Honduras Local Cuisine: Corn and Tropical Fruit

The cuisine of Honduras is as colorful a combination as its culture. The pre-Colombian staples of farther north such as corn, beans, and squash mix with those of South America, and a Caribbean flavor is thrown.

Corn is definitely one of the most common ingredients, and a cruise to Honduras should provide some of the most delicious tamales (cornmeal stuffed with various vegetables or meats and steamed in the husk) ever cooked. Tortillas will also come with nearly every meal if you’re visiting the central and western regions of the country. The eastern lowlands favor South American root crops, such as cassava and yucca, with rice. Seafood is popular all over the country; on the coast, it is often cooked in coconut milk or with tropical fruits. These fruits are an important part of the Honduran diet, from plantains and bananas to mangoes and passion fruit.

The baleada is a delicious traditional dish of Honduras, which is a flour tortilla rolled over refried beans and quesillo (salty cheese), sometimes with meat or eggs added. Another traditional deal is made of Copan-style pork, which is an entire pig stuffed with spiced corn dough and roasted in an adobe oven.