Adventure Life Reviews and Testmonials

Michael Horsley (Machu Picchu by Train, Oct 2015)

Our trip to Peru was quite memorable. Our guide, Teddy, was just great. I enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, the lure of Machu Picchu and learning about the culture and history of the Incas and modern day Peruvians. The cuisine was very good.

Jacqueline Turcotte (Machu Picchu by Train, Oct 2015)

Our Guide Vidal was perfectly excellent. Spoke excellent English, showed us all sorts of sights, very flexible and extreme melt knowledgeable. He was super friendly and helpful carrying bags, getting walking sticks, and helping with anything we needed. He knew exactly what the trip time tables were and when, always had our tickets ready and made the trip a most wonderful memorable experience. He was just perfect!

Renato Alagao (Patagonia Wildlife Safari, Oct 2015)

Overall our trip was an amazing experience. Logistically it was organized and well planned out. Eco camp was by far the best lodging. It offered something unique and different to us while still not being too primitive. l Galpon Del Glaciar in Argentina was truly a gem. Initially we were a bit bummed that it was quite aways from the town. But we certainly appreciated the country, outdoors, ranch style of vibe, and it was in the same direction towards the glacier. The staff was extremely nice, welcoming, and cordial. The food was excellent. The Wi-Fi available in the lobby was relieving.

Jane Richards (Inca Trail Hike, Oct 2015)

The trek was beyond my initial expectations. Jose, our guide was very knowledgeable of the Inca history. He is extremely well organized. The porters very excellent and the food was delicious. Jose has an excellent command of English and we enjoyed his company very much. I had a very positive, memorable experience.

Rechelle Paranal (Easter Island, Sep 2015)

What an amazing experience. My husband and I don't typically do guided tours since we prefer to research a location, "plant" ourselves in a neighborhood, and immerse ourselves within in the culture. HOWEVER, every time we do a guided tour (Belize, Easter Island) we use Adventure Life. The guides are locals and have always provided us with a fascinatingly unique perspective. Josie, our guide on Easter Island, was extremely knowledgeable about Rapa Nui history and had an amazing candor that brought the historic as well as current life of the island alive.

Neo Audrey (Scoresby Sund - Aurora Borealis Cruise on the MV Plancius, Sep 2015)

I had a great time. The cruise was an eye opener. I've learnt much from the staff. A big thank you to all.

Bobbie Thompson (Sacha Lodge, Sep 2015)

Just a wonderful experience..everything was exceptional. Guide, Fousto was the best..we will miss his smiling face!

Jack Charney (The Great Wall, Dynasties, & Rivers: Active China, Sep 2015)

The trip might have been the absolute best of our lifetime (thus far). We particularly want to commend our guide Peter in the Guilin area-he was so incredibly attentive, energetic, enthusiastic-and absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our meals were 100% vegetarian.

Susan Logue (Galapagos Multisport, Aug 2015)

Our guide, Pablo was excellent throughout the trip. Also, Sebastian, the guide in training was outstanding as well. Both did a great job of making sure everyone on our trip was having a great experience. They shared stories about their lives which was very nice as well. Sebastian, in particular, went out of his way to be sure I (as a solo traveler) had a wonderful time. All of the adventures we went on were extraordinary. Pablo did a wonderful job of modifying our daily itineraries with an eye on the weather conditions. I would highly recommend this trip to others.

Jean Copas (Mythical Northwest Passage Cruise, Aug 2015)

This was a first class excursion all the way! Fabulous food, great staff, interesting seminars, luxurious accommodations! Couldn't ask for anything more!!

Patsy Jackson (Galapagos Cruise on the Eden, Aug 2015)

Wonderful trip, wonderful guide and crew, really good food, well-prepared and served.

Tara Hegarty (Galapagos Multisport, Aug 2015)

Adventure Life team did an excellent job of coordinating, communicating and planning the trip. Our guide was outstanding, he listened to the team, was flexible in all activities.

Eileen Lynch (Galapagos Multisport, Aug 2015)

Our guide was amazing. We got so much done in a day! His knowledge and ease with everything just made the trip! I have already told friends they need to consider Adventure-Life. I will be back!

Evan Leibner (Ecuador Adventure and La Selva Lodge, Aug 2015)

Great trip. Adventure Life did a great job of adjusting our trip since our itinerary needed to change with the eruption of Cotopaxi. Our Naturalist guide and local guide were both great at La Selva lodge.

Cheryl Brooking (Buenos Aires and Colonia, Aug 2015)

The Argentine Experience was one of the many highlights of this trip. Fantastic food and a lot of fun. We visited Tigre in the off season, so many things were closed. As a substitute, we went to the small Mate Museum and it was a real treat. I would love to go back and spend more time in Colonia, Uruguay and stay in that wonderful hotel right next to the pier.

Jennifer Martin (La Selva Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Jul 2015)

Had a great time - our guide Andreas was very informative. enjoyed pirhana fishing at the lodge. The community visit was an interesting experience - we all ate the larvae and attempted the blow dart.

Heather Mathies (Alaska Cruise on the Baranof Dream, Jul 2015)

A trip of a lifetime! Wonderful memories I'll always cherish.

Brian Cooper (Alaska Cruise on the Safari Endeavour, Jul 2015)

Amazing trip! The guides and the rest of the crew were cheery and very informative. Two things stood out for me: the willingness to change the itinerary to ensure a better experience for the guests; and a clear commitment to safety during all our activities.

Kim Wanner (Cotopaxi Multisport and Galapagos Cruise, Jul 2015)

Giovanni is wonderful. We were lucky enough to have him greet us at the airport when we arrived, then he picked us up the next morning for Otavalo and Cuicocha. Then he picked us up again at 4:30 am for our flight to Galapagos and saw us all the way through security. When we arrived back in Quito he was there waiting for us again and took us to the Quito historic district. He then took us back to the airport and saw us off for our flight back home. It was so comforting arriving to such a friendly person, and then having him be a part of our whole trip. Also, Carlos is a very safe driver. And we absolutely loved the Galápagos Legend. The staff and naturalist guides aré very professional and they run everything very efficiently! The trip was altogether amazing!!

Peter Margulis (Galapagos Cruise on the Fragata and Ecuador Highlights Tour, Jul 2015)

Giovanni was friendly and accommodating, as was Javier in Cuenca. We appreciated their local knowledge. The cruise was excelente. Julio was very knowledgeable. The water was a little rough but that's life.