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Aerial view of the falls
Travellers by the plane
Lily pads in Guyana
Thomas Wilusz
Our Friend at Karanambu
Don't get too close to the waterfall.
Guyana History: A Look Back
Ancient History Arawaks and Caribs were the first known tribes to inhabit Guyana. The peaceful Arawak populated the coast, while the Carib lived in the rainforest, as many still do. Existing …
Weather in Guyana
Guyana is about 63% rainforest. There the air is moist and rain frequent, though it often does not penetrate the canopy. The rainiest season is summer, though some rain falls throughout the year. …
Wildlife-rich Iwokrama Forest
Located in central Guyana, the Iwokrama Forest is a treasure of nearly one million acres of rainforest. Iwokrama Forest is considered to be one of the few remaining pristine tropical forests in the …
Rupununi Savanna in Guyana
The Rupununi Savanna in southern Guyana is a sparsely settled rolling plain set beside the wide Rupununi River. A dirt road leads north to Georgetown, and south to the Amazon. Culturally closer to …
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
To tip or not to tip – or what to tip! Questions regarding tipping etiquette are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. To make matters even more …
Introducing Guyana
Guyana's name means "land of many waters." An untouched paradise, it holds some of the most extensive contiguous rainforest in the world. Along the rivers red howler monkeys and scarlet macaws call, …