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Argentina travel differs region-to-region, offering a diverse landscape from massive glaciers to vast desert. Northern Argentina showcases excellent trekking through rocky landforms and deep gorges, and the thunderous Iguazu Falls that cascades through subtropical rainforest. In the southern region, travelers greet the awe-inspiring scenery of the End of the World, its colorful port towns, verdant fjords and rugged, glacier-topped mountains. The city of Buenos Aires has a European-flavor and a livelihood demonstrated through the locally celebrated dance, the tango. Argentina captivates the romantic and the adventurer in every traveler.

Natural Beauty

Fitz Roy

Argentina's Fitz Roy Range is known to climbers all over the world. Its granite peaks dominate the skylines at 9000 feet above sea level. Andean condors and Magellenic woodpeckers are a favorite site in this region. The Torre Glacier looms nearby. With crampons secured to hiking boots, even the novice trekker can cross this icy marvel.

Perito Moreno Glacier

The most important glacier in the area is the Perito Moreno. This huge glacier is more than 3 miles wide and over 20 stories high. The coutryside groans as the huge glacier advances, crossing the Canal de los Tempanos. During their Argentina travel, visitors have the opportunity to take a zodiac past the massive front wall of blue ice and hike to the ice pack of the glacier.

Peninsula Valdes

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Peninsula Valdes is a famed wildlife reserve. It provides important natural habitat for a number of species including its biggest attraction, the southern right whales that come here to breed between June and mid-December. After being hunted to near-extinction during the heyday of the whaling industry, the southern right is now one of the rarest whales in the world.

Tierra de Fuego

North of the city Ushuaia, Tierra de Fuego is Argentina's first costal national park. Most of the 63,000 hectares of park remain protected and closed to the public. But the open areas are incredible, filled with dense forest and great bird life, including condors and albatross. The park's trail systems of easy and undemanding paths make for a relaxing afternoon trek.

The Northwest

Trekking in the Northwest is sensational. During their Argentina travel, visitors are immediately excited by the variety of shapes and lively colors of the striking landscape. Red deserts, golden valleys, and icy blue mountains decorate the countryside. The climate of northern Argentina is ideal for wine production - Argentine vineyards are quickly becoming favorite destinations for wine connoisseurs. The region is also rich in pre-Incan history and is home to the colonial city of Salta.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, where over 275 distinct cascades tumble through lush subtropical forest, is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in South America. Over 5000 cubic meters plunge from the height of 80 meters per second. But that's just a number -- to really understand this water wonder you have to experience it for yourself. The surrounding park is home to lush rainforest, filled with thousands of species of animals and flowering plants.

Local Flare


Estancias offer an interesing look into Argentina's cattle industry and its historic significance in the country. Estancias are ranches in which the main residence has been converted to receive guests. They are found throughout the region and delight visitors with displays of skillful horse wrangling, impressive gardens and a taste of the country's famed beef and lamb.


One of the most familiar icons of Argentine culture is the romantic dance, the tango. In fact, it is hard to image a visit to the celebrated city, Buenos Aires, without attending a tango show. It is an intimate dance that unifies the country and its people together in a passionate embrace and expresses the heart and the spirit of Argentina.

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