. Begin in the sunny port city of Lisbon, Portugal, and begin your journey across the ocean. Stop in Madeira and explore its lively markets before heading to your final destination of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Port Wine & Flamenco$454914RelaxedWine tastings & culture are at the center of this 14-day cruise from Portugal to Spain through the Douro Valley aboard the MS Amavida. Travel past vineyards, dramatic gorges, and steeply terraced hillsides as you visit important historical sites and learn about the ancient history of the region, including stops in Pinhão, Entre-os-Rios, and Madrid.
Malaga to Bridgetown$440014RelaxedVoyage across the Atlantic Ocean on this exclusive 14-day voyage. Begin in the enchanting city of Malaga and make your way to sunny Bridgetown, Barbados. Disembark to explore the colorful streets and lively culture of Spain's cultural Andalusia region before sailing to the paradise beaches of the Caribbean.
Iberian Peninsula: Bilbao to Lisbon$48958RelaxedJoin the Sea Cloud II on this 8-day sailing expedition starting in the traditional and historic city of Bilbao, Spain and sailing to Lisbon, Portugal. Admire one of the city's most famous landmarks which has been greeting visitors right on the estuary since 1521 - the Torre de Belém.
Iberian Peninsula: Barcelona to Leixões$54959RelaxedOn this 9-day sailing adventure enjoy what the Iberian Peninsula has to offer. Visit Ibiza, Málaga, Cádiz, Lisbon, and Porto on this incredible cruise!
Western Europe: Bilbao to Lisbon$33956RelaxedCross off another goal from your bucket list and be a part of this exclusive 6-day adventure aboard the Sea Cloud ll. Clear your mind while you sit back and enjoy some exquisite destinations including La Coruña, Islas Cíes, Leixões and more!
Iberian Peninsula: Barcelona to Bilbao$797513RelaxedJoin the Sea Cloud ll on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure sailing around the Iberian Peninsula. Starting at Barcelona, and ending in Bilbao, Spain, explore the destinations of Ibiza, Málaga, Leixões, La Coruña, and more!
Mediterranean: Lisbon to Valencia$51558RelaxedJoin the Sea Cloud on this 8-day sailing expedition exploring some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Mediterranean. Make your way from Lisbon, Portugal through the waters of the sea to the charming city of Valencia, Spain.
Iberian Peninsula: Leixões to Bilbao$31355RelaxedJoin the Sea Cloud ll on this unique 5-day getaway to northern Portugal and Spain. Sail across the Iberian Peninsula and discover the region's culinary delights.

10 Best Douro River Cruises for 2017

Douro River
Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Portugal to Spain - Porto, the Douro Valley and Salamanca$26668RelaxedThis 8-day cruise aboard the MS Gil Eanes takes you on a roundtrip journey from Porto, Portugal to historic Salamanca. Sample the wines of Vila Nova de Gaia and visit Vila Real's Manor Solar of Mateus. Roman, Arabic, and Christian influences can be seen in the architecture and folklore that highlight this region as well.
Portugal to Spain - Porto, the Douro Valley and Salamanca$24278RelaxedJoin the crew of the MS Miguel Torga on this comprehensive eight day excursion from Porto to Salamanca. As you sail the Douro, you will see why Braga is nicknamed the "Rome of Portugal" and walk through the beautiful gardens of Solar de Mateus Manor. And no trip is complete without a wine tasting at the local vineyards.
Portugal to Spain - Porto, the Douro Valley and Salamanca$26208RelaxedAboard the MS Fernao de Magalhaes, this 8-day roundtrip from Porto cruises east on the Douro River toward the beautiful town of Salamanca. You'll have chances to taste the local wines at Vila Nova de Gaia and tour the small town Vila Real, where Manor Solar of Mateus awaits your exploration.
Portugal to Spain - Porto, the Douro Valley and Salamanca$19398RelaxedThe 8-day Douro river cruise aboard the MS Infante Don Henrique offers excellent opportunities to visit the treasures of Portugal and Spain. Most notably, you'll try the renowned wine of Vila Nova de Gaia and walk the beautiful gardens of Solar of Mateus Manor before reaching the colorful houses and ancient and new cathedral of Salamanca.
The Douro River$21618RelaxedSail the Douro River through Portugal and Spain on this 8-day cruise aboard the MS Vasco de Gama. Departing from coastal Porto, you will be immersed in the scenic beauty of Iberia as you visit quaint, traditional towns along the Douro, including Régua, Pinhão, Entre Os Rios, & Salamanca. Walking tours of these cities complement the natural beauty.
Porto, the Douro Valley, and Salamanca$17366RelaxedDiscover the "Porto wine road" as you sail along the Douro River on this 6-day cruise aboard the MS Fernao de Magalhaes. Nature and architecture are at the heart of this scenic tour of Portugal & Spain, which visits sites like the cathedrals of Salamanca, the Manor at Vila Real's Solar de Mateus, and daily excursions of local highlights.
Porto, the Douro Valley, and Salamanca$17256RelaxedJoin the MS Miguel Torga on an exceptional 6-day voyage up the Douro River. Starting in Porto, discover breathtaking views and landscapes across the Douro Valley, as you make your way to Salamanca, Spain and back. This incredible cruise features cultural sites, charming villages, and incredible sunsets.
Port Wine & Flamenco - Cruise Only$28998RelaxedEnjoy a luxurious 8-day cruise from Porto through the Douro region to Vega Terrón, Spain aboard the MS Amavida. Traverse the rich wine country, home to the Quinta de Avelada wine estate and 16th century fortress Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. And the historic pilgrimage site of Lamego hosts Nossa Senhora dos Remédios sanctuary & a Gothic cathedral.
Enticing Douro (Wine Themed) - Cruise Only$30998RelaxedEnjoy a relaxing 8-day cruise through Portugal's Douro River Valley aboard the MS Amavida, exploring the dramatic countryside and sampling wines from some of the best wineries in the region. You'll also tour the ancient city of Porto and visit hallmark buildings like monasteries and Nossa Senhora dos Remedios in Lamego.
Enticing Douro (Wine-Themed)$387911RelaxedTravel from Lisbon to Porto for a complete tour of Portugal on this 11-day itinerary. After spending a few days acquainting yourself with Lisbon, board the MS Amavida to cruise down the Douro River with frequent stops to go wine tasting, explore towns, & tour historical sites. Depart in Porto, where you are free to wander the city at your leisure.

Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Highlights
The charm and flavor of Portugal is not one you will soon forget! As you cruise the Douro River or the Portugal coast, you will experience the customs and traditions of these Iberian towns.
  • Porto is the country's major port city and also the departure point for many of our cruises; here, you'll find 16th century buildings, Baroque churches, and charming streets for an evening stroll.
  • Lisbon, the capital city, is another coastal town considered to be one of Europe's most beautiful cities; home to Castle of São Jorge and other sites over 400 years old.
  • Régua, Pinhão, Trás-os-Montes, and Vila Real have gained acclaim in Portugal as being among the finest wine-making regions in all of Europe, which is a staple part of several of our elite wine-tasting tours.
Many of our featured cruises also cross into neighboring Spain, visiting cities like the culturally rich Salamanca and other top destinations along the Douro River.

Portugal FAQs

Why should I choose a river cruise?
A river cruise from Portugal will take you along the coast from Lisbon to Porto and on towards several destinations in Spain, making it a great value. Plus, it's a comprehensive way to explore the Iberian peninsula, including lodging, meals, and daily tours. The Douro River is the main river that cruises from Portugal, and it allows you to see new views every morning without ever having to pack or unpack your suitcase.

What should I look for on a riverboat or small ship?
The riverboats offered for our Portugal journeys were specifically designed for sailing the Douro River. While they don't feature a wealth of amenities due to space restrictions of river vessels, you can count on a panoramic sundeck perfect for taking in the scenic views, a stylish bar, lounge, and dining area, and cabins that range from comfortable to luxurious. A friendly crew and knowledgeable captains will guide you through your journey. 

Does Portugal feature any five-star vessels?
Not quite, but don't let that deter you. The river vessels that explore the Douro River combine comfort and style, but their size doesn't allow them to qualify as five-star vessels. Fewer amenities correlates to fewer stars, but the truth is the focus of your cruise will be the daily excursions, and with our hand-picked lineup of boats, we guarantee you will find a "five star" itinerary. 

Should I get a room with a balcony?
It's really just not worth it. Balconies can be a nice place to drink coffee in the morning or watch the sunset in the privacy of your own room, but each of the river vessels we feature has a panoramic sun deck with comfortable chairs, making this a much better place to enjoy the scenic views and social atmosphere. On top of that, balcony cabins can cost much more and actually have less floor space to make room for the balcony. Consider a room with a floor to ceiling window or a window that opens rather than a balcony. Some boats offer what is called a "French balcony" with a sliding glass door and full length window so that you can literally convert your whole room into your balcony. 

What is dining like?
Prepared by excellent local chefs, the cuisine on all of our featured vessels is nothing short of gourmet. You will get a true taste of Portugal as you enjoy typical meals each day.

Do Portugal river cruises ever visit destinations that aren't on the river?
Occasionally. Portugal is a relatively small country, so the Douro River and the coastal waters provide the main cruise routes throughout the country. There might be a few places that aren't right on the river, in which case transportation will be provided. But typically, the Portugal river cruises do stick to either the coast or the Douro River.

Will my vessel have WiFi?
While some vessels do offer WiFi, it's not standard on all boats, so be sure to check with us if that's important to you. But remember, even if your boat does have WiFi, there's a good chance that throughout your cruise you will be out of range of a signal.

What kind of power outlets are there? Will I need a converter?
Most 110v devices (like those made in North America) are also built to handle 220v power (which is what Europe has). You will need a plug adapter for three flat pronged outlets or two round prong outlets.

How can I save money on a river cruise?
DON'T try to save money on your cruise by reserving a cabin of a lower class, since these often sacrifice space and comfort in favor of savings which can make your overall experience a bit less amazing. INSTEAD, let one of our travel experts know where you want to go on your Portugal cruise and we will do our best to find the best promotions for you; or you can check out the promotions on the Deals page.

Are river cruises in Portugal a good family vacation?
Portugal cruises are mainly centered around sightseeing and wine tasting primarily, so they can be a great option for an older family but could be a bit boring for younger kids. Check out our family travel article for more information.

Do Americans and Canadians need a passport and visa to travel to Portugal?
All citizens of North America traveling to Europe need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. In recent years, it has not been necessary to apply for a visa before traveling to Europe if you plan to stay less than three months, however, this situation may change in the future. See current European visa requirements.

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