Adventure Life Reviews and Testmonials

Larry Ceplair (, Nov 2014)

As per usual, your staff arranged a terrific trip. Andy, our principal guide was excellent, and Marvin and Adrian, the biking experts were wonderful. Christian drove us to several activities and captained our river-rafting trip.

Becky Rodrigues (Beautiful Belize, Nov 2014)

The entire trip surpassed our every expectation! Since arriving home 2 days ago, I've already referred a coworker to your site. Thank you so much for everything! We could not be more pleased!!

Jane Wright (Andes and Amazon, Ecuador, Oct 2014)

Well, we’ve arrived back in the UK after an absolutely fantastic holiday in Ecuador to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

It would be impossible to pick out our favourite parts of the trip – it’s all given us such a wonderful taste of Ecuador, but we’d love to go back to the Amazon, the Rainforest and have a go at the summit of Cotapaxi.

We were so touched by the celebrations that you and Betty organised for us at Papallacta. The wine, card and chocolate pudding were lovely, and the waiters made sure we had a wonderful evening – not difficult when you have 24 hour access to the fabulous hot springs! It was so thoughtful of you, knowing it was a celebratory adventure, thank you very much indeed.

The accommodation throughout the trip was superb, and we felt very spoilt! We did a lot of travelling, and this was a great opportunity for us to see Ecuador. The itinerary worked really well, and we can’t think of a single thing we would change – except to go for longer next time! Adventure Life is a really excellent company, but only because it has people like you and Betty in Ecuador, working together to organise fabulous adventures for people like us.

We can’t talk about our wonderful experience without mentioning our guide in Ecuador – Giovanni. He’s a perfect guide – cheerful, endlessly helpful, informative and ... Read All

Tamara Buckmaster (Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls, Oct 2014)

Jodi was very helpful and easy to work with. Our Buenos Aires guide was very nice and knowledgeable. Our Iguazu Falls guide was nice and efficient. Luana in Rio was awsome! She's one of the best guides I've ever had. The Argentine Dining Experience was exceptional, with excellent hosts and food. We loved it. The tango and dinner show were nice - dancing show was excellent, but food was average. The Rio tours were wonderful and beautiful. NH Lancaster was my favorite of all our lodging. Friendly staff with nice rooms. Aldea Lodge was nice with a really great location; and they had a great breakfast. I would stay there again. Overall, one of our favorite trips. We will travel with Adventure Life again, and recommend to friends and family.

Charlie Wright (Machu Picchu by Train, Peru, Sep 2014)

What a great trip! Our eight-day excursion went off without a single hitch. Every aspect of the adventure was well prepared and executed without a flaw – from the moment we arrived in Lima – to our homeward-bound departure at the end of our visit. The cultural aspects of the tour were practically overwhelming and our guide, Boris, was very clear and thorough in explaining the historical importance of the many sites we toured. All the members of our group of four were very appreciative of the education we received about the Inca Empire and the society that evolved throughout that period of history. Being in a small group also had its advantages, as everyone had the opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in meaningful discussions. To say the least, our schedule was punctual, timetable sufficient, and sites we visited fulfilling, as were the occasions we had to stroll through and shop at the various markets during this time. In fact, each member of our group was asking ourselves, “How soon can we come back – next year?” This is an experience that deserves ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their cultural education of Peru, its history, and particularly, the Inca Empire.

Jerry Mann (Machu Picchu Pilgrimage, Peru, Jun 2014)

This was a trip of a lifetime and you delivered. Santiago and Willow were absolutely outstanding. Willow handled the trail and was attentive and treated the staff with dignity and respect. Each guide was extremely knowledgeable.

Sarah Clish (Galapagos Islands, May 2014)

The whole experience from beginning to end was exceptional. The crew on our boat were helpful, friendly and truly seemed to enjoy their work. Our guide, Javier, was fun, knowledgeable, patient and took pride in his work. And, all interactions with the US based team were great.

Endora King-Shey (Galapagos Islands, Sep 2013)

The AL guide in Ecuador, Giovanni,was a great support when I landed in Quinto both times. He's great travel guide and conversationalist. Giovanni is a gem! It is apparent he loves his job and really enjoys people. He was very helpful and accommodated all my requests.

On the last day in the Galapagos, my flight was the earliest out. I was impressed I was still accommodated for one last excursion that early morning- Tortoise Reserve. All the transfers from the Reserve to the airport taken care of and smooth. My guide for that morning, gave me a private tour of the Tortoise Reserve and saw me through to the airport. I didn't know what to expect the day prior since I was the only one leaving early. I really thought I was going to miss out on the Tortoise excursion- the one animal I wanted to see in the Galapagos! I got a private tour! I forgot his name but I had a blast asking all the questions I wanted about my favorite animal! :) thanks so much for accommodating me. I truly and full heartedly appreciated it.

thanks Laura for all your support and getting me the info i needed.

Stephanie F. (Darwin's Islands, Galapagos, Jul 2013)

I very much enjoyed the variety and how full our days were in the Galapagos. We had enough free time to walk through Puerto Ayora and shop if we wanted, but not so much time that we got bored or had to go looking for other activities on our own. I felt very well taken care of during both of my tours and never once had to worry about how I was going to get somewhere or if something was going to be forgotten.

The guides were all very accommodating and friendly. I felt very well taken care of from the time we got picked up by our first guide to the time we got dropped off by our last guide.

I very much appreciated that all of the guides knew I had requested vegetarian food when I met them - Adventure Life did a great job communicating that to them. Sometimes the kitchen staff would forget so I had to make sure to ask before eating anything I was not sure about. The food was delicious. I sometimes worry when I travel about making sure I have good access to meals, but I was always full on this trip!

I very much enjoyed all of our lodges and hotels; they were clean, the staff was friendly, and the rooms were of high quality.

The one thing I regret not being able to do in the Quito area would have been going to the hot springs. I think that would be a fantastic addition to the Ecuador Adventure tour, if it all possible.