The Standard hotels are our primary hotel choices in this location, though availability is not guaranteed. If a given hotel is not available for your tour date, we will reserve you a room at a hotel of similar appeal and quality in the same area.

Standard Accommodations

Hotel Villas Rio Mar

Villas Rio Mar is a sustainable and comfortable ecolodge situated amidst tropical gardens and lush forestry, with walking distance to Domincal beach. The thirteen 4-room bungalows are all well spread over the tropical garden, surrounded by tropical forests.

The ample pool is the perfect place to cool off after a day of exploration

Upgrade Accommodations

Hotel Cristal Ballena

Hotel Resort & Spa Cristal Ballena is situated in a grand scale of 12 hectare (30-acre) private tropical garden, embedded on a hill between the Pacific Ocean and rainforest-covered mountains.

This unique position allows breathtaking ocean views while a cooling breeze is coming from the mountains. The daily sunsets are occasions in your life you will never forget from your Costa Rica trip.

Hotel Cristal Ballena