Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel: Adventure Life travel philosophy

As travelers ourselves, we know that traveling responsibly is important, and we work hard to give back to the places and people that have inspired our company from the very start. Their success is our success. This philosophy is built into our everyday operating standards, built into our partnerships and follows us in our independent sustainable projects. This means that each component of your trip has been researched and chosen to support our commitment to giving back and providing you with a great adventure.

There are different ways to travel responsibly. Some choose to participate directly by volunteering your time. This is why we carefully created community service project trips in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru. In some places, it is money that is needed for conservation and travelers choose direct donations. This is the case in the Galapagos Islands where Adventure Life and our travelers have together donated tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help with everything from beach cleanups to policing against shark fining.

As a company, we also dedicate money to supporting local grass-roots projects - small, independent programs without a voice or a source of funding outside their often rural locals. Over the years, we've provided ongoing support of a woman's shelter in Cusco, rebuilt irrigation for a village we've longed worked in, and stocked science labs, bought eye glasses, and a dozen other little projects. These things aren't about saving the world, but they are about giving back to the people and places that play host to us and our travelers.

One of our longest running partnerships is with Rainforest Alliance. Here we work together to provide our local partners the tools and training they need to become more environmentally and socially sound. This commitment to empowering locals has been with us since our very beginning as a company. By traveling with Adventure Life, you partner with Rainforest Alliance and ourselves to promote conservation of the precious environments and the rich cultures around the world that make travel so special. Responsible travel takes many forms, and as travelers, Adventure Life is committed to traveling well. We invite you to explore your world with vigor and compassion, respect and wonder, and to fully understand how good it feels to be responsible in your travels and adventures.