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Approaching Mirador las Torres with the towers coming in to view
Augusto Dominguez
Atacama Moon
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Distant view of the towers
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View of the wildlife in Torres del Paine
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Salto Grande Falls in Torres del Paine
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Additional Chilean History
Chile\'s history is as multi-faceted as the country is long. Read a brief summary in this article.
Chile is a hot spot for astronomers to visit because of its incredibly clear skies. Read a bit about the observatories throughout the country.
Atacama Desert
Look at the Atacama Desert through the eyes of a climatologist. What is the primary cause of a global climatic phenomenon that creates this South American desert?
Biking in Chile
Here is a brief explanation of why biking tours are so popular in Chile and what you can expect from the experience.
Birding tours in Chile
Chile for birders - why it\'s such an attractive for bird watching tours. Information for novice and veteran birders.
Book Review of Miracle in the Andes
Miracle in the Andes is Nando Parrado\'s true account of his struggle to survive after the plane chartered by his rugby team crashes into the Andes Mountain range near Chile. Read a review of this novel before trip.
Central Chile
Description of Chile\'s central valley, where population is concentrated and visits to vast cultural and natural wonders are possible.
Chile's Wine
Chilean wines are world-renowned. Wondering what contributes to such high quality? Read this!
Chile\'s Archaeological History
Here is an overview of Chile\'s archaeological remains and the history that brought them about. The country has one of the earliest confirmed sites of human habitation on the South American continent.
Chile\'s Hot Springs and Spas
A brief look at why to visit the wonderful hot springs that result from Chile\'s fortunate geography.
Chilean Cuisine
Read about the wonderful taste temptations that Chilean tours have to offer! See the variety and richness of the local cuisines.
Tour ChiloƩ, a cultural gem in the south of Chile that was isolated from the rest of the country for much of its history. Read about how the island evolved.
Community Grants
Adventure Life has an annual, ongoing grant program that provides funding for small, grassroots projects in the countries we visit. Organizations and/or projects are nominated by our local partners.
Easter Island
Visit one of the world\'s wonders, Easter Island maintains a strong Polynesian identity despite belonging to Chile. Here\'s a description of the island both present and past.
Fishing in Chile
Fishing in Chile has become an increasingly popular activity. Check out the best times to visit for fishing and the types of fish you can catch on your trip.
Discover the geographical effects of glaciation, Chile\'s diversity of flora, and the picturesque rivers that flow through the land.
Chile\'s geological history from the earliest stages of continental drift to present-day geothermal activity.
Hiking in Chile
Discover the benefits of touring Chile and Patagonia by foot! Find intimate contact with local environments and cultures.
Take a look at Chile\'s history from the Ancient Inca civilization to the Spanish conquests and independence later in 1810 follow by the Pinochet era.
Horseback Riding in Chile
Discover the history and current use of horses in Chile. What do you need to know before going on a horseback riding tour in South America.
How You Can Help Patagonia Land Trust
Discover how you can help preserve the wild coastline of the southern Atlantic, the grasslands that border the Andes and the southern beech forests of Patagonia.
Lakes and Volcanoes Region
Chile\'s Lake Region is a fantastic place to visit. Here\'s a look at the lakes, volcanoes and forests that make it so visually spectacular.
Nature and Wildlife
Many unique ecosystems are preserved within one of South America\'s finest national park systems. Read about the flora and fauna within these reserves.
Northern Chile
Arid, remote, and remarkably beautiful, travel to northern Chile is unlike visiting any other part of the country\'s variegated landscape. Learn the terrain and a few tips before your travels.
A history and description of Patagonia, one of the most remote and strikingly beautiful destinations in the world.
Patagonia Estancias and Mountain Lodges
Experience a variety of Patagonia tour options from the comfort of a working estancia ranch or mountain lodge retreat. Guided outdoor excursions include hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing and village visits, among a variety of other hosted activities.
Patagonia Land Trust
Learn about the Trust and their mission to acquire, restore and preserve the fragile forests, grasslands and coast of South America\'s Patagonia.
Patagonia Land Trust Current Projects
Learn more about the Patagonia Land Trust current preservation projects along the coast, grasslands, mountains, and forests: where and how they are working towards conservation in Argentina and Chile.
Patagonia- The Last Refuge of Nature
Take a look at the distinct regions of Patagonia and their importance before your tour. Learn more about the history and makeup of the region.
Religious Festivals
The majority of religious festivals in Chile derived from the concept of patron saints. Read a brief introduction to these holidays.
Robinson Crusoe Island
The very island of Robinson Crusoe fame is a Chilean possession. Read a bit about it and see what the island has to offer to travelers.
Sea Kayaking
Sea kayaking is an excellent way to experience the quiet majesty of Patagonia - read why.
Ski Resorts in Chile & Argentina
A brief summary and overview of the various ski areas in Chile and Argentina. Compare by powder conditions, elevations, chairlifts and ski-able acres to find the perfect Ski resort for your Argentina or Chile ski vacation.
Solving the Mysteries of Tipping
Questions regarding tipping adequate are some of the most common concerns travelers have when visiting a foreign country. And unfortunately, there is not a straight-forward, yes or no, answer to the tipping question. But we can offer some suggestions.
South American Packing Essentials
Packing advice, including a list of recommended essentials for trips to South America
Threats to Biodiversity Are Mounting
This article explains some of the current and ongoing threats to the bio-regions in Patagonia: logging, clearcuts, oil drilling, oil fouling, and commercial fishing.
Tierra del Fuego
For the wildlife enthusiast the Tierra del Fuego is a great place to spot many different species of animals. Shared by both Chile and Argentina, Tierra del Fuego is a top choice for Patagonia tours.
Unforgettable Patagonia
This article tells about the history of Patagonia and the effects with Indigenous and European settlement. Also look at the North and South regions and their geography.
Victory in Chile! Coastal Road Rerouted!
This press release from January 23, 2003 reports on the rerouting of a road that threaten the Valdivian rainforest of southern Chile.
Whitewater Rafting
A relatively recent addition to the list of things-to-do in Chile, where whitewater rafting trips have made their name.