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An Alaska adventure cruise takes travelers through some of the world's most remote, untamed wilderness and allows up-close experiences with wildlirfe like brown and black bears, moose, otters, and majestic bald eagles. Whale watching from a small cruise ship reveal humpback whales, orcas, porpoises, puffins and sea lions. The landscape of Alaska is as wild as the animals. Choosing a small ship Alaskan cruise instead of a massive cruise ship is critical as you'll be able to discover isolated inlets only accessible by small ships and explore further in zodiacs and kayaks that take you through a labyrinth of glaciers, icebergs, fjords and rivers inaccessible by large cruise ships. Adventure Life's Alaska cruise experts will help you craft the perfect trip crafted to your precise intrests, budget and schedule.

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Trip NameSaveFromDaysLevelSummary
Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure$200$34908RelaxedBoard the Admiralty Dream for an 8-day Southeast Alaska cruise spotting beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife, and intriguing native culture. Sail to Saginaw Bay, Frederick Sound, Tracy Arm Fjord, Orca Pt. Lodge, Glacier Bay National Park, plus rare out-of-the-way places like Petersburg.
Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure$200$34908RelaxedExperience this 8-day vibrant journey through the Southeast of Alaska aboard the Baranof Dream. Discover charming local communities, fascinating historical sites, and pristine natural areas. Navigate through unspoiled shorelines and enjoy adventure options including excursions, kayaking, hiking, and DIB (shallow water expedition craft).
Alaska's Glacier Bay & Island Adventure$200$39908RelaxedSail through Alaska's Glacier Bay on this 8-day astounding cruise! View the spectacular scenery and wildlife of America's last frontier as you visit locations like Sitka, Kake, Petersburg, Frederick Sound, and Glacier Bay. Get up close to thundering tidewater glaciers and see stunning wilderness alongside Naturalists and Cultural Heritage Guides.

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Alaska’s Top Small Ships & Expedition Cruises

Adventure Life's Alaska cruise experts pick their favorite small cruise ships for exploring the Alaskan wilderness. 

Wilderness Adventurer - mixing a classic Alaska adventure cruise with hiking, railroad excursions and even a chilling arctic snorkeling experience (optional!), the Wildnerness Adventurer is an excellent choice for active travelers. This small expedition ship is equipped with kayaks, drysuits, snorkeling gear, paddle boards, inflatable boats, a fishing boat, trekking poles, and overnight camping gear.

Island Spirit - a small 36 passenger ship that is ideal for those who cherish peace and quiet, as it's the only boat that uses batteries during the night instead of a noisy generator. It's also considered one of the more ecologically friendly small ship cruise options.

Wilderness Discoverer - is the slightly larger (76 passenger) sister ship of the Wilderness Adventurer, so it appeals to the same type of active type of traveler. It's small enough to navigate tight coves while being more stable in the water than the smaller boats.

How to get to Alaska
We feature both cruises and land-based tours that visit all corners of the expansive wilderness that characterizes Alaska. Here's a list of the most popular gateways for our tours:
  • Anchorage: This is home to the biggest and most trafficked airport in Alaska, making it an ideal gateway to the country with hundreds of daily flights from global destinations. You can also drive through Canada to get to Alaska from the United States.
  • Juneau: If you're headed to Glacier Bay or other destinations in Southeast Alaska, this is a good airline hub for both Delta and Alaska Airlines. You can get direct flights from Seattle if you're traveling from the continental US or catch a ferry of the Alaska Marine Highway if you want a more scenic way to arrive via the enthralling Pacific coast.
  • Fairbanks: This is right in the heart of Alaska close to Denali National Park. The best way to get here is on a flight straight to the Fairbanks airport.
  • Sitka: In the southeast of the country, you can either arrive via Delta or Alaska Airlines or by a ferry from Washington or British Columbia.

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Alaska FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Alaska?
As US state, US citizens only need a valid photo ID. If you are planning to travel from Europe, Britain, Canada, or Australia, then there is not a visa requirement, but you need to have your passport. If you are traveling from a different part of the world, you should check the travel requirements with your country's state department.

Is tipping customary in Alaska?
Since Alaska is a US state, tipping is considered customary in the service industry (like restaurants), but if you tip and how much is always an individual decision. It is recommended that you do leave a gratuity for the ship, captain, and guide if you are on a cruise.

What is the internet access like in Alaska?
In major port towns, you will be able to get strong, fast internet access and find accessible WiFi hotspots. However, most ships don't have internet access and our expeditions explore the national parks and the more remote wildernesses that characterize a great majority of Alaska, so you might go for several days or even most of your trip without internet access.

Can I use my cell phone while in Alaska?
Contrary to popular belief, Alaska's cell coverage is improving significantly in recent years. Major US carriers from the continental states like Verizon and AT&T are gaining ground and establishing strong cell and 3G networks. Of course, in the back country, where many of our tours are based, you will encounter huge mountains and stretches of vast wilderness where you will not have a signal.

Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Alaska has the same sockets as the rest of North America - three-prong grounded 110V outlets. If you have devices that are 220-240V or that are not compatible with North American plugs, you will need an adapter and/or converter that is Type B.

Can I drink the water in Alaska?
The tap water in Alaska is considered potable and safe to drink. On cruises, confirm with your Adventure Life agent. 

What is the most common way of paying for things in Alaska?
Alaska uses the US Dollar and paying with credit cards is pretty commonly accepted. It is possible that some smaller stores and businesses only accept cash, so you should have some on hand just in case. 

Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
We recommend you check out our Once You're Booked page for more information on buying travel insurance - it's always nice to know that you have it just in case.

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