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Helicopter Fishing in Patagonia

Pre-boarding treats at the private marinaPre-boarding treats at the private marina (Reilly Sullivan)
Waiting to board
My cabin on the Atmosphere
Coming in for a landing
Ship Cabin
Loading on the rib boat for our excursion to the hotsprings
Rib boat ride
Our home for the next week
Secluded farm, only reachable by chopper or boat
Spending a week onboard the expedition vessel Atmosphere was an incredible experience, the ultimate catch-and-release that I will never forget. The service was first-class, prompt and one step ahead of your every move. We drank champagne in glass flutes while we soaked in the natural hot springs. You wouldn't have realized you were at waters' edge during daily lunches. Guides prepared an extravagant meal while we sipped a variety of local wines. My favorite highlight was the access to the Chilean wilderness. Fishing remote lakes, rivers and streams only accessible by our onboard helicopters. Giant prehistoric looking Brown Trout and brightly colored Rainbow Trout lurk in the untouched waters and provide tight lines for all fishermen. The up close encounter with the far-flung mountains, volcanoes and glaciers are only witnessed by the lucky few onboard the Atmosphere or on the Hollywood big screens.