Adventure Life Reviews and Testmonials

Endora King-Shey (Galapagos Islands, Sep 2013)

The AL guide in Ecuador, Giovanni,was a great support when I landed in Quinto both times. He's great travel guide and conversationalist. Giovanni is a gem! It is apparent he loves his job and really enjoys people. He was very helpful and accommodated all my requests.

On the last day in the Galapagos, my flight was the earliest out. I was impressed I was still accommodated for one last excursion that early morning- Tortoise Reserve. All the transfers from the Reserve to the airport taken care of and smooth. My guide for that morning, gave me a private tour of the Tortoise Reserve and saw me through to the airport. I didn't know what to expect the day prior since I was the only one leaving early. I really thought I was going to miss out on the Tortoise excursion- the one animal I wanted to see in the Galapagos! I got a private tour! I forgot his name but I had a blast asking all the questions I wanted about my favorite animal! :) thanks so much for accommodating me. I truly and full heartedly appreciated it.

thanks Laura for all your support and getting me the info i needed.

Stephanie F. (Darwin's Islands, Galapagos, Jul 2013)

I very much enjoyed the variety and how full our days were in the Galapagos. We had enough free time to walk through Puerto Ayora and shop if we wanted, but not so much time that we got bored or had to go looking for other activities on our own. I felt very well taken care of during both of my tours and never once had to worry about how I was going to get somewhere or if something was going to be forgotten.

The guides were all very accommodating and friendly. I felt very well taken care of from the time we got picked up by our first guide to the time we got dropped off by our last guide.

I very much appreciated that all of the guides knew I had requested vegetarian food when I met them - Adventure Life did a great job communicating that to them. Sometimes the kitchen staff would forget so I had to make sure to ask before eating anything I was not sure about. The food was delicious. I sometimes worry when I travel about making sure I have good access to meals, but I was always full on this trip!

I very much enjoyed all of our lodges and hotels; they were clean, the staff was friendly, and the rooms were of high quality.

The one thing I regret not being able to do in the Quito area would have been going to the hot springs. I think that would be a fantastic addition to the Ecuador Adventure tour, if it all possible.

Michelle Ong (Highlights of Uruguay, Mar 2013)

Overall, very well organized with cool places to stay and on time connections, pick ups etc. Best part were the inns/estancias!!!! Transfers were right on time, excellent drivers. We felt safe and cared for!

Kristan Slabaugh (Beaches and Rainforest, Feb 2013)

We had SO MUCH FUN, and it was nice not having to worry about transportation, or what to do when. And it was awesome getting to spend time at both the Selva Bananito Lodge AND the cariblue...I really think we got the best of both worlds!!!

The Rainforest, and our personal and secluded experience at the lodge there (and FUN activities with an even funner staff!), and then the beach, which was GORGEOUS and relaxing, and of course we got to wander in town there and take part in lots of fun activities! (and had a free day to do whatever, so we ziplined!) and loved actually getting to SEE the monkeys and lots of other animals at the park (instead of just hearing them, which was neat in itself!) Overall, AWESOME! i'd go back in a heartbeat!

Steven Cohen (Galapagos cruise aboard the Letty, Feb 2013)

Galapagos on the Letty was a very good trip. Excellent food! Very good with enough variety and choices. So many of our fellow passengers had food restrictions but the crew handled this without any problems. We had an excellent time.

Richard Trombetta (Antarctic Cruise aboard the Clipper Adventurer, Jan 2013)

Everything was better than expected. The service staff on ship, the expedition team the food, everything exceeded expectations!!!! Will recommend this trip to friends!

Joan Landers (Antarctic Cruise aboard the Sea Explorer, Jan 2013)

Antarctica was fantastic and we were extremely happy with the staff and ship. We loved the enthusiasm of the crew! We also liked the location of Las Lengas since we could walk to town and still have a good view. Nice hotel - clean and modern.

Erin Boyce (Torres del Paine + Custom Argentina & Chile, Jan 2013)

I couldn't imagine a more seamless trip from start to finish. We were taken care of every step of the way. Adventure Life took all of the work out of trip planning and allowed us to just take in every minute of the experience.

Roger Stein (Antarctic Cruise aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov + Argentina Custom, Jan 2013)

Kassandra was very helpful sorting through the many Antarctica ship options. I told her what I wanted to do and she directed me to the Akademik Sergey Vavilov. Which was the best choice. The team was fabulous. But also I had a couple of days free and was set up on a tour of the Beagle Channel and Terra del Fuego National Park. The ship was very nice. I was using shared bathrooms and showers. But there were plenty of showers and I never had to wait.

Brian Penrose (End of the World, Jan 2013)

About as close to perfect as reality can get. The Adventure-Life people were first rate, as were the local operators with whom they liaise. The hotels, hostels, transfers, excursions, and the cruise were all great. And Patagonia was indescribable.

We had so many nervous and inexperience-based questions for our trip planner; I can't count the number of e-mails I sent her about this detail or that. She answered promptly, enthusiastically, and correctly. She was also great about letting us know about important changes: e.g., the Argentinian government's shifting policy on how Canadians must pay the reciprocity fee that they're required to pay. I can't thank her enough for everything.

Guides were brilliant. Knowledgeable, pleasant, and *extremely* professional. While all were great, the staff on board the Stella Australis and at the Eco-camp should be singled out as especially excellent.

Veronika Jedlovszky (Discover Panama - Bocas Town, Jan 2013)

Great organization, great guides, punctual pick ups. All great!

Bruce Elliott (Antarctic Circle Cruise aboard the Sea Spirit , Jan 2013)

For me a trip south of the Antarctic Circle was a once in a lifetime dream come true. This was a no hassle holiday because of the great work by the Adventure Life staff. Going there aboard the Sea Spirit greatly enhanced the experience. The ship is the perfect size allowing for quick and easy departures for shore excursions. The expedition staff were incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of Antarctica and their enthusiasim was contagious. I was surprized at the quality and variety of food on the Sea Spirit considering its small size. Very good. This trip was everything I had hoped for and expected. Spending a night out on the snow ensured that I would be returning home a very "happy camper"!!

Joan Parlin (Amazon Cruise aboard the Manatee + Mantaraya Lodge, Dec 2012)

I found your travel agency on-line, so I had no personal knowledge of you or recommendations. Boy, did we luck out!! Everything was PERFECT. Laura not only organized our trip down to the last detail, but she also managed to make me feel special and cared about. Every single part of the trip was planned perfectly for us. We were especially happy and relieved that there was always someone at the airport to meet us and take us to our hotel or lodge. And all those who met us were warm, friendly and knowledgeable. The Manatee trip on the Napo River was outstanding. The ship was clean and comfortable; the food delicious, and the guides terrific.

We were equally delighted with the Mantaraya Lodge and our guide Ruben. Since the Mantaraya Lodge and the Manatee are owned and run by the same company, our guide had worked in both places which made our conversations even more fun. Each of our guides knew all about the wildlife as well as the history and current status of Ecuador, so we learned a great deal. A really perfect trip!! I would definitely use your travel agency again.

Keith McDermott (Galapagos Multisport, Dec 2012)

It was just an amazing trip - it was just active enough where we were busy and having a great time - all the time. it was so informative, well planned, friendly and fun. An experience of a lifetime. travel group was really great and we all got along perfectly.

Nancy Siepman (Adventure Pacifica, Dec 2012)

Very positive experience considering its a last minute arrangement and traveling with 10- and 13- years old girls. First time taking my nieces out of the country so Jenny walked through logistics with me The activities were suitable (active and fun) for all ages. Lodges are comfortable with good restaurants. Food are good with choices suitable for teenager. A couple of lodges also have gift shops offer snacks/drinks that are popular for my two kids. Our guide Jeremy was attentive and very flexible.

James Austin (Darwins Islands, Dec 2012)

It was a great tour and I would recommend this to anyone who is planning to go to Galapagos in the future. The local guides and hotel staff took care of all our needs in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with the staff and guides.

Glen Arnston (Custom Nicaragua + Custom Costa Rica, Dec 2012)

Trip to Nicaragua was a most excellent adventure. Although the country is not developed for tourists, that and the friendliness of the people makes the trip an adventure to remember.

Walter Woods (Antarctic Cruise aboard the Ortelius + Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego tour, Dec 2012)

I never would have guessed that last Fall's random google search for "authentic, adventure travel agencies" would have resulted in connecting me to an agency like Adventure-Life. The trip was "other worldly" and personally transformational. You created a FANTASTIC travel experience for me to South America and the Antarctic!

Everything went smoothly. The cruise and excursions all exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciated the lectures and knowledgeable local excursion guides. They handled minor changes efficiently and with great courtesy and I cannot say enough good things about them. As an experienced traveler, I would not hesitate to recommend Adventure-Life or travel with Adventure-Life again.

There were three main highlights to my Adventure-Life vacation: the cruise to Antarctica with its wildlife and, of course, its glaciers; canoeing/hiking excursion in Tierra del Fuego National Park; and, Zodiac cruising in Antarctica. If I could take my Antarctic vacation again, I would not do anything differently. Thank you Adventure-Life for re-igniting my explorer dreams.

Keith Wright (Galapagos Multisport, Dec 2012)

Great experience. Nice size group with very good compatibility. Would certainly consider other trips of yours in the future. Angie, our AL guide was was out standing..knowledgeable and friendly. Able to make decisions and program changes on the fly. She made the trip a huge success. Guides of Angie's experience and knowledge would appear to be essential. There were some glitches but overall Angie made it work very well. This is South America after all!!

Kristopher Wright (Galapagos Multisport, Dec 2012)

This experience was exceptional. We chose the "multi-sport" tour for the Galapagos and could not be more happy. It was highly varied, we saw many habitats and organisms. But this is an "active" tour where you are on the go, and should be ready for it. -Tour guide Angelika Von Foerster was terrific -Food and accommodations were great -Local/native guides are variable in quality and language barriers can exist -People should not assume Galapagos are pristine, untouched, or unsettled. They are still amazing but tourism and civilization abound. -More time on San Cristobal and Isabela would be nice; Santa Cruz is a bit of a "let down" after those two due to development (it feels more like any tourist area). -Mix of hikes, snorkeling, kayaks, biking, and road trips were wonderful. Great way to see it all.