Honduras Travel Articles

The Copan ruins in Honduras.
A Plethora of Animals
Honduras is home to over 700 species of birds as well as other incredible animals including jaguars, spider monkeys, and the very friendly sloths. Get more familiar with the creatures that inhabit this country through this informative article.
A Rich Environment
Honduras is full of reserves, national parks, and biospheres that are used to protect its amazing environment. Read more to get a better idea of what this country has to offer travelers.
Discover Honduras
Honduras is beautiful country in Central America, with a Latin American/Caribbean feel that is unique to the region.
Geography of Honduras
Familiarize yourself with the varying landscape of Honduras before beginning your adventure to this amazing place. Learn all about it's mountains, lowlands, beaches and more.
Honduras Local Cuisine: Corn and Tropical Fruit
Honduras has some amazing and delicious cuisine that finds its roots from pre-Colombian staples as well as South America and Caribbean flavors.
Honduras: Caribbean Living
Learn more about the cultures of Honduras and the ones that have been a stronger influence into modern culture such as the Garifuna communities. These cultures has impacted music, dress, food and other elements that make Honduras unique.
Politics of Honduras
Read this brief article and gain a better understanding of Honduras' current state of government.
The Conquest of Honduras
This article provides some great information on ancient civilizations in Honduras. Get to know the history of this country and some great places to add to your list when taking a trip to Honduras.
Today's Honduras
Gain some insight into Honduras' more current history and how it became the country it is today. Despite its history, Honduras is not a country without conflict, and a great place to explore.
Tropical Weater Patterns
Enjoy this brief overview of the weather in Honduras. This informative article will help you in planning what time of year will be the best time for you to travel to this beautiful country.