Our Unique Latin America Trips

We're far from your typical travel company. Adventure Life takes a holistic approach to travel and is dedicated to expanding ecological and cultural awareness. We do this by utilizing local guides, family run hotels, and the local transportation infrastructure. Within South and Central America, a visitor can experience myriad cultures and landscapes; from jungle to high frozen Andes, and from jet-set businessmen to tribal chiefs and shamans. Respectful interaction by travelers benefits the rich ecology and ancient cultures of these nations by sharing information and bolstering pride in their stunning landscapes.

Adventure Life is a small, personal organization. We've lived, worked and studied in these wonderful places. This experience has created an intimacy with the people, culture, and landscape of these areas that we love to share. Concentrating on just a few places means that trip itineraries are thoroughly researched to provide a combination of exploration, adventure, and relaxation, while at the same time facilitating learning and growth from the people we meet along our way. It means that we care, and this means that travelers with Adventure Life care, too.

Bella Vista Lodge
People, Culture and Nature
Adventure Life strives to discover local culture, ecology and life. All of our recommended habitations and operatives are eco-conscious and sensitive to the delicate relationship between the environment, cultures and travel. Our tours are designed to offer the best of each region, while at the same time ensuring a positive impact on the local culture and environment. And we do this without sacrificing hospitality or comfort. The world is a colorful, fascinating and beautiful place -- our trips take the time to remind people of this amazing planet. It's all part of the fun and discovery of travel!
Multisport tours in Chile
Freedom and Travel
The freedom of independent travel with the security of a group is key to our adventures. We realize that individual travelers have different tastes and interests, and we realize it is impossible to plan for the unexpected and unpredictable that make each trip, each destination, unique. We're careful to build some flexibility and free time into our itineraries. Once we've reached the day's destination, there is the opportunity to explore the city and countryside however you wish.
Food! Food! Food!
In remote areas or while onboard a yacht, we provide the food, but in town you have freedom to explore the local cuisines and dining. We can help guide you toward the best places to eat and are there to help satisfy your palate. Adventure Life tours give a person the chance to taste what travel is all about! Enjoy the diverse flavors of local dishes and rich wines, or you are also welcome to stick to more familiar favorites.
Belize seakayaking
Getting there is half the fun!
Whether traversing the world's wildlest passageways on an expedition vessel or taking a small plane over Peru's Nazca Lines, kayaks, dugout canoes, or a zodiac into the remote Lemaire Channel of the Antarctic Peninsula -- we keep things exciting by using an assortment of transportation. Each mode allows for an intimate look at the countryside, and takes you into remote and secluded regions that are out of reach to the traditional means of travel. You're on vacation - relax, enjoy the change of pace!
Travelers enjoying an outdoor meal
Group Dynamics
To encourage sustainable and low-impact travel, we make sure to keep our group size to a minimum. Beyond that small groups also offer the very best cultural experiences and increase our chances of seeing wildlife. Most trip leaders and guides are bilingual and speak regional dialects, beyond the national langage. Highly skilled and educated, they often hold university degrees in anthropology, biology, or other relevant disciplines. Guides eagerly share their insight of each region, and help prepare you for daily excursions. We're all a big family here and trip leaders are chosen for their knowledge, friendliness, and charisma! They are there to help as much or as little as needed.