Activities and Weather

Jungle Activities

On any trip, the change of climate, culture, altitude, physical routine, and diet can be stressful on your body. This trip requires a level of physical fitness above that of more traditional vacations, as you will be hiking in high heat and humidity. Many people use their departure date as a target for getting into shape. We especially recommend conditioning of the legs, lungs and heart. You'll only be taking day hikes and canoe trips at the jungle lodge, but exploring in the Amazon heat is more strenuous for anyone that is unaccustomed to this type of activity. You do not have to be an athlete, but you do want to be in the best health and condition to get the most from your trip. If you are buying new gear, be sure to try it out and break in those hiking boots.

Weather in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is characterized by rain, heat, and more rain and heat, providing the perfect environment for plants and wildlife! The Amazon is always humid with generous amounts of rain occurring year-round. Both the rainy and "rainier" seasons are great times to visit. The season with the most rain can be considered a prime time to visit because there tends to be an increased amount of animal activity. This is due to that fact that an increase in rain brings higher levels of fruit production, which means that many species (including monkeys and fruit-eating birds) are more active and begin their reproductive cycles. The bottom line, though, is that animal spotting is based mainly on pure luck! The Amazon is a unique, unpredictable place, so to ensure the best experience possible it is necessary to come prepared for the unexpected!

Ecuadorian Amazon

The Ecuadorian Amazon is rainy, humid, and warm! The rain becomes more frequent in March and continues through July. August thru early December is more of a "fluctuation season", meaning that it can rain one minute and be sunny the next, so no one can decide if it should be consider the rainy or less rainy season. January is the start of the least rainy period, a period that continues on until March. Keep in mind that downpours and cool rainstorms can appear unexpectedly anytime of the year, so be prepared!

Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is also rainy, humid, and warm! May to October tends to be the cooler, less precipitated season. From November to April there is a chance for heavier rains and warmer temperatures. About eighty percent of rainfall occurs during these months. Rain can last for hours or even days. Average highs and lows range from 62º F at night up to around 93º F during the day. The lowland sections of the Peruvian Amazon can receive approximately two meters of rain annually and have temperatures ranging between 79º F at night to 90ºF during the day. Year round, occasional cold fronts can bring temperatures down to a low of 45º F, so come prepared for anything!

Bolivian Amazon

The Bolivian Amazon is rainy, humid, and warm too! There are two main seasons: the season of heavier rainfall, from November to March, and the season with lighter rainfall, from April to September. During the months of heavier rains, there can be intense lengthy rainfall, but also beautiful sunny days. However, even in the less rainy season there is a chance for strong rainfall. Temperatures during this period of less precipitation average a temperature of 81º F. During anytime of the year, occasional "Surazos" (storms from the south) may occur, bringing in colder temperatures that reach down to 54º F. Therefore, year-round it is necessary to come ready for all sorts of weather possibilities