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A cathedral at sunset from the Rhine in Cologne

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The Rhine River originates in Switzerland and winds its way through the German heartland, ultimately leading into the North Sea in the Netherlands. A rivercruise will acquaint you with the distinct cultures and architecture of the Rhineland of southwestern Germany and other traditional towns, like historic Heidelberg (home to one of the oldest universities in the world) and Cologne (where the impressive Cathedral highlights the Gothic architecture characteristic of Europe's medieval period). Many cruises either start or end in Amsterdam, the quaint capital of the Netherlands, or you can always explore even more of Germany and eastern Europe with cruises that visit the Main River or the famous Danube. Contact us to start planning your European river cruise.

10 Best Rhine River Cruises for 2017

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Luxury Cruises on the Rhine River

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
The Enchanting Rhine - Cruise Only$26998RelaxedFrom Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this 8-day voyage of the Rhine & Moselle Rivers aboard the MS Amastella will take you through scenic wine country, where you can visit, hike, and tour the historic towns, museums, and canals of Breisach, Strasbourg, Manheim & Heidelberg, the castles of Rüdesheim, and Koblenz & Cologne.
The Enchanting Rhine 2018 (Wine Themed) - Cruise Only$27998RelaxedThe luxurious MS Amakristina will take you on an 8-day tour from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands, passing through historic Breisach, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Rüdesheim, and Koblenz along the way. Hiking, wine tasting, and taking a Gondola down the beautiful canals are just a few of the activities available on this tour.
The Enchanting Rhine - From Basel to Amsterdam (Wine Themed) - Cruise Only$27998RelaxedThe MS Amasonata sails from Basel to Amsterdam on this 8-day cruise of the Rhine River. You'll see "La Petite France" district, where Gothic cathedrals and ancient buildings have stood for centuries; a hike up Philosopher's Path shows you a panoramic view of Heidelberg; Strasbourg, Mannheim, Rüdesheim, Breisach, & Koblenz are other destinations.
The Enchanting Rhine - Cruise Only$29998RelaxedJoin the MS Amastella on this exceptional 8-day cruise exploring one of Europe's most important rivers, the Rhine. Discover the enchanting landscapes and famous highlights of this region, including the Gothic & Neo-Renaissance cathedrals, legendary canals, scenic hikes to panoramic viewpoints, and even tours of ancient castles.
Captivating Rhine - Cruise Only$25998RelaxedEmbark the MS Amakristina for an 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland, exploring the fascinating towns along the Rhine River, including Cologne, Rüdesheim, Mannheim, Strasbourg, and Breisach. Hiking, canal tours, and wine tasting highlight your time in these towns, which also feature stops at ancient castles and Roman ruins.
Captivating Rhine - Cruise Only$24998RelaxedEnjoy a luxurious 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Basel aboard the MS Amaprima as you explore the historic cities and highlights of the Rhine, from Strasbourg's "La Petite France" district to Koblenz & Rüdesheim. You'll also have chances to hike the hills of Heidelberg, pass the famous Rock of Lorelei, and visit ancient ruins, castles, & canals.
The Enchanting Rhine - Cruise Only$25998RelaxedBegin your 8-day cruise to Basel, Switzerland from the city of Amsterdam aboard the luxurious MS Amakristina. As you tour the historic towns of France, Germany, and the Netherlands, expert guides will lead you to local wineries, on architectural tours of the Gothic style buildings that highlight the region, and on hikes & canal excursions as well.
The Enchanting Rhine - Cruise Only$27998RelaxedBegin your 8-day cruise in Amsterdam aboard the MS Amaprima and cruise along the Rhine River to Basel, Switzerland. Guided city tours and wine tasting are optional as you visit the towns of Germany and France along the way, like Strasbourg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Cologne, and Breisach. Canal tours are another exciting part of this cruise.

Rhine River Travel Guide

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Major Ports & Towns around the Rhine River
  • Germany: Rudesheim, Koblenz, Breisach, Cologne, Wertheim, Worms and Mannheim
  • Switzerland: Basel
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Xanten, Rotterdam, Utrecht
  • France: Strasbourg, Betschdorf, Soufflenheim, Eguisheim
  • Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels
When should I plan my Rhine River cruise?
Most of our featured cruises are best taken during the summertime. This is when the weather is warm and sunny and the higher temperatures allow you to get the most out of the activities like hiking, biking, and walking city tours. 

The Rhine River does, however, offer a unique opportunity during the month of December: The Christmas Markets along this waterway are a sight to behold and give travelers a unique chance to witness a cultural celebration that has taken place in the region for over 700 years. We do have a broad selection of Christmas Market cruises, which are similar to the cruises throughout the rest of the year with a special emphasis on seeing Christmas markets in each country along the way. 

Other than this, the winter months should generally be avoided unless you are hoping to ski in the Swiss Alps. During this time, Europe's temperatures can be downright cold and the climate can be bitter. All of our featured cruises fall between April and October, with the most popular river cruises during July and August.
Fun Facts about the Rhine River Region
Did you know...
  • The name "Rhine" derives from the from a Celtic word 'Rēnos'.
  • The Rhine River also drains water from Belgium, Luxembourg, and even Italy.
  • The origin of the Rhine is high in the Swiss Alps.
  • The Rhine is a hotbed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as featured in many of our cruises.
  • The Christmas Markets are a unique tradition in towns along the Rhine River.
  • Depending on what country you are in, you might see this river called "Rhein" or even "Rijn" based on various translations.
  • It is considered one of the most important trade routes in central Europe.

Rhine River Travel Tips

What is the experience aboard a river cruise?
River cruises are a unique experience for even seasoned cruise-goers. While most European cruises stick to the coastal towns of the Mediterranean or even Scandinavia, our hand-picked selection of river cruises sail to the inland cities of Europe. A cruise on the Rhine River allows you to explore central European cities from Germany, Switzerland, and France all the way to Belgium and the Netherlands. Aboard your river vessel, you will find that the first-class accommodations, while not huge, are ample for comfort and feature central air conditioning and heat, standard 220v electricity, and social spaces like lounges, dining areas, and a sun deck from which you can enjoy the scenery as you cruise along. We are also confident in the friendliness of the crew and expertise of the local guides on each of these journeys. River cruises along the Rhine are a distinct way to witness and experience first-hand the culture and traditions that this historic part of Europe has to share. 

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