Caribbean and the Amazon - Northbound Cruise

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Day 1

    Manaus, Brazil

    Manaus (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈnaws]) is a city in Brazil, the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers. It is the most populous city of Amazonas, according to the statistics of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, and is a popular ecotourist destination.

    Day 2

      Lago Carauacu, Brazil / Parintins, Brazil

      Lago Carauacu is a special water resource lake for fresh (black) water. This lake has some very unique properties and offers some different diversity for guests. Zodiac expeditions are planned for this interesting stop.

      Parintins is a city in the far east of the Amazonas state, Brazil. It is located in the municipality of the same name, which is part of a microregion also named Parintins. The population for the entire municipality was 109,150 (2005) and its area is 5,952 km².[1] The city is located on Tupinambarana island in the Amazon River. Parintins is known for a popular folklore festival held there each June called Boi-Bumbá.

      Day 3

        Alter do Chao, Para, Brazil

        Alter do Chão is a village 33km west (or a 45 minute bus ride from the Amazon port City of Santerem along one of the only roads in the state of Pará, Brazil. One of most beautiful places in the whole of the Amazon Basin, the town of Alter do Chão is well worth traveling out of your way for. Situated approximately half way between Belem and Manaus, this picturesque town makes a perfectly relaxing break on a journey between the two. Alter is easily accessible by taking a scenic 45 minute bus from Santarem, however Santarem itself is only accessible by plane or boat.

        Surrounded by lush forest, the small town sits on the Tapajós a tributary of the Amazon, at the entrance to Lago Verde. It is not without good reason that this town is known as the Caribbean of the Amazon as it is one of the world’s most beautiful river beaches. The photogenic highlight of the town is Ilha do Amor (“island of love”) a sandbar that slowly extends across the lagoon towards the town as river levels recede during the dry season. Although still attractive in the wet season this spit flanked by the lagoon and the river is what makes Alter unique.

        Day 4

          Rio Curua, Brazil / Guajara, Brazil

          The Curuá River is a river of Brazil, located in the state of Pará, with headwaters in the Sierra Pipe. In this remote region of Brazil one can discover many indigenous areas, including the tribe of Kayapo. The river has come to attract fishermen, and you can find large species in the river,such as the Jau and pirarara. SeaDream will offer zodiac expeditions to discover the wildlife and perhaps get a glimpse of the indigenous locals.

          Guajará (Guanjeras) is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. Its population was 12,066 in 2005 and its area is 8,904 km². The expedition team will once again lead guests on zodiac safaris as well as a town visit meeting the locals.

          Day 5

            Miritiapina, Brazil / Rio Preto di Boi, Brazil

            Miritiapina is part of the Amazon close to the famed Breeves Narrows. The Captain will anchor off one of the smaller creeks and allow the Expedition Team to show the guests more of the incredible nature that the amazon has to offer.

            Rio Preto di Boi is simply an area of the Amazon where the Captain along with the Expedition Team will scan for wildlife and stop the yacht to offer the best opportunities for the guests to explore with the Expedition Team the unspoiled Amazon River and come away with wonderful memories and fantastic images to share for years to come. This is yachting in the amazon!

            Day 6

              Belem, Brazil

              Founded in 1616 by the Kingdom of Portugal, Belém was the first European colony on the Amazon but did not become part of Brazil until 1775. The newer part of the city has modern buildings and skyscrapers. The colonial portion retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. Recently it witnessed a skyscraper boom. Its metropolitan area has over 2 million inhabitants.

              Day 7

                At Sea

                Relax in your spacious stateroom or enjoy the numerous onboard entertainment options today while cruising into the Caribbean Sea.

                Day 8

                  Devils Island, French Guiana

                  Devils Island (French: Île du Diable) is the smallest and northernmost island of the three Îles du Salut located off the coast of French Guiana. It has an area of 14 hectares (34.6 acres). It was a notorious French penal colony until 1946. The rocky, palm-covered island is 40 meters (131 ft) high. The penitentiary was first opened by Emperor Napoleon III's government in 1852, and became one of the most infamous prisons in history. In addition to the prison on the island, prison facilities were located on the mainland at Kourou. Over time, they became known collectively as "Devil's Island" in the English-speaking world, while they are known in France as the bagne de Cayenne, Cayenne being the main city of French Guiana. Used by France from 1852 to 1946, the inmates were everything from "political" prisoners (for example, anarchist Clément Duval) to the most hardened of thieves and murderers. A great many of the more than 80,000 prisoners sent to the harsh conditions at disease-infested Devil's Island were never seen again. Other than by boat, the only way out was through a dense jungle; accordingly, very few convicts ever managed to escape.

                  The SeaDream yacht will anchor off near Ile Royal and offer tender service for those quests wishing to explore the island. Île Royale (Royal Island) is the largest and westernmost island of the three Îles du Salut. As the largest island, with an area of 28 hectares, it was used as the center for administration when the islands were used as a penal settlement. With an elevation of 66 meters, the island is the highest of the group. It contains a museum and a hotel (L'Auberge des Îles du Salut). You will be able to spot many ‘Agoutis’ which are rodents that look like huge tailless rats or squirrels.

                  Days 9-10

                    At Sea

                    Enjoy two full days to enjoy the numerous onboard amenities. Pamper yourself in the luxurious spa, work out in the state-of-the-art fitness center, relax with a good book or chat with friends.

                    Day 11

                      Charotteville, Tobago

                      Charlotteville, located on the northeastern tip of Tobago is a little fishing village with a wide bay facing the delights of the Caribbean Sea.

                      Day 12

                        Mayreau, Grenadines

                        Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines, with an area of about 1.5 sq. miles, and a population of about 300. The population is centered in Old Wall village, located on a hilltop in the southwest of the island. It is an isolated community, accessible only by boat. Mayreau also has a small resort area on Saltwhistle Bay. Saltwhistle Bay is also a very popular and beautiful spot for anchoring yachts. From the crest of the hill beside the Catholic Church, there is a beautiful overlook of the Tobago Cays, Canouan and Union Island.

                        Today guests will enjoy a nice hike with the crew followed by the famous Champagne and Caviar Splash served in the surf.

                        Day 13

                          Bridgetown, Barbados

                          The city of Bridgetown metropolitan is the capital and largest city of the nation of Barbados. Bridgetown is a major West Indies tourist destination, and the city acts as an important financial, informatics and convention center in the Caribbean region.

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