Belize Travel Articles

Kayak and snorkel in clear blue waters
Monika Sundem
Exploring the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave
Lynessa Nelson
A couple prepares to climb El Castillo at Xunantunich Ruins


Ambergris Cayes
Ambergris Caye is the largest and most often visited island off the coast of Belize. Learn more information about a popular part of our Belize Explorer trip.
Art Center
The Garcia Sisters' Art Center in Belize
Authentic Garifuna Music
The history, style, and cultural relevance of Garifuna music in Belize
Baboon Sanctuary
The Community Baboon Sanctuary located along the Belize River serves to preserve forest habitat for a large population of wild primates. Learn more about their mission, history and goals.
Barton Creek Cave
Barton Creek is a large river cave over 4 miles long. Find out more about this popular Belize travel destination including artifacts and history of the Maya people.
Belize Conservation
This article details the conservation philosophy, ecotourism development and environmental programs in Belize. It also discusses the Belize Audubon Society, the leader in Belize\'s conservation movement.
Belize Overview
Read a summary of many different aspects of Belize - conservation, tourism development in Belize, infrastructure, etc.
Belize Politics
Get some insight into the current framework of Belize's government. This informative article also provides an interesting overview of the judiciary system in this country.
Belize's Pook's Hill Lodge
Belize tours to Pook's Hill Lodge provide for real jungle experience. Pook's Hill is located in the Mayan foothills, and is the site of an anciet Mayan homestead with a temple, feasting hall, burial grounds, and much more..
Belize's Pook's Hill Lodge: Discovering Secrets of the Maya Heartland
Pook's Hill Lodge is a favorite destination for many of our Belize tours. Set in the foothills of the Maya Mountains the lodge is home to an ancient Maya sweat bath, and is an excellent starting point for other archaeological excursions in the region.
Camping on the Reefs and Cayes
We distinguish ourselves as the best of the best when it comes to Belize sea kayaking. Find out how our staff and camp set up make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable than any other operator.
Carefree Days on the Crystal-Clear Waters of Belize
Adventure Life offers an exciting 6 day kayaking trip off the coast of Southern Belize. Camp, snorkel, kayak, and relax in this tropical paradise.
Cavern Holds Mayan Secrets
Read one traveler\'s description of his experiences in the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in Belize. The cave is believed to have been used by the Maya for spiritual rituals and human sacrifices.
Chechem-ha Cave
One traveler\'s experience in the Chechem-Ha Cave, near San Ignacio in the Maya Mountain region of Belize. The cave holds numerous Mayan pottery fragments as well as intact pots and vessels.
Diving in Ambergris Caye
Travelers can arrange dive and snorkel trips when booking our Ambergris extension or you can sign up each evening for one of their daily diving and snorkeling trips. Learn more about each tour\'s details and inclusions.
Do You Travel Responsibly?
A helpful list of questions to ask your travel company to better understand the type of impact your trip might have on the local people and environment.
Five Sisters Lodge
A wonderful destination that isn\'t currently used in our Belize tours, but certainly worth a visit. Cascading waterfalls form the background to this ecolodge in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Belize.
Hamanasi for Diving and Adventure
Take a look at Hamanasi Resort in Belize and see all it has to offer for divers and travelers seeking adventures with wildlife, reefs, and rainforests.
Herbal Remedies
Herbal remedies of the rain forest and the traditional practices of the Tanah villagers of Belize.
History and Culture of Belize
Take a look at this overview of Belize history, culture, foods, religion, and language before your trip.
Holiday Travel Tips for Your Adventure Trips!
Planning for great holiday travel is about being smart and traveling well — work out all the kinks in advance, keep a cool head, and you’ll set yourself up for smooth-sailing.
Howler Monkeys
The noisiest animal in the Belize jungle, howler monkeys can be seen on a number of our Belize tours that visit the rainforest.
Mayan Ruins at Belize's Pook's Hill Lodge
Belize tours to Pook's Hill Lodge provide for a real jungle experience. Pook's Hill is located in the Mayan foothills, and is the site of an ancient Mayan homestead with a temple, feasting hall, burial grounds, and much more.
Monika's Belize Travel Journal
Adventure Lifer, Monika returned from her Belize travels at the end of June. Read a little of her experiences in the Maya Mountains and in the cayes.
Museum Exhibits
The Garcia Sisters are accomplished Yucatecan Mayan artists. Take a look at how they began as artists and their inspiration from Mayan culture.
Mysteries of the Maya Come Alive in Belize
Read about the history of the Maya in Belize, Maya ruins throughout Belize, and other information about the Maya people who you will still encounter on our Guatemala tours and Belize tours.
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
Questions regarding tipping adequate are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. And unfortunately, there is not a straight-forward, yes or no, answer to the tipping question. But we can offer some suggestions.
The Belize Zoo
A stop at the Belize Zoo is a great introduction to the country\'s wildlife. Read about how the zoo began, and some of the programs it offers.
The Garcia Sisters
The Garcia Sisters are accomplished Yucatecan Mayan artists in Belize. Look at how they began as artists and their inspiration from Mayan culture, herbal remedies of the rain forest, and the traditional practices of the Tanah villagers.
The Mayan Experience
The Mayan Experience with the Garcia Sisters in the heart of the rainforest.
The Story of Hamanasi
Read the story of Dana and David finally accomplishing their dream of building a resort that helped travelers explore all the wonderful sites of Belize - Mayan ruins, rainforests, caves, pristine reefs and palm-studded beaches.
Turneffe Atoll Adventures
Take a look at the wildlife, adventures, and tours that are available at Turneffe Atoll before your trip to Belize: birding, cooking classes, sea kayaking, and more.