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Explore Europe from the unique vantage of a luxurious river cruise down legendary European rivers such as the DanubeRhine, Siene and Douro as you tour classic European cities like Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Paris, Lisbon and Vienna. Breathe in the culture and cuisine of Europe as you cruise in style. Explore the Mediterranean on a small boat cruise along the shores of CroatiaGreece, Italy, France, and Spain. Or set sail further north to the British Isles, and into Arctic regions of Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, and even to the North Pole on an Arctic expedition cruise of a lifetime. Wherever your destination, Adventure Life's European cruise experts are here to help you hand craft the perfect trip to Europe for your precise interests, budget and schedule.

10 Best European Small Boat Cruises

Europe Cruises (527 Results)
Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Melodies of the Danube$379911RelaxedJoin the MS Amasonata on a fascinating 8-day cruise from Budapest to Vilshofen. Conclude your Danube River adventure with a 3-night stay in Munich.
Jewels of the Cyclades$21518RelaxedEmbark the Galileo for an 8-day cruise showcasing the Aegean Islands known for their white-washed villages and ports, bright skies, and crystal seas. Enjoy visits to Santorini and Mykonos and off-the-beaten-track islands such as Paros and Folegandros.
Andalusia: Tradition, Gastronomy, and Flamenco$18258RelaxedExperience the fascinating sites of Andalusia as you sail through Spain. Sail for Seville and take a coach to explore the towns of Granada and Cordoba. History and culture abound on this 8-day European cruise.
Enticing Douro (Wine-Themed)$387911RelaxedTravel from Lisbon to Porto for a complete tour of Portugal on this 11-day itinerary. After spending a few days acquainting yourself with Lisbon, board the MS Amavida. Cruise down the Douro River with frequent stops to go wine tasting, explore towns, & tour historical sites. Disembark in Porto, where you are free to wander the city at your leisure.
Scotland's Highlands and Islands$75708RelaxedExplore the historic sites of Scotland on this week-long cruise on board the Lord of the Glens. Sail through lochs, past castles, visit villages and popular pubs, and explore ancient ruins. Enjoy the charm of modern Scotland through live music and a visit to the Isle of Eigg.
Circumnavigation of Iceland$102709RelaxedOn this active 9-day Iceland cruise aboard the National Geographic Explorer, you'll circumnavigate Iceland and witness glaciers, geysers, thundering waterfalls, immense cliffs, geothermal springs, boiling mud pots, and lava-scapes of on dinghies, hiking, or kayaking. Visit Reykjavik, Ísafjördur, Lake Mývatn and Húsavík, Siglufjördur and Akureyri.
Port Wine & Flamenco$454914RelaxedWine tastings & culture are at the center of this 14-day cruise from Portugal to Spain through the Douro Valley aboard the MS Amavida. Travel past vineyards, dramatic gorges, and steeply terraced hillsides as you visit important historical sites and learn about the ancient history of the region, including stops in Pinhão, Entre-os-Rios, and Madrid.
Adriatic Odyssey (Dubrovnik)$23508RelaxedDiscover a new port of call, a hidden cove with crystal blue waters to cool you, a glimpse of ancient history to amaze you, and rich cultural diversity to intrigue you each day as you cruise on board the Panorama. Experience the natural and historical treasures of the Ionian, Croatia, Albania, and Montenegro as you sail the Adriatic Sea.
Venice, the Lagoon Islands, and the Po Delta$14296RelaxedExperience the sights of Italy on this 6-day tour of its tranquil lagoon and the Po Delta. Visit the small islands of Burano and Murano, and stop at the port of Chioggia as you sail the waterway before entering the Delta and exploring the historic city of Verona.
Voyage to Antiquity: Exploring Sicily and Malta$1940015RelaxedSail to some of the world’s finest sites of antiquity, from Malta to Athens, on this 15-day voyage. Focus on the island of Sicily, visiting no fewer than five UNESCO World Heritage sites. Discover the romance of tall ship sailing while exploring this region's history and vibrant culture.

10 Best Luxury Small Ship Cruises in Europe

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Melodies of the Danube$379911RelaxedJoin the MS Amasonata on a fascinating 8-day cruise from Budapest to Vilshofen. Conclude your Danube River adventure with a 3-night stay in Munich.
Port Wine & Flamenco$454914RelaxedWine tastings & culture are at the center of this 14-day cruise from Portugal to Spain through the Douro Valley aboard the MS Amavida. Travel past vineyards, dramatic gorges, and steeply terraced hillsides as you visit important historical sites and learn about the ancient history of the region, including stops in Pinhão, Entre-os-Rios, and Madrid.
Dubrovnik to Civitavecchia$84008RelaxedDiscover the important archaeological sites and the unexpected flavors of this region’s delicious cuisine on this wonderful 8-day cruise. Enjoy the Mediterranean's sun while you explore its elegant villages, all while sailing in the comfort of a fully equipped yacht!
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast$1495016RelaxedFlying from Oslo, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard we board the luxurious National Geographic Explorer to cruise the archipelago's glaciers, where polar bears and caribou roam freely. Then sail on to Iceland and Greenland's fascinating Viking sites & encounter extraordinary wildlife as you hike across the glaciers. 
Monte Carlo to Civitavecchia$49005RelaxedDelight yourself with Southern European charm on this magical 5-day cruise. Discover the historical legacy, architecture, and culture of this unique region as you explore World Heritage Sites, old cities, and beaches.
Civitavecchia to Monte Carlo$1040010RelaxedDiscover the Mediterranean's many facets on this incredible cruise. Explore charming colorful villages with amazing views and famous cities full of night life and glamour. Experience adventure and history on this magnificent 10-day voyage between Civitavecchia and Monte Carlo.
Lisbon to Barcelona Wine Voyage$890010RelaxedJoin the SeaDream I on this magnificent 10-day wine cruise. Fall in love with the Mediterranean as you sail to world-recognized cities such as Puerto Banus, Cartagena, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, and finally ending at the charming city of Barcelona.
Round-trip Nice$104008RelaxedJoin the SeaDream I on this exceptional cruise around the Mediterranean from Nice, France. Discover the wonders of this region, delight yourself with some of the world's most beautiful cities, and fall in love with authentic European charm.
Round-trip Piraeus$990011RelaxedSet sail through the Mediterranean on this breathtaking 11-day cruise beginning and ending in the historical city of Athens. Taste magnificent delights of this ancient region and fall in love with its pristine islands and the clear-blue waters of the Cyclades.
Cannes to Civitavecchia$990013RelaxedDelight yourself in European charm on this magical 13-day cruise from Cannes to Civitavecchia. As you sail the Mediterranean, discover the historical legacy, architecture, culture, and culinary excellence of this unique region. Explore World Heritage Sites, old cities, and the exclusive beaches along the coast.

10 Best European River Cruises

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
The Pearls of the Danube$20217RelaxedBoard the MS Modigliani to discover Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and Melk on this 7-day cruise of the Danube. This cruise showcases the history, culture, art, & traditions of Austria, Hungary, & Slovakia. On this roundtrip from Linz, Austria, you'll see the high points of Baroque architecture in the resplendent palaces & squares of central Europe.
The Pearls of the Danube$21367RelaxedExperience an unforgettable 7-day journey along the Danube aboard the MS Vivaldi. During this unique river voyage, discover the charm of this exceptional region, making daily stops to explore Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, and Dürnstein. Cultural visits to these towns in Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary will immerse you in its centuries-old tradition.
The Finest and Most Picturesque Ports of Call in the Seine Valley$18286RelaxedExplore the waterways of Northern France on this 6-day cruise aboard the MS Seine Princess. Begin and end in glamorous Paris, and enjoy daily stops in Les Andelys, Duclair, Rouen and the charming French harbor of Honfleur, where the impressionist movement was born.
Visiting the Great Cathedrals$17026RelaxedBoard the MS Gérard Schmitter for a 6-day cruise visiting the great cathedrals of Germany and France. Sail along the Rhine River and enjoy guided tours on foot of Cologne, Mainz, Worms, Speyer and Strasbourg, and explore its magnificent Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque cathedrals.
The Finest and Most Picturesque Ports of Call in the Seine Valley$16726RelaxedBoard the MS Botticelli for this 6-day roundtrip adventure from glamorous Paris to the northern coast and back. Visit some of the most romantic landscapes of the region and visit the hauntingly beautiful beaches of Normandy, the 15th century Martainville Castle, and the medieval Route des Abbayes (Abbey Trail).
The Romantic Rhine Valley and the Rock of Lorelei$16656RelaxedEmbark on a 6-day roundtrip Strasbourg cruise, discovering the treasures of the Rhine Valley and passing by the rock of Lorelei. By day you'll do land expeditions to the highlights of Strasbourg, Koblenz, Rudesheim and Speyer. You'll also have chances to try the wine & coffee and even embark on train and canal excursions throughout northern Europe.
The Finest and Most Picturesque Ports of Call in the Seine Valley$16726RelaxedDiscover the charm of the Seine Valley on this 6-day voyage aboard the MS Renoir visiting Honfleur, the Normandy Beaches, Rouen and more. Departing from modern & marvelous Paris, you'll have chances to see the sites of Les Andelys and Duclair and the mix of modern buildings & society with the reflection of France's medieval past.
Visiting the Great Cathedrals$15266RelaxedThis 5-day roundtrip cruise from Strasbourg aboard the MS La Boheme visits the great Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque cathedrals in Germany and France. You'll be immersed in the mix of ancient and modern architectural styles of western Europe on this Rhine River excursion, as you visit the cathedrals of Cologne, Mainz, Worms, and Speyer.
The Romantic Rhine Valley and the Rock of Lorelei$13536RelaxedExplore Northern Europe on this 6-day roundtrip cruise from Strasbourg, aboard the MS France. This unique river expedition sails through the romantic Rhine Valley to pass by the Rock of Lorelei. Along the way, enjoy daily landings in Strasbourg, Koblenz, Rudesheim and Speyer, where you'll tour museums, cruise down canals, and try the local flavors.
The Romantic Rhine Valley and the Rock of Lorelei$14896RelaxedFrom Strasbourg, the MS Monet will take you on this 6-day cruise of the Rhine Valley. You'll make stops in Koblenz, Rudesheim and Speyer. Along the way, tour the canals of Strasbourg, the mechanical music cabinet museum in Rüdesheim, Drosselgasse's numerous cafés and bars, and the Cistercian Monastery of Eberbach.

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No matter which part of Europe you want to visit, Adventure Life is ready to help plan your dream vacation with some of the best cruises and expeditions out there. 
The Arctic: Get ready to explore the frigid North in style as you set out through these icy waters to see the fjords of Iceland, Greenland, and the legendary Northeast Passage across the northern coast of Russia, where Aurora Borealis can be seen.

Scandinavia: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark comprise this northerly region of Europe, where Arctic wildlife like polar bears, seals, and whales swim in these remote waters.

The British Isles: Take a walk into Europe's medieval past as you explore the hauntingly beautiful castles that dot the rolling hills and highlands of Scotland & England; stroll along the quiet beaches of Wales; Get a taste for authentic Gaelic culture in Belfast, Northern Ireland; or experience the "luck of the Irish" in the green pastures of Ireland itself.

Western Europe: Breathe in the fresh Paris air as you tour this enchanting French city, or see the harrowing beaches of Normandy and the French Riviera at Nice. In Germany, the Rhine River will take you through the towns of yore, adorned by ornate castles & impressive cathedrals. A tour of the Iberian Peninsula will acquaint you with the world-renowned art and architecture that characterizes Spain & Portugal.

Eastern Europe: For half of the 20th century, a wall hid these bewitching countries from the Western world, but now you can experience all Eastern Europe has to offer as you explore the unique cultures that surround the Black Sea, like Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and other hidden gems of this part of Europe. The melodies of the Danube River will delight you as you navigate deeper into the heart of Europe's lesser known sites & attractions.

The Mediterranean: This expansive sea borders the southern coasts of Europe and the northern tip of Africa and is known for its temperate climate, delicious food, and excellent beaches. Visit the heart of the ancient Roman empire as you explore Italy, or see the ruins of the myth-ridden Greek empire as you cruise the Greek Isles. From Sicily to the Dalmatian Coast, a Mediterranean cruise is a mix of pure relaxation, fascinating arhaeological sites, and some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste.

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